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Survivor #2 Method to this Madness

In the second episode of survivor It seemed to me that the dynamics of both teams were very different. With Hunahpu still on an undefeated winning streak and Coyopa not advancing in the competition Coyopa’s members were very frustrated with always worrying about whose going to be the next one to get voted off the island. In this episode I thought that josh displayed inclusion needs because his whole plan was to be on both sides of his tribe. He wanted to be liked by both the girls and the guys. Which in my opinion is a really smart move because if your liked by everyone then your chances of getting votes in elimination are very slim.

The need for control came in the competition when kelly, Val, and Baylor were discussing who to vote off the island next. They all agreed on Dale but Baylor deciding to go rouge didn’t choose to follow because she wanted to do what was best for her or what came to her connivence. Unlike Coyopa, Hunahpu’s member Jeremy is a very overpersonal member of the tribe. Jeremy is an overpersonal member because  he is very friendly and tries to create a close relationship with everyone of his group members. The total opposite of Jeremy would be John from Coyopa because he plays the self-centered role by only thinking about securing himself by finding the idol to have better chance in staying longer in the game.

At the end of the episode when the Coyopa tribe found themselves in elimination once again I thought Val and Kelly were showing their assertiveness when they were trash talking with Baylor.  When the two members were verbally attacking Baylor I thought it showed how passive Baylor was because all she could say was “wow”.   This episode revealed a lot more drama then the first episode and it made me want to know what will happen next.



Survivor entry #1 suck it up and survive

        The first episode of survivor took place at San Juan Del Sur and immediately the contestants were placed into two groups blood vs. water. The first challenge  was with the couple Jeremy Collins and Val Collins and although both are in highly trained professions Jeremy comes out victorious in the end. After Jeremy sends his wife to the isolated island for two days he was looked at as a strong asset for his tribe Hunahpuh.  shortly after Jeremy was talking about himself as if he was already named the tribe leader by saying  “everyone wants to talk and be cool with the prom king.”

         It was clear that after Hunahpuh’s first victory both sides of contestants were already planning on sides to take. Whether it be with the boys or girls. It was here that the tribe was showing signs of the forming stage because everyone was being nice to each other but just to see who was trust worthy and a good asset for later on in the competition. Unlike Hunahpuh, Coyopa had lost both challenges in the first episode so when it came to having to decide who they were going to vote out first their was a lot of primary tension within Coyopa. They hardly had any time to create a good group bond like Hunahpuh had done because they had lost every challenge so far. So when it came down to eliminating someone it seemed to me like they voted Nadiya out not based on her performance or what she had done wrong but just on the fact that she was on “Amazing Race.”  It was assumed throughout the group that she was untrustworthy due to the primary tension they had within the group.

Another thing I saw a lot of in each tribe was conformity because in both tribes their was one if not more contestants conforming to another in order to create an alliance with someone to help themselves out. For example, in Coyopa I think that the girls only join in with each other just so the rest wont think they have a hidden agenda and  criticize them. In my opinion I thought Jaclyn didn’t really have much to say and just conformed because all the other girls were doing it and she is a follower in my opinion. This was my first time ever watching survivor and it was very entertaining to watch.