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Survivor blog 02

And so it begins. It was blood against blood. They begin with cutting ties between friends and family. Two tribes were formed, the Hunahpu tribe known as the Blue tribe, and the Coyopa tribe known as the orange tribe. You begin to see once formed the forming of the groups with how they start to establishing goals and being a motivation and relating to one another to come together and be able to win.

We further then begin to see how first being set into a group of strangers can normally be awkward at first and scary, but then we see how in the blue tribe we begin to see unity and with that people in a way see him as a leader, someone to respect. Jeremy gained a lot of trust and formed relationships with his members showing that he cared. A lot of teamwork was shown making them a strong tribe. This will benefit them in future challenges having that established to be successful, and everyone contributing. Meanwhile this was going good, the other tribe, the Orange tribe was not having the best of time and were having their issues. This is there story.

The Coyopa tribe were in complete mess. They became divided and seemed as if building alliances within the group. When the voting came down to play we saw two different view the being either eliminating the oldest member or who the men thought was untrustworthy and shown to think she was a hidden agenda. Because of these strong feelings Nadia was sent home.