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Reflection of Blogging & Participation

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4. I think a strength I displayed in participation was, I incorporated other student’s comments to build my own. I also feel like I try to bring a different perspective when in discussions. A strength I had in the blogs was, I think I wove in materials from the textbook very well into my blogs. Another strength I brought to the blogs was that I used a very distinct style of writing that made it obvious it was my post; my voice helped make the blog more interesting. I also think my use of pictures, and my own personal views on situations kept it fun.

5. I think I could help improve my participation by not being afraid to answer questions, or share my views. In the blogs, I think I could have organized the structure of each post better, so as to make it easier to follow my thought process.

6. I liked the blogs because even though a big chunk of it was to incorporate the textbook, I also had the freedom to comment about certain things tribes did that I did/didn’t like.

7. I was not into the show as much as I hoped I would be, so it was hard to keep up with the episodes.

8. I think there should be a list of shows that students can vote on. This way they feel more involved in the assignment.

It’s getting heated! (Chapter 6, Episode 9)

This episode survivor showed many different personality types. Now that I know everyone, it was interesting to see how their personality types coincided with member motivation.

I think the Natalie has really thought about how each person responds to situations, and uses the Myers Briggs types for her advantage. I think her group is a group feelers, so the fact that she recognizes member’s contributions makes her a good asset to have. For example, she thanked Jon for siding with her alliance by giving him her reward from the challenge. She even talks about how this exchange will help her in the long run. This reward, as the text states is an “extrinsic rewards” which means that it is a physical reward given by the environment opposed to an intrinsic reward.

I think what really drove these alliances in this episode is a sense of choice. Now that the numbers are smaller on Survivor, each vote counts, so each person has the power of decision making. Another obvious motivator is the sense of meaningfulness. The prize money in the end, is really what is driving each tribe and individual to set goals, and accomplish tasks. I think these two motivators are clearly seen as this episode progresses. For example, Reed looked through Kieth’s bag to find any hidden tokens. He felt like he was making progress, in making stronger allys’, and the whole team felt a sense of drive since they had a new option on who to vote out.

Going back to Schultz theory of interpersonal needs, I really saw Jeremy display the need for control. In survivor he was always the top dog, and a very appealing ally. However, with the numbers dwindling down Jeremy displayed his want to gain back power. After Jeremy goes to exile island and realizes that Jon has an idol, he does a last attempt to catch Jon in his lie. However, this tactic only forces his alliance with Missy to go awry.  I feel like Jeremy’s need for  control, threatened his ally’s and opposing members, leading him to be sent home.

As always, I am excited to see whats in store in the next episode!

So Many Problems! ( Episode 7, Chapter 9)

In this episode of survivor, the two tribes merge to one: Huyopa! This brought on many different reactions. While some, like Jeremy rejoiced in the idea of new additions to his alliance, others like Julie, felt more alone than ever. With all of the new changes comes new problems, and new problem solving styles.

The new tribe had time before the immunity challenge to get to know each other. Josh took this as a chance to make sure him, Baylor, and Missy were still on an alliance together. Baylor felt like she owed Josh so she said yes, but later consulted her mother. By doing this, Baylor represented the dependent decision maker since she seeked advice from her mother. Missy even says how happy she is that Baylor is so dependent on her. I am scared for Baylor because one of the problems with being a dependent decision maker because one of the problems with that is they make a decision that they are not comfortable with just to please someone.

After the immunity challenge Huyopa prepares for the tribal council. Since Jeremy was out first in the immunity challenge, and is one of the strongest competitors, he was a big topic of discussion. Jon, being a rational decision maker weighed out if Josh would be a bigger threat than Jeremy. He decided that Jeremy would probably try to vote couples out, so changed his alliance to Josh.

While Jon and Jaclyn adapted to the changes of alliances, Julie was having different problems. Since her boyfriend, John was voted off, Julie felt the pressures of staying in the game. During this episode I could really see Julie use the single question format. As mentioned in the book this is a simple problem-solving procedure that has four steps. Julie first “identified the problem”, when she was venting to Missy how it was hard for her to keep going. This also set a “collaborative setting”, since she was talking to another group member. She then really “analyzed the issues” when Alec commented about her trail mix drama. Julie realized that she would be voted out soon anyways, so quitting would not be a big deal; this also led to identifying solutions. Finally she told Jeff her thoughts, and quietly “answered the single question” by walking off The Survivor.

Julie leaving survivor meant there was no tribal council in this episode. It will be very interesting to see if Jeremy will actually be voted out next time as planned. Stay tuned!

Words and Actions in Tribes

This week on survivor, everyone’s strengths were tested, whether it be in the challenges or back at camp. I could see lots of verbal and non verbal communication happening, especially due to the merger.

