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To include or John-seclude ?

During this episode of Survivor it was a lot of turmoil. And a lot of group members trying to figure out how to the group work of how to be successful in the game. With having this to work with such different type member in a group like survivor will kinda force individuals to make roles and to have different wants. A lot of the episode lead to John Rocker going through the different needs and roles or a group member. Shutz’s theories on interpersonal needs showed that a lot of the group members want to be able feel inclusion, control and affection.

The beginning of the episode starts off pretty heated. The tribes come back together and are together for next challenge and Jeremy finds out that his wife was the last one voted off the islands. From a viewers standpoint you could tell from then on Jeremy said its one for getting John out of the show for not protecting his wife. Jeremy begins using the methods of FIRO needs to get his group members on his side and to be able to communicate better and also manipulate them to get what he wants.

Baylor had the need for inclusion when she went to go ally the guy members in her tribe to persuade them to break them deals and form and alliance with the girls so that would all be involved. It was also her showing her need for affection and control because she wants to be liked by all but also to control more of her fate on Survivor.

Survivor got real heated when Jeremy shed the light on John and his past and then all of the different members of all the tribes started to judge him for his past. All of the members of survivor need to know some  the skills with communicating to an apprehensive member. Instead of hearing John out they assumed he was a racist homosexual bigot which he could be. They could have made John feel included and not alone. They could have been more well prepared at their survivor tribal council so that they did not vote him out. They showed all of their hostility and so their communication skills could have been worked on especailly since the have never won an immunity challenge. They also forgot to visualize the end of winning and voted secluded then voted out one of the strongest members of their team.  Poor John!


Flint, Family or Foe

The beginning of the episode starts us learning the players in this survivor season, who they are and their motivation for being on survivor. It was great to watch them have their first task being that they had to use a flint to make fire with their loved one. Some of the groups could not even start a fire, so it will be great to see how they will survive the rest of the season after being separated from their family members. With their loved one they went all of the group development stages on the island when they got there and the first thing they had to do was make fire.

Once the groups were divided into the blue and orange groups, the Tuckman group development stages began to take place. The forming stage was the most prevalent in this episode because they had been just divided and the first challenge had just taken place. the forming stage was great in the hunahphu tribe when Jeremy won the challenge for them. They all bonded with their group goal of being one step closer to winning and he was able to winner them food which is a plus. Some of the personal goals were taking place in this episode because some of the people wanted to prove to themselves and their tribes that they belonged and could help.

During the second challenge for immunity that involved the whole tribes they both showed achievement norms. On the blue team John stood out by helping people with his body on tribal challenge and did everything he could. Achievement norms means that members will put all their time, energy etc for the best interest of the group. With him doing that them that allowed the blue team to be energized and win the challenge. No one in the tribe argued with the way the puzzle was being solved and just went with it. We will see if they continue to remain on top.