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Blue Team lost due to Drew

In this weeks episode Yellow team finally won their first challenge was safe from going to tribal council. They actually worked together and cheered each other on and with out John in their tribe seems to have less drama and fights within their tribe. So taking out John really did help them out in the end. BUT! Did they really win because they came together? Maybe… or Maybe not.

The blue team lost their first challenge this week, however they didn’t deserve to lose because Drew threw away the game because he wanted to go ┬áto tribal council to take out Kellie. There was much conflict between the girls and Drew, Drew thought he could control the tribe by throwing away the game and taking out the girls one at a time making it an all mans game. The men were all over the place when it came to choosing who to take out, but the women knew exactly who they wanted to take out and that was Drew. Drew was confident that he wasn’t going home this week and when his name was called five times he was voted out, sending him home.

I think now that the Blue team went to tribal council they know what type of team they are and what they needed to do in order to make thing fair and that was sending Drew home. Drew never pulled his load and wanted to sleep all day. When it came to the games he did his part but them he was done thinking that was all he needed to do. In the end I believe sending him home was a good thing. Now maybe the games could be won fairly.

Nicole First Post

For this weeks Survivor show I saw a few interesting things on group membership.

The yellow team continues to lose. Jeremy’s wife Val lied to her group which ended up sending her home. The team is still struggling to figure out their group which is causing them to fail. No one is supporting anyone nor are they working together as a team. Someone needs to step and be a real leader. John however; thinks he’s the big tough leader of his group, though he never says he’s the leader he sure does voice it indirectly. The yellow team is slowly seeing John for who he really is… a manipulator and his pass comes back to haunt him.

The blue team seems to got things down with the leader role changing from week to week. They support each other and they support each other, even when one of their family members leave. It seems like they got things down for they haven’t lost the Idol yet.