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Survivor Entry 7

In episode 8 of Survivor, we saw the many different approaches tribe members used to make decisions.  Many of them had different motifs for the underlying reasons of there decisions for example in similarity to episode 7, Josh tries to get Baylor to side with him instead of Jeremy’s alliance with her own mother. He tries to persuade her into voting for Jeremy, he did save her once before, but the language and the way he treats her is unbelievable he treats her absolutely with no respect. Josh tries to find new members for his alliance because he sees Jeremy as the biggest threat to him in the competition and believes that with enough power, back up and control over his fellow tribe members, he could achieve his goal which is ultimately forcing Jeremy off the island.

I feel that in this episode we could make ties  back into our chapter because it is solely based on communication in general.  It reeked of horrible usage of pronouns, not in the sense that only I was used, but Josh for example used we a lot, not being real about it, since in his mid there is no we only an I; but that horrible usage stemmed form an underlying self absorbent usage.  He tried to trick people into believing him by using trigger words.  however it didn’t necessarily work.

Episode 6

This episode starts of with the brief recap, kelly was elimnated from the last episode. We pick up now with dale now alone and without an other, being incrediby worrisome.  He fears hell be the next one going home.  He himself feels like he hasnt picked up his part of the work, and through low communication he doesnt really know where he stands.  This challenege was all about communication adn team work since they not only had to be blindfolded but they had to put together a puzzle.  The coyopa tribe looses and baylor is sent to exile island where as hunahpu gets to have a bbq, thanks to reed. The next challenge was for immunity and no surprise hunaphu won.  In the end dale ends up getting kicked out.

If he would have put forth mor of an effort or made more strives towards communication then he would have had a better shot at staying however since he did neither of those its not a shock he didnt get kicked out.

Episode 5

We start this episode with John who’s trying to rekindle new alliances because his passed one may just come back to bite him in the butt. John pleads went to Jeremy who is a pretty strong player and essentially asks for forgiveness but Jeremy gives him a 50/50 acceptance. John feels like he’s gone to far into his own personal goals and as a result he doesn’t have the chance to dig himself out and hell be voted off. The eventual tribe-swap relinquished John of his fear of being targeted.

Jeremy trys to form an alliance with both him and Natia. Dale doesn’t like