In the Hunaphu camp, Jeff Probst came with a new bag full of rice in exchange for all the tribe’s comfort items. He explained to the tribe that this happened only one other time in survivor history. During this conversation I remember the tribe being very embarrassed. Their non verbal actions such as crossing their arms, and glancing at the ground indicated that they were defensive and ashamed. Josh and Alec on the other hand were more angry, they kept shaking their heads at the rest of the tribe. They also used a lot of “you” language, indicating that it was the other members of the tribes fault that they were in this predicament. They did not follow the right way to use “team talk” as demonstrated in our text book.

After finally exchanging all they had for a bag full of rice, both tribes headed to the reward challenge. Hunaphu ended up winning the challenge which gave them the barbecue reward. Reed cried after he won the challenge for his tribe. He verbally expressed the pressure he was under. I think because he said this out loud, his tribe members will not be sending him anytime soon – his communication skills gives him an advantage of being the favorite of the team. Reed chose Julie to go to Exile Island with Baylor, but Natalie volunteered in her place. There were many reactions that took place in this scene. Missy thanked Natalie, and also smiled at her when Natalie turned around to leave. I think this shows that Missy appreciated Natalie for what she’s done, making their alliance stronger. I also noticed the shock on the other tribe members faces when this happened. I know Natalie is trying to deepen her roots with er allies to make sure she is in the game longer. However, after seeing her other tribe members’ faces I think she is looked at as more of a threat. I am interested to see how this will affect the tribe in later episodes.

The verbal and nonverbal communication, along with team talk made this a very interesting episode!

Blood Runs Deeper Than Water

In this episode of survivor there was a real twist. It started out with Jeff Probst changing the teams around, to resemble the episode title “Blood is Blood”. Each member who still had a loved one in the game was reunited. I think it is safe to assume that there were many listening problems in this episode, especially with the new teams.

For example, tensions started rising in the Coyopa tribe when it came to eating portions. Baylor and her mom – Missy, scooped out large portions of rice for each person which wasn’t what Dale was used to. While Baylor was encouraging her mom to add more rice for everyone, Dale was trying to save as much as possible. When Dale commented how a heavy helping of rice each day would make them run out of rice, Baylor took it personally. I believe Baylor was using defensive listening. The book describes this habit as when a person takes critical remarks as personal attacks. I think Dale was honestly just looking out for the future, but Baylor took it as a shot directly to her. Baylor even went to tell her mom how she thinks Dale has been trying to vote her out since the start.

Jon and Jaclyn’s listening skills were also put to the test, as they were the swing vote couple. They did a good job portraying “listening to interpret”, “listening to evaluate”, and “listening to respond”. Jon Jaclyn had to listen to interpret so that they could understand the others motives. They had to be able to spot which couple would most likely back stab them. They also had to listen to evaluate. This method was more used with each other, when they were talking about who to eliminate. They had to take a step back, and talk to one another about the other couples persuasive strategies, and which one was the most appealing. Finally they had to use the “listening to respond” method because they wanted to show their support to both duos so they could play them both.

In the end the listening and manipulation led to Kelley being sent home from Coyopa.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

When Personalities Clash… (Episode 4, Chapter 4)

In episode 4 of Blood vs Water, the teams started getting closer and smaller. This became a huge problem because personalities were clashing, creating conflict. I think chapter 4 really works with this theme.

Once the Hunaphu tribe got back to camp, Drew immediately started talking about how he was going to ask the host if they could trade flint for fishing gear. is other teammates were already annoyed by his lazy behavior so hearing this only made them want to roll their eyes more. Drew’s personality and the actions he took during this episode had everyone cringing. I think Drew is definitely an extrovert; he is the type of person to think out loud

In the reward challenge Drew asked Jeff Probst about the fishing gear (one of the many cringe moments) to which Jeff said no. Coyopa ends up losing another reward challenge sending Jaclyn to exile island with Drew. Jon trusted Drew to take care of his girlfriend – he might be one of the few people who still likes Drew.

In exile island Drew told Jaclyn his plan to rig the next challenge by losing. His hidden agenda was to slowly get people out of his tribe so he could get closer to winning the million dollars. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has  a section called sensor-intuitive  Drew’s actions show that Drew is very intuitive, since he focuses on the big picture – winning survivor; and loves to break rules – throwing the challenge. If Drew took the personality test he would definitely be an “N”.

While Drew revealed his plans, back at Hunaphu’s camp Kieth started forming plans of his own.  He started searching for an idol with the clue he got from exile island but didn’t find his idol the first time he looked near the well. He then shared his thoughts about how he though that Jeremy probably found the idol. Jeremy heard about this and immediately called over his allies and told the to watch out for Kieth, because “he spreads rumors”. When I was watching this happen I remembered the chart I read in chapter 4 about Type Based Motivational Strategies. This discussed a list of strategies each personality type uses. Under the “feeler” type it says that this personality type discusses the impact of decisions on people. Jeremy used Kieth’s lie to motivate his team to understand the importance of decisions, and also makes himself look more appealing and intimidating. After Jeremy’s reaction I think no one wants to cross his path because his feelings is what guides his decision.

