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Final pieces…

Survivor Country Analysis Project

  • Your revised project pages (on GooglePresentation or a website) with changes after reviewing my feedback – due the evening of your presentation
  • Your SCAP Reflection (please note: this was going to be a blog post but I have changed it to be a form to keep it confidential between you and I) – due Wednesday, 12/10/12

Survivor Blogs

  • Blog Post #1 due Monday, 12/8/12 – see here for the blog prompt


More Extra Credit Opportunities

Hey Class!

Want to earn more extra credit?  In addition to attending the Tunnel of Oppression to earn 20 points (posted below just in case you lost the email), you can earn extra credit in the following ways.

  1. 10 points (due Wednesday, 11/19): Review the bio of the speaker for our class on Wednesday and submit three questions here:  Questions submitted AFTER 11/19 at noon WILL NOT be awarded credit.
  2. 30 points (due Friday, 12/5):  Does your group have an idea for a meaningful group project for this course in the future?  Come up with a project idea that you would enjoy and get the following out of …..As a result of participating in your assignment, students should be able to do the following:  apply course concepts to real world group work, experience group roles in action, and reflect on the stages of group development.   To earn this extra credit, your group must come up with a fully developed idea (see requirements below).  Then,  one of your group members must post it as a blog post categorizing it as AssignmentBank (no spaces).  Only those submissions that are thorough and meet the following requirements will earn extra credit… also… get creative!   Extra points MAY be earned if your idea is selected! Requirements:
    1. Assignment title
    2. Assignment objectives (how will the assignment achieve the objectives stated above AND what additional objectives will it achieve)
    3. Assignment description (be thorough)
    4. Assignment instructions for students (think of the information you need to be successful)
    5. Assignment evaluation (how will the assignment be assessed? be clear and provide the grading requirements)
  3. 20 points (determined Friday, 11/21) to top three tweeters. In class today and Wednesday, we will have a back channel for our class discussions using #CICOMM220.  Be among the top three Tweeters between today and Friday 11/21 at 8:00 a.m. by submitting the best quality and highest quantity of class-related tweets (both inside and outside of class).  Questions, links to related class content, comments to support others’ contributions in class, interesting quotes from the presenter etc. are good examples. Disagreements are welcome so long as they are civil.  Please note: Instagram can also be used to participate.



Tunnel of Oppression

20 points extra credit

Attend the Tunnel of Oppression and submit a reflection.  The event takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, November 19 and 20 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (with a one hour break from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.) in the Grand Salon.

Sign up to attend the Tunnel of Oppression . You do not have to sign up in advance but if you don’t, there are no guarantees you will get to go through the Tunnel and it will take much longer.

After attending the event, write a 2-3 page reflection. The reflection should include what you learned through the experience and how it relates to our course content. Be sure to tie in course concepts including at least two citations. Submit your reflection email by November 24.  No late reflections will be accepted.

Monday’s Tribe Meeting (10/20)

Hey Class:

Just a reminder that we will NOT be meeting as a class on Monday so that you can meet with your groups at a time and space (face-to-face or virtually) that works for your group.  The meeting can take place anytime between today and Monday at 11:59 p.m.

In order to receive credit for attending the class/meeting once person in your group must RESPOND to this announcement (in the comments section below — NOT VIA EMAIL) with the following information (by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m).:

  1. Section of course
  2. Date, time, duration and location of meeting
  3. Group members present at meeting
  4. List of what was accomplished

If the information above is not provided by the deadline stated above, all group members will be marked as absent.

Please email me if you have any questions throughout your meeting.

Have a great couple of days everyone!

Ahh… how do I access my blog? Post one? Comment??

Hey Class:

Here’s a quick video tutorial review on how to access your blog, submit a blog post and comment on your peers’ blogs.  Don’t forget…

  • It takes 60 minutes for your blog post to update to our course website.
  • If you don’t categorize to survivor blog 02 or survivor blog 03 (spaces required), your blog won’t show up.
  • You are required to comment on at least one of your classmates’ blog post each time you create one; you’ll be self assessing your participation at the end of the semester.

Correct answers to extra credit

  1. True.  It takes 60 minutes for the class website to load your blog post.
  2. False.  You must submit 10 blog entries throughout the semester but only participate (comment on other’s blogs) 5 times.  Explanation:  You must participate 10 times.
  3. False.  When you post a blog, it must be labeled as follows survivorblog02 or survivorblog03.  Explanation:  You must include a space between the words survivor and blog and the numbers 02 or 03 (e.g. survivor blog 02).  If you do not do this, your posts will not filter into the homepage.
  4. True.  The class website contains information about the focus of each blog post.
  5. True.  There are two group projects in this course:  the Survivor Country Analysis Project and the Chapter Presentation.
  6. The Chapter Presentation does not have to include which of the following:
  • A presentation of key points from the chapter
  • A chapter quiz
  • 2-3 outside sources
  • An engaging discussion about the chapter
  1. True.  Due dates for the Survivor Country Analysis Project are disbursed throughout the semester and are noted on the syllabus.
  2. True.  Before your Chapter Presentation, you must email the instructor a detailed agenda, a finalized PowerPoint (or prezi), discussion questions and a handout for the class.