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Suck it up and Survive-Or?

In the first episode of survivor, suck it up and survive, many text concepts are illustrated.  There are clearly group goals in the sense that both teams have to compete in the group activity, even initially as Jeremy and Val compete against one another they have the interest of their team to place first. They put aside their personal interest of caring for their spouse to provide beans and fire for their tribe. Another example is the race where they work as a team to complete the obstacle course and puzzle. The prize being immunity, both teams have their eyes on the prize. Aside from the group goals there is a clear Balancing between group goals and Hidden Agendas. While the team members are focused on the group goal, they are also concerned about proving their self-worth and deciding on personal strategies to keep themselves from being voted off the island. Val illustrates this by holding onto her immunity idol; this is a tool to further her personal agenda of staying on the team. Whether she belongs on the team for the better of the team is yet to be decided but she personally will stop at nothing to do everything she can to prevent being voted off even if she is not stronger than other tribe members. I believe that ultimately there will have to be a balance between individual goals and group goals. As this takes place individual tribe member hidden agendas will surface and only individual goals that further the group goal will begin to be rewarded. Of course there is still room for error in this as the tribes are still forming storming and Norming. There is still opportunity for strong bonds between tribe members to cause for inadequately performing team members to stay because of personal dislike as in the case of Nadia being voted off. It seemed due to what appears to be primary tension among the tribe and the fact that the tribe just didn’t like her. I don’t think it was due to her inability to perform for the tribe.