Online Module #1

Introducing our Technology and Virtual Groups online module…

Due Wednesday, 9.24.14 at 11:59 p.m.

See below for detailed steps


To get started and enable yourself to do an awesome job on steps 2, 3, & 4, you must read chapter 12 of our course text.

2The next step is to log into our course on CI Learn.  Then, click on “Voicethreads” (located on the menu on the left) and then access the “Technology & Virtual Groups” Voicethread.  Follow the instructions on the VoiceThread.  You will be making video recordings of yourself as part of the class discussion…. get excited peeps! And, if you’re nervous about this part… you’re not alone!

This step is worth 20 points.


Next up… you’re going to have a group meeting using a video conference tool called  Follow the steps below:

  1. Schedule a time to meet online with your group
  2. Just before your meeting, one group member who will be the meeting coordinator will go to and create a room (call it anything you want…heck get creative).  Then, the coordinator will email a link for the room to the entire group for them to access the meeting.  Once you have the link, click on it and join the meeting.
  3. During the meeting, discuss the following:  You have $200 to hold an end of semester adjournment celebration, what will you do?  How will you spend the money?
  4. The meeting coordinator must take a screen shot of your meeting showing everyone participating.  The coordinator will then post the picture and description of how the group decided to spend the money in the “leave a comment” section on the bottom of this page.  You must state the course section (02 or 03), your group number and the name of ALL group members present.
  5. If no screenshot is provided, your group will receive 0 points for this portion of the activity.  Therefore, your group should schedule this meeting in advance and allocate enough time to navigate the technology.

This step is worth 15 points.

4Reflect on the previous steps and the course readings and complete the following Reflection Form.  Please be as thorough as possible.  The goal of this step is for you to synthesize your understanding of the course text and apply this knowledge to the other steps of the module. Short responses that lack depth will receive low grades.

This step is worth 30 points.

19 thoughts on “Online Module #1”

  1. Our tribe thought that it would be fun to have a Russian themed potluck. With the $200 that we have to spend we would spend $75 for our portion of the potluck which will be spent on Russian food, Salmon and a Russian salad, The location will be at a park so that we don’t spend money on the location. For entertainment we will bring our own sound system and use a $10 iTunes gift card to buy Russian songs to play. With the money that we have left we will spend $75 on alcohol and $25 on Russian themed decorations.

    Our invitations will be sent out via internet and we will ask our guests to dress up as the country they are doing their project on and to bring food that represents their country.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Don’t forget: You must state the course section (02 or 03), your group number and the name of ALL group members present.

  2. (Section 2): Group D. Group members: Blair Martin-Lewis, Christian Morris, Gregory Moss, Michael Rapp. $20 for piñata, $80 for Mexican food( Rice, Bean, Tacos, Burrito’s), $50 alcohol budget, $5 for ice, $45 for decorations. Location will be at South Quad.

  3. We are group B in section 02.
    Present members:
    Morgan Cruelle, Angelica Brown, Nicole Bradley, Alanna Dantona, and Micaylen Brenner

    As a group decided to have a luau! We would have the celebration on the beach which would be free. We would have shrimp on the Barbie with baked beans, salad, and pasta and designate $100 toward the food. We need coal for the Barbie so we put $15 dollars toward that. To keep it simple, we decided on having water and iced tea for only $15. We put $25 towards wood because we want to have a bonfire. To go along with the bonfire, we figured s’mores is a must, giving $20 towards that. For eating, we are going to need plates, cups, utencils, and napkins giving it $15. Lastly, we wanted to give it a little decoration so we decided to get some tiki torches for $10.

  4. Group E

    Group Members:
    Colleen Ulpindo
    Garrett Snyder
    Edward Gardener
    Claire Campagna
    Christian Vasquez

    With the 200 dollars we have to spend, we would equally divide it amongst our group members which could be spent on food, alcohol, or anything else provided by this restaurant. We will be dining at the restaurant, Olga, and each of us will be ordering a white Russian cocktail (except Colleen and Claire because they are minors and we don’t support underage drinking, but they can order a Boccone Dolce Cake). We will be arriving here at 6pm sharply, and if anybody is late, he/she may not participate in our dinner, and other members will be able to order more food/drinks. Its only fair, when we conducted our group’s code of conduct, we stated that members cannot be late, doesn’t matter if its for entertainment purposes or not. Overall, it will be a very lively and fun dinner event and invitations will be sent via email. Please respond to the email ASAP so we can schedule a reservation (it is a very fancy place). See you all then! Don’t forget to dress accordingly. Our theme is “Russia-Black n White”.

  5. Section [02], Group F: Kevin Weeks, Ryan Porter, Marissa Villa, Maxwell Wittenberg, Rachel Yalowitz were all present for the online discussion.

    We decided our tribe would host a Kenyan themed celebration. We will spend $100 on live authentic Kenyan music, and $20 for Kenyan crafts. This should be fun and cultural entertainment. We will also have American food, which should make everyone feel comfortable at the same time. We will spend $80 for food, food supplies, and other party supplies.

  6. Group A Sec. 02 : Kristina, Cheyenne, Nsomah, Ana, Greg, Brittany

    We have decided to go to Fujiya Sushi to have all you can eat sushi, because we are China. It will cost us $12 each person, so $72 total. We will be renting a limo to get there, through a service. We will be getting a discount because Cheyenne knows someone so that will cost $100 for the whole night. After Sushi, we will be going to Baskin Robin’s and using the rest of the money for dessert! YUM!

  7. Section (02) -KJ, miguel, celina, hudson, Amy.

    For our finnish group Dene Tha, we will be particiating in a musical gathering, we have bought $25 worth of the Finnish rock band “H.I.M” which is particularly famous in this country. We are going to purchase $100 worth of Finnish food and drinks which we will be consuming at Celina’s house. The rest of the money will be used on party favors which will include mini Finnish flags, Finnish candy as well as finnish braided bracelets and mini tour guides.

  8. Group D, Section 02
    Dolphin’s Down Under

    Luke Lineberger
    Kasimira Malec
    Molly Leouk
    Zack Kelem
    Alejandra Landeros
    Javier Magallanes

    Time: 12PM
    Date: January 26th, Australia Day
    Dress: Casual
    Theme: Australian
    Location: Hueneme Beach
    What to Expect: Traditional Australian Barbecue (such as barbecue snags and lamington cake) and Beach Activities (such as Kangaroo Hopping).

    Budget: $200
    -$100 Catering
    -$50 Activity Supplies
    -$15 Invites
    -$35 Drinks

  9. (Section 3) Tribe: Katelynn Yepiz, Cristina Solis, Alyssa Tepesano, Sandya Sriram, Jose Robles (couldn’t attend, no wifi).
    With our money we were hoping to do something more with charity. Because our country Finland has such a high level of education, we were hoping to put on a charity event to benefit poor kids and getting them to a higher level of education in the process.

  10. Group A section 03
    Members present: Kyley C, Vanessa C, Cynthia C, Anglea A, Shawntelle B, Jacob C.

    With our $200.00 we would use it to celebrate our first place (100%) country presentation!
    First we would rent out a room in the Ana Capa commons for free then we would donate $50 to a Kenyan charity
    $50 For Jibambe (a Kenyan wine)
    $50 on Maandazi a donut (Kenyan desert)
    and the last $50 on pizza.
    We would play traditional Kenyan games like the classic mancala.

  11. We are Group E aka the Panda Friends of China, and we were all in attendance! (Dave, Darren, Jason, and Kourtney) We decided to spend our 200 dollars in ways that would allow everyone to enjoy a china themed party. Why not hold it at night on a beach? Free venue!
    $25 – Chinese Lanterns (50)
    $40 – Bamboo party supplies (cups, plates, napkins)
    $50 – Beverages
    $60 – Food, popular in the Chinese culture
    $25 – Panda party favors for our lovely guests
    And courtesy of our easily accessible technology we already possess: the lovely sound of traditional Chinese music.

    …We’d be happy, especially with the panda stuff. We are the Panda Friends.

  12. Screenshot_2014-09-24-20-48-14.jpg

    Group C, section 03
    Group members: Marla, Angelica, Brent, Josh, Briana, Katrina

    Our group would use the money the way any college student would….. Spend it all on alcohol and have a fiesta.

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