After the Hunaphu tribe drama, Jeff Probst called both tribes back to introdouce the immunity challenge. I was excited to watch this because I knew Drew was planning on throwing the competition. Drew carried out his plan like I expected. However, I was surprised to see how proud, and without remorse he was after he made Hunaphu lose their first immunity challenge. He claimed that he was “king pin”. He definitely had the Myers Briggs judger type. He had a very “I will solve this problem on my own” attitude about there being so many people on his team.

In the end it was Drew’s loud personality that was sent home. I think this will balance out Hunaphu’s personality types. Hunaphu will definitely be stronger without Drew.

Since the pattern with the episodes have been focusing on one problematic person at a time, I am curious to see who will be the center of drama in the next episode!

Tensions are Rising (Chapter 8, Episode 3)

This is a perfect episode to talk about conflict and cohesion. The tribes have started becoming more comfortable with each other resulting in tensions and conflicts.

The next day in the Hunaphu tribe they started putting up palm leaves to keep themselves dry in case of a storm. Missy tried to teach Drew how to weave the leaves together, but Drew quickly gave up. He ended up napping the entire morning while everyone else was hard at work. This his team members Natalie and Keith very angry, especially because it was his idea to start this task. I think this is a classic example of affective conflict. I think it is Drew’s personality that is the problem. He was too frustrated that he couldn’t weave so he quit instead of swallowing his pride. This is what created the affective conflict between him and his other team members. They didn’t really do much to resolve the conflict other than Natalie trying to wake him him up. I think Drew’s attitude might send him home if Hunaphu loses the immunity challenge in upcoming episodes.

After Coyopa won their first reward challenge, John Rocker tried talking to Jeremy. Jeremy brushed him off, believing that John really tried to sabotage his wife, Val. When Jeremy got back to camp he got sympathy from Natalie which prompted him to tell the entire tribe about John Rocker’s past. I think the Hunaphu tribe has great group cohesion. The group was very supportive of Jeremy, and conformed to his view of John Rocker. However, I feel like if this continues it will lead to Group think. I can see the tribe losing sight of their main objective, and focusing more on isolating Julie, when they should be using her as an asset.

In the immunity challenge Jeff Probst explained that there will be pairs banded together and were supposed to get their tribe’s ball. In the second round Alec ran into Julie as a strategy to slow her and Missy’s team down. However, John Rocker took this personally, so he ended up pushing Reed down in the third round against Reed and Drew. Hunaphu ended up winning again. Natalie, was still in shock at John’s reaction so she called him names and suggested that Coyopa should vote him out at the tribal council. John also fuming, responded by saying that he would hit her if she was a man (or something along those lines). I think John Rocker was shocked by Natalie’s words because a women’s conflict style is usually supposed to be subtle and underhanded behavior. Natalie was loud and straight forward which John could only reply with “if [she] was a man”. This wasn’t the first time John reacted like this when a women won a fight. When his girlfriend Julie won the challenge against him he was angry that he was beaten by a girl. I think his sexist behavior is what upset Julie the most in the exchange between him and Natalie.

In the end John Rocker was the one to be sent home from Coyopa. I am curious to know how this will affect the tensions in the Hunaphu tribe with Julie. I think Julie will have to prove herself to show that her boyfriend’s actions doesn’t reflect her own.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The end of the line for John Rocker

The end of the line for John Rocker

It’s Getting Intense! (Episode 2 Chapter 3)

Episode 2 of survivor definitely got more heated. I started to recognize many things that was related to chapter 3 of the text.

In the first challenge Natalie finds out quickly that her twin sister was the one to be voted out. She immediately starts to cry, which made me wonder if she was a help seeker. She did ask for sympathetic responses from her teammates. However the fact she quickly shook it off, telling the host she was okay made me rethink it.

Hunaphu wins the first challenge, receiving fishing award as their prize. Reed stepped up and asks Jeff if they can trade the beans for flint that Jon lost. This definitely had the characteristics of an initiator role. He stepped up and took charge of an opportunity, getting the ball rolling for his teammates. I think he also went along with the text’s
Belbin’s Team Roles”. I think Reed also embodied the roles innovator and resource investigator especially because it was a risk asking for trade. Unfortunately the only way Jeff Probst would let Hunaphu trade was it they traded the fishing reward too. After much deliberation the team decided flint was more important.

The next was the immunity challenge. It was interesting to watch the theme “Blood v.s Water” play out between Missy and Baylor. Missy definitely chose blood after seeing her daughter cry, and loses the fight. Coyapo loses again in this challenge sending them to tribal council.

Val is definitely the manipulator of the group she lies to John saying she has two idols so word spreads and people don’t try to vote her out. It is interesting to see that she is doing it for herself, and her ally Jacyln. However, In the end her manipulation tactics fall short and she is the one to be voted out. I wonder how Jeremy will react to his wife being the one to be voted out. Stay tuned for more!