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As the curtain drops.

  1. My blog posts aside from two missing, were all on time. Although it took me a few blogs to get the time zone correct I believe I received a 4. My blogs contained course content as well as other observations.
  2. I made sure to comment almost every time I blogged although I did miss two, I would give myself a 4.
  3. I took the time to integrate the course into all available aspects to the show, I took the time to analyze and make a clear connection between the show and the chapter. I would give myself a 5.
  4. My strengths were being able to connect the show to the chapter. I was able to go through and not only have fun but analyze the chapter in detail. I truly enjoyed the blogs, it helped put the chapter to real life situations.
  5. Aside from missing two blogs I believe I did well. I could have pulled more from previous chapters but overall I did what I was asked.
  6.  It made the homework assignment enjoyable and interesting.
  7. Ironing out the kinks. It took me a few blogs to find how to fix the time zone, knowing it effects the grade it would have been nice to know ahead of time.
  8. Maybe allow students to use whatever chapter they find suitable for that episode. Say there are 12 chapters and 10 episodes. You could let them pick 10 chapters out of the book and they have to apply one chapter to one episode. Allowing them to choose and find their own connection rather than having to pin point specific ones they are told to find. That might be one change, but over all I think the assignment was fine.

Vote with us.

After Jeremy is voted out by John’s own hidden agenda, Natalie find herself perplexed and violated by her own group. What she once thought was a strong loyal alliance, had voted out one of its own, leaving her uneasy about her own security. Natalie vows to get back at her group for going against their word to protect everyone in the alliance. It will be interesting to see how this previous hidden agenda will effect the group. Luckily for Natalie she found out sooner rather than later, this will help the members of the group identify disloyalty and make better decisions based on their own needs.

As always the show starts off with a reward challenge, on the blue team we have Reed, Alek, Jacklyn, and John. On the blue group we have Missy, Baylor, Wes and Natalie. Yellow ends up winning the challenge and given the chance to give children baseball equipment as well as eat burgers and hot dogs.

What seems to be multiple peoples agenda is getting John out of there. Reed is silently gunning against John as well as Natalie. It would be interesting if Natalie and Reed got together to form an alliance against John and Jacklyn. This would be a form of an implicit norm, it is a norm that isn’t really discussed but naturally comes together as members interact. This may come about as members of teams speak to one another, for instance Reed speaking to Keith about blindsiding his alliance and using Keith and Wes’s vote to get John out. This could possibly travel through the grape vine and get to Natalie, who also whats to get John voted out.

Natalie and Baylor team up to find the idol, which they find in the center of camp. They tend to use this idol to get rid of John, although because they are unaware of Reed and Keith’s plan the girls choose to go after Reed, who wants the same thing Baylor and Natalie want, which is to get John out.

So we have Natalie and Baylor wanting to get John out, but they think they are alone so they decide to take out Reed first hoping that opens the door to getting rid of John. Then on the other hand we have Reed, Keith and Wes all planning to vote out John. But if they girls succeed in voting Reed out then they might ruin the chances of ever getting John voted out.

These two hidden agendas, might bite one another in the butt and end up ruining the main goal, which is to get John voted off of the island.

In the final moments everyone is confused as what to do, it is complete chaos. Missy says it best she explains it by saying, “its like popcorn”.

Keith ends up pulling out his immunity as well as John. Votes take out John and Keith, but because they had immunity Wes who recieved two votes gets voted off of the island, putting a kink in Reed’s alliance against John.  Hopefully they will be able to hook up with Natalie and Baylor in the next episode.

Here comes the rain.

Tonights chaper is all about leadership. In this blog we will go over the episode as well as connect it to chapter five of Working in Groups by Isa N. Engleberg and Dianna R. Wynn.

First we start out with the reward challenge, Jacklyn is pinned against Natalie, John agianst Jeremy, Baylor against her mom, and Keith against Alan. Everyone ends up muddy and yellow goes home with a win! One turn is when Natalie and Jeremy give their rewards to Jacklyn and John to show them they are thankful for being loyal in Tribal Counsel.

I would look at that as a form of personal power, Jacklyn and John have found themselves on a yacht eating sandwiches, they have shown their individual characteristics and have been seen as loyal, they have earned status within their group. (Engleberg and Wynn, pg 105)

During the elimination challenge, the tribe members must stack blocks with their feet. Baylor ends up winning the immunity challenge and ends up winning positional power within the tribes. she was won immunity, her power comes from her new status within the tribes. (Engleberg and Wynn, pg 105)

Can I also say, John is really using his power of the idol to rock theo boat.  Jeremy believes that John has the idol, John swears he doesnt but now that Jeremy has spoken his mind John wants to get rid of Jeremy. This is truly mind blowing to me! After everything Jeremy did for John, allowing him to take his spot on the yacht, then spending the night on Exile Island, John is truly the leader here in my opinion.

As the elimination round is up, John and Jacklyn’s power shows to be validated as Jeremy goes home. As it was said by the host, “tonight was both brutal and beautiful”, I think this fit perfectly.

Here’s your fake idol

Chapter 7 is about  listening, the book defines listening as “the ability to understand,analyze, respect, ad appropriately respond to meanings of another person’s spoken and nonverbal messages”(Engleberg and Wynn, pg151).

