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Blog reflection

1. On a scale of 1-5, how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner?

I would give myself a 3. at times it was hard to make sure to put it up on time. This was my first semester of having a job and school. So sometimes after work would just get home and not want or forget to complete the blogs.
2. On a scale of 1-5, how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog?

I would give my self a 1. I really didn’t do the comments. mainly because I would forget to do them. So that was completely my fault and laziness.
3. On a scale of 1-5, how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show?

I would give myself a 4. I felt at sometimes it was hard to find something that would go with the assigned topic. but i always did my best
4. Please describe what you think your strengths were in regard to blogging and participation.

I feel like with my first blog I had the most fun with. partially because it was fun to write. I am a very comedic person I like to joke around while stile completing my task. After that blog and it was addressed that we need to not really talk about the episode that much and more about content I felt I almost lost interest in the assignment.
5. Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.

I defiantly believe I could have worked much harder in these assignments. I know I defiantly could have out more of the course content in the blogs. as well as not lag on posting them
6. What did you like about blogging?

I came in to the assignment very interested and intrigued. I thought it was an amazing idea and a differentness that I would easily just throw myself into. But when it came down to it I didn’t. I don’t know if it just was due to the expectation of the assignment were different from what I kind of wanted them to be or just again laziness. Maybe a mixture of both.
7. What did you dislike about blogging?

The only thing I disliked about blogging was that sometimes it was difficult to keep up. Because there was a new episode every week, there was also some confusion at times about which episode to blog about.
8. What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future?

I did like the concept of the assignment. I think it is something fun and different. It in a way is just another form of a discussion board. A lot “funner” version. I would defiantly keep this at least for another semester just to see how other student would feel about it. but i feel something that can change would be that it takes place of the SCAP Group Project. I did the extra credit assignment on the blogs being a group project instead of an individual one. I feel that if it was groups it would make it easier to complete the blogs. It would give students who maybe didn’t understand the content or see how it was related to the episode to then get those answers from their peers and members.

Blog-reflection & participation-survivor blog 02

1. I missed a few blogs but the blogs I did, I turned in on time but since I missed a few, I would give myself a (3).

2. I am going to say a (3) again because sometimes I would forget about leaving a comment. That really hurt me and it was a really easy thing to do so I was pretty frustrated every time I remembered about it the next day. It would have taken me a whole 3 minutes and since I don’t have internet access at my house, I should have made sure that everything got done using the internet at Starbucks. A lesson was learned on writing down all of the things I need to do so I won’t forget.

3. I always integrated class concepts into my blogs. The only thing that probably ended up hurting me a lot was the fact that when I would miss one, I would do that chapter’s concepts the next week for the following episode. So they didn’t always match up. I would say a (4). My strengths do not match up to the amount of weaknesses I had. One of my strengths however was the way I can describe and relate the concepts in the book and what type of situations developed in the shows through their communication. My weaknesses were described in my last 3 answers. Mostly promptness, not being prepared and poor participation as far as the comments go. As for participation in class, I think I was pretty active.

5. I enjoyed blogging and it was a great learning experience for me. It was sort of a challenge due to my internet access but overall I thought it was a great tool.

6. What I enjoyed about blogging  was the freedom. It gave me a chance to say everything that I wanted to say. I tend to over analyze things and kind of ramble so having the freedom to write a little bit more than expected was great or me. I always enjoy describing and relating,  so I was able to get all I needed to say. That was necessary for me to compare and contrast using concepts from the book.

7. What I didn’t like about blogging was the fact that it was an online assignment. For most people, this is a positive aspect but for me,again, I have a hard time with internet access. I also am much better when I am told how and what to do in class with instructions on a tangible piece of paper. It sounds a little ridiculous but I am better when I have the teacher there in front of me to talk to and ask questions.

8. I would suggest not having as many and being more lax on the deadlines. Not everyone has internet access all of the time and I do not think that should be a factor in grading the blogs.

Survivor Blog Numero 10

1. I submitted all my blogs on time, so 5.

2. I did post on people’s blogs, but not consistently, so 3.

3. I tried looking for class concepts throughout the episode, but most of the show was entertainment rather than group capabilities, so 4.

4. I understand the theory, that for those who aren’t the best at participating can have a voice online, but if you are in a communication class, I think you need to get over that. I consider myself an introvert, but I made it my duty to be proactive and communicative in class. I can’t honestly endorse the blogging, but like I said, I do recognize the relevance.

