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Blood v. Water

I don’t necessarily watch these kind of shows that often nor do I intend to. Though Survivor has its golden movements I would consider it yet another TV series. Most of them picked by Survivors are long running famous people or several handful of fans who were lucky to get into the series. Few of those of course have reasons to.

For the Group Communication part I saw trust, Friendship, Team Work, Collaboration. These basic logic and reason to survive in a survival situation were well flushed out. Few negative sides like back stabbing, mini alliances, doubts, and well individual arrogance got also the interesting twist to turn of events. I have seen several of these situations before and when they were voting dale vs Nadia I already knew it would be Nadia. And here are my reason or deduction why I knew and felt this was going to happen.

1.Old man= Target: This is always the case but there are parts that it should not be in a group survival situation.

2. Worth: Dale made the fire when his young teams did not know how to.

3. Sacrifices: Dale sacrificed his own value “sight” to give fire and life and warmth for his team.

4. Wisdom: my personal speculation tells me few if not all believe that even if Dale was old he had wisdom. When they couldn’t start the fire dale found a way which the rest never heard of.

5.Trust and Sharpness: Dale might be old but he wasn’t bad to notice Nadia making sharp changes with the group to make dale out. He also kept fighting to get into the group and show its worth which to few might have gotten that value.

6. Nadia: Worried about herself and always talking mostly about her sister she made several statements that she knows how to carry a group. However with in reason she also acted that she was the best and did not need to be cared for. And in her eyes Dale was just some old man who the team did not need disregarding age comes experience and wisdom.

7. Nadia: in the end my reflection to her action of trying to “put a smile” lost her peers. The sound not the words made it apparent that she did not want to be kicked out and was begging to stay in the group. In the end the group voted Nadia for it did not matter how much experience you had back stabbing is a No No in a group conglomerate.


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