Although humans spend a lot of time listening, we are not very good at it. This episode was a hard match to the reading I will be honest, so bear with me. During the elimination challenge the communication between groups shows, where the Hunapu tribe has the best team skills and is able to put the puzzle together quicker and more efficiently than the Coyopa tribe. Hinapu wins the elimination challenge.  Empathetic listening goes beyond just listening and puts the listener in the other persons shoes, although this does not effect anyone in the show I myself am under that influence. I am able to see what is going on across the board in this game, which makes me more likely to get a personal connection and understanding to the players.

Surround and drowned…in double servings of rice!

As this episode starts we notice a change in the tribes. One tribe has three groups of loved ones with one single and the other tribe has one group of loved ones and the rest are singles.  It will be interesting to see how the power distance changes in these groups with this change. I think that loved ones will team together against singles. Seeing as the United States is labels a low power distance, I am going to assume that these tribes are also low power distance seeing a culture is a direct effect on how people act in a society.

Coyopa is now mainly a female tribe with woman outnumbering men, four to three. It will be interesting to see if they become a masculine value team or more of a feminine value team. I think that due to the environment and challenges, they will lean towards more masculine values.

The Hunapu tribe use to be more of a polychromic time, but now with drew gone and this switch it will be interesting to see how this shift will play out. Where was the Coyopa tribe was more about monochromic time, they were more punctual with tasks and getting them done.

Both tribes cultures are low context, they all rely on language to survive. Without language all communication would fail and the teams would see a dramatic change in how they play the game. Can you imagine living without communication? Not me! They all “tell it like it is” and say what they feel, there is no saving face when it comes to americans and on top of that, there is no saving face when it comes to reality shows.

Go wash a car, Drew.

My favorite episode so far, “We’re a Hot Mess” ends with a bang that no one saw coming, the self proclaimed “Kingpin” Drew goes home. (haha)

As the group gets closer to the merge it is imperative that alliances are made and those who should not be in the game, are gone. After Drew throws the immunity challenge and this leads to a huge uproar within Hunapu. Drew wants Kelly out, Jeremy wants Keith out and the rest don’t know what to do. This is a great example of Substantive Conflict. The group cant come to a clear consensus as what to do.

One of the main conflicts going on is between Jeremy and Keith.  Keith got a clue that the idol was near the well near their camp, when Keith could not find the idol he automatically assumes Jeremy has it and goes on to tell the others. Where he went wrong is that the others went and told Jeremy what Keith had been saying. Jeremy, taking this accusation as an attack he is immediately no longer in alliance with Keith but rather gunning for him instead.

Affirmative Conflict would have to be  the Drew and Kelly situation. Drew throws a challenge so they have to go to tribal counsel in an attempt to start offing the females. Drew taking the lead as the head of the tribe works against him and in the end, he is voted out and blindsided by the women.

Another little thing I found interesting was during the challenges they have the visual explanation for the viewers at home using a real person, in this visual they use a female member of the blue tribe making all of their baskets, then  Hunapu ends up actually  being the winner, possible foreshadow? You decide.

The only negative aspect of Drew leaving would have to be one of my own personal interests which would have to be that I would have liked to see the two brothers, Drew and Alek go against each other in a head to head reward challenge .

Actions vs Accusations!

After Val gets voted out we see a shift in the orange  group. One aspect we see play out is need for affection theory, Johns girlfriend Julie has an issue with everyone disliking John for what he had done in the past, as well as that him saying he was going to beat up a female didn’t help either because she herself wants to be liked by her group.

As the secrets are revealed we see underpersonal members play out as well as overpersonal members come out. An underpersonal member would be the females in the orange group, knowing they are on the chopping block they spend their extra time trying to convince the other members that they are worthy enough to stay and the John is the person that needs to go home. Then you have the overpersonal person of the group is someone who tries to be friends with everyone, whether they like those people or not. I would definitely say John is the overpersonal member of the orange group. He goes out of his way to play the game and tries to manipulate or befriend all those in the group, although we find his motives are not entirely genuine.

One member role we frequently see in deliberation is the follower, the person who supports the group and accepts others ideas as their own, this comes out when people make alliances and then appoint a single person to delegate that alliance.  The females pleading to the alliance would be a great example of a special interest pleader, they speak against the putter group and personal interests, so they are trying to get the men to go against their alliance.

Survivor episode two, chapter two

Although this was not my first time watching survivor, it was my first time engaging with the media and applying it to group work which actually made the episode more interesting to watch. In episode two it opens up with an emotional reaction by one of the contestants who her sister to a tribe deliberation. This drama was what the producers had in mind and was a very interesting way of making the competition harder.

The competition  to follow would pin mother against daughter ending in the mother showing her love for her daughter and throwing her win for her team. When the mother injured her daughter in a jousting duel, empathy kicks in and she throws her win, showing nonconformity. To explain further, her tribes main goal is to win the challenge, but by throwing a challenge she is putting her tribes success in jeopardy. She has thrown the groups goal to the wind for her daughters well being, not conforming her her groups peer pressure to take advantage of her daughters injury and win the round. you see a dynamic shift from the performing stage, where everyone is eager to contribute and win to letting emotion get in the way

This action alone creates a domino effect within the group, although small we see secondary tension arise as well as a sense of competence within the blue group.

Deliberations: Baylor gets thrown under the bus meanwhile you have Val who plays both side of the fence and the team seems to go and up against these two. it ends up tied and there is then a revote where we see a few peoples hidden agendas come out. Val is the second person voted out of Blood versus Water. By voting of Val the group must have gotten a sense of power, they feel that voting her off gives them strength and by getting rid of her they are accomplishing something positive.