5. Improvements could be made if the blogs actually felt like it was a group assignment rather than attempting to utilize more technology within the course. I did feel slightly apathetic in that sense. I could get over it and just do it, that’d be my only means for improvement.

6. I liked the concept, but not really the execution. The chapter presentation really solidified your knowledge within one chapter and the blogs encourage the reading of the others. That worked well.

7. I didn’t like doing it ultimately, but that’s because I am a lazy person. Nothing against the premise really, it was just a case of operator error.

8. No comments, at least no constructive comments could be taken into account from me. I don’t think that people had a problem with it, and after the initial struggle of getting people on board, I think most people ended up liking it.


1. On a scale from 1-5; I would probably give myself a 4 because I turned in majority of the blogs and even if I missed (I missed two), I posted one to make up for it.

2. On a scale from 1-5; I would probably give myself a 2 because I did some of the comments, when I remembered to do them. I did find them beneficial when people would constructively comment on my blog.

3. On a scale from 1-5; I would rate myself a 5 because I always incorporated 2-3 concepts from the most recent chapter or chapter relating into my blogs.

4. My strengths included: including course concepts, my blogs would read well with no grammatical errors, I tried to make them relatable and fun to read. It’s hard to read 60 blogs and not one of them being slightly different and interesting to read.

5. I could improve my display of the blog as well as my consistency on commenting on others blogs. I felt that I really lacked in that area. I also wish I could have related the material more to my real life, while still incorporating the show and class concepts.

6. My favorite thing about the blogs was that I have never done it before. I still plan on continuing my blog after the class. I feel being able to express myself online will be a great opportunity for me to create a place to inspire and teach others as well.

7. I didn’t like how we only blogged about the show; would have been fun to see some other topics that the whole class could debate on.

8. I don’t have any other suggestions except the one mentioned  before. I really had a good time with it.

The Long Forgotten post…

So it finally happened; I missed a few blog posts unfortunately preparing for other classes during our university’s “dead week”. This blog though I hope to talk about the past two episodes and how critical the types of leaders and power are in this game. At the end of the first episode(11/26/14) Reed was the 10th member voted out and in the extended episode(12/3/14) Wes and Alec were voted out.

In each of these episodes, once again Jon and Jacklyn were the final decision makers. I feel that eventually Jon let that go to his head effecting the decisions that came afterwards. Obviously though, after Jeremy the key leaders were Reed and Jon. I felt that both Reed and Jon held qualities of being a leader, they spoke very often, especially when it concerned the direction of the game. However I felt that Reed didn’t listen well to others, consider when everyone was under tension because of the fight between Jacklyn and Jon. All Reed could think about was how he could get them to make up because his ass was on the line. If he spent more time listening to both parties problem he might have been able to defuse the situation but instead he basically was just rushing them to makeup on their own so he could get their vote decision. Jon however, seemed to listen to what another member said, even if it was Reed, and considered all of his options, even discussed it with Jacklyn before hand to gain more incite to make the right choice. This game is particularly hard to be a true leader in my opinion because in the end it’s an individual winner. But Jon and Reed would both offer their opinions when problems arose and tried to learn as much as possible and would share as much information as they knew with their alliance so they all had the best chance (Jon with Natalie about his immunity idol; Reed with Jon about his plan to flip on him if he didn’t side with him towards the end).

The types of power in this game came heavily from information (idols and plans) and reward challenges. Which based on our book if someone has informational power they control and transmit needed information and reward power controls and gives out resources valued by members. I believe that each alliance would use these powers as a whole group (group meaning who ever was on a particular alliance at a particular time). I think that when it came to power over the game, even though there were obvious leaders, each player played a role in gaining and giving power. For example, when Natalie found out that Keith had an idol, that information gave her an Baylor the advantage and more power over everyone else because they also found an idol because they knew that Keith could play his. Also when Natalie picked Jacklyn and Jon t shared her Spaghetti/Bed Reward only to get Jon on her side.

Lastly I wanted to talk about the types of leaders that we’ve seen in the past couple of games. I feel, even though I haven’t mentioned her yet, Natalie is a huge, quiet, leader. Jon, Reed and Natalie, to me are all autocratic leaders that want to control the direction of the game by making the decisions even is they have to lie to their members. It’s hard to have a democratic leader when you have a competitive game, everyone wants to win.

Reflection on Blogging Participation

1. I would rate myself a 5. I completed all of the blog assignments and I did them all on time.

2. I would rate myself a 4. I consistency commented on a peer’s blog every week. Some weeks my comments were not as thorough.

3. I would rate myself a 5. Each week I would integrate the class concepts on a chapter we had learned toward Survivor.

4. My strengthens in regard to blogging is that I was able to effectively summarize what happened in each episode of Survivor then go back and describe how the individuals of Survivor exhibited the core concepts. I believe my strengths were I also had consistently long blogs, with ‘clever’ titles and commented every week.

5. I would improve my blogging by not summarizing as much and just describing during the whole blog how the characters exhibited the chapter concepts.

6. What I liked about the blogging was it was a different way to learn about the chapter and describe our perspective on the chapters and the Survivor season.

7. What I disliked about the blog was that they were due every week and also sometimes it was difficult to connect the chapter to the episode we just watched.

8. The suggestions that I would have is, having us watch a Season of Survivor that had already happened so that we did not have to wait each week for an episode to come out. Another suggestion is having us relate it to a chapter we have already learned not a particular one each week.


1. On a scale of 1-5, I would probably rate myself a 3 just because in the beginning, I wasn’t really turning in the blogs. But towards the end of the semester I got a lot better with this and turned in all of them on time.

2.On a scale of 1-5, I would rate myself a 5 on this aspect because every time I posted on my blog, I would make sure to comment on someone else’s blog post. I thought this was actually very beneficial and I got to learn a variety of perspectives on the same topic.

3.On a scale of 1-5, I would rate myself a 4 on integrating class concepts into my posts. Only because in the beginning I wasn’t really sure what the posts had to include , due to my laziness. After two or three posts though, I would always include at least three or four examples from the show that would relate directly to the chapter.

4.Overall, my strengths for the blogging and participation would be my effectiveness to incorporate class concepts into the show and my active engagement with other student blogs. Towards the end of the semester, in almost every scene of Survivor, I could relate something directly to our textbook.

5.I could improve with my blogging by being more persistent overall with the amount of posts. I only did 6/10 of the posts, and I wish I participated in all of them.

6.The main thing I liked about blogging would be the fact that I got to  see what my classmates got out of the show and how it differed from my perspective. Everybody had something different to say.

7.To be honest, I didn’t really dislike anything about blogging. I typically enjoy doing them.

8.I wouldn’t really have any suggestions for the assignment, except for future students. I would suggest that they participate sooner in the week, rather last minute, because it just makes the experience better for everyone and more students will be able to get feedback from their classmates.

Blog Post #10 Reflection Blogging & Participation


1) 4, wasn’t always on time.

2) 1, I missed that part until the last blog.

3) 5, I tried my best to relate the chapters and episodes.

4)My strengths in blogging was summarizing the episodes, and giving examples.

5)One way to improve on my blogging is posting them on time, and revising the instructions regularly.

6) I liked the fact that we could blog and comment on each others thoughts.

7) I’m not into reality t.v., so survivor wasn’t my favorite part of the class.

8) I liked the activity, maybe more different themes like comparing and contrasting characters based on the chapters, or even the episodes.


1)  4

2)  3

3)  5

4) I was able to use  my intuition and understanding of people along with the concepts I learned in the book and apply them to the show.  I provided a through analysis of each shows events and made a consistent effort to connect  Survivor situations with course concepts.

5)  I think that my blogs could have been better if I had been more organized in my process of analysis and application of course concepts with episode content.  My blogs were scrambled eggs and often failed to follow a smooth and orderly progression of concepts and content. If i had picked a specific course topic for each episode,  my blogs would have been much more eloquent and informative.  If I had given myself more time to do the blogs, instead of Sunday night, my blog content and participation would have benefited greatly.


6) I have never blogged before, and did not have a good time blogging about Survivor, but I think that it was definitely and effective means by which to engage visual information in a deep and meaningful way.

7) I did not like the deadlines.  I did not like having to watch a reality TV show( although I DID get sucked in) I liked blogging, just not about meaningless reality television.

8) I think that the blogging could be more expansive in so far as what students blog about.  It would have been nice if students could blog about something meaningful and important( as determined by each individual student)  If students were allowed to chose what they blog about, it would be a much more engaging experience.  I am in a lot of political science classes at the moment and I would have been able to easily apply course concepts to current international events.  Some people may be into entertainment/sports gossip, both of which lend themselves to blogging and can easily be applied to concepts from the book.  If students could blog about things they actually like, students would be more engaged and actually learn/remember how course concepts apply to real life.


Course Reflection

1.Group C first went through the development  of Forming. All of us were cautious of each other and did not act so brash. Then as time passed we all loosened up to the point we were now norming. We understood that we needed each other to obtain a certain grade. 2. We each had and had not a role. Each individual were equal and if there was a role the role the only person who had a prominent role would be Celina being our scribe and note taker. Other than that each of us understood that we had to do things to make sure our projects were up to par. 3.All of us were from different diversity. But I was the only Asian while the other four were in a pair. I found myself  a bit left in the dark and if no one was going to stand up and do their work then I might as well enforce the projects. No one questioned my overseer and leader power. I did tell them if no one has objections then i wouldn’t mind being the group organizer/ leader. They said nothing, I said if you guys are ok then re-read the paper/ tribal form, and make sure ask me if you guys are ok with me being the leader. They did not ask anything. So the two biggest cultural difference i faced was 1. Ethnicity role, and 2. cultural mentality. 4. I wonder about that. If I wasn’t the leader then how bad this group could have been. Hudson said he could be a great leader but ironically he has not contacted the group for more than a month this semester, Miguel tries to ease his way off works, tries to leave early and complains. Amy was some what complaining but she stuck around the only issue she had was she was easily panicking and did not think deeply enough. Celina wins the MVP award. She always did her work and tried to make time to meet each time,though she could done a bit better but when time was crucial she was there and took notes, prepared and did what she needed to do. As for me….I felt like I was carrying the whole group for the most part and that was hard especially when I am also the leader for 4 different group projects. 5.I think we lacked motivation to be honest. It was not the motivation but more on the lines of “we have to do this for our grades” which is not motivation but a mental drive telling us live or die. It was a mutual understanding that all of us wanted to pass and will work for it. 6.The one most prominent member who used a lot of nonverbal indications was Miguel. The rest of us did too but i saw more non verbal expressions and body language from Miguel. First and foremost is his grins. If he gets irritated and want to leave he will grin first and then ask if we are done. Second behavior was tapping. He will tap his finger on the desk or tap his foot when he felt time restraint and the urge to just bolt or wanted things done. Amy had one , which was the jaw dropping expression, Celina had her eyes widen and Hudson normal face changes into this uh half smile half jaw dropping expression.  And im sure mine is me sharp glare or eye brow raising since i felt like the group was slacking off here and there. 7. Listening was chaotic. When we get into groups we will start talking about our upcoming projects and try to work on them. But as time flew by each member started talking about food, entertainment and other things that were not related to the project. I believe I talked about different classes i have to take but i do not know if i specifically talked about food or entertainment. 8.The conflict we faced was not a personal conflict but conflict of different ideas. Therefore all of us will sit down re state our ideas, put all ideas in a pool and then take out one or two that we vote to be most effective and interesting and work with those ideas and then implement other ideas that are left into our final conclusion which are our projects. 9. Our group decision making was simple. We voted which sounded the best. But as loose we were about this construct of groups it also loosen up everyone’s mind so far as they never questioned about ideas i made. Miguel tries to add ideas but he goes timid and then says never mind. Not until me or Celina asks him what his idea is he would repeat. So that was how we solved creative problems, votes and just following ideas…..this group felt like they only cared about their grade not about their responsibilities. 9. For Group meetings we always arranged the time and place for our meetings. As for 5 categories of meetings such like the disruptive category and chairing meetings etc we had them all. We had texters, interrupters, early leavers, late arrivers ect. But all of us had one thing in mind. Do your work and as long as the objective is met then our behaviors, how bad they may be, can be compromised. so far all of us kept up the good work, except hudson who he said was busy but that is for him and the professor to discuss. For us we will keep our goals met what ever the cost. 10. Appendix 5: Our purpose is to present our information the way our professor. Our Audience were our classmates who were also in the similar position as us.  Our credibility were set by our continuous efforts to make our presentation better. Though there were many roadblocks we believe we tried our best to make each presentation entertaining and informative. Organization was set by each group taking their responsibility. Delivery: presentation aids, decent volume of voice and the words we try to use to make sure everyone understands, Attire, posture all were to be accounted for but I personally believe they need more practice. Content and logistics are done by our scatter but some how miraculous content research and somehow managed. Overall I feel like the group was consistent but very incopetent. We all feel that we wanted our project done but we also felt that all of us did not have enough motivation to feel enthusiatic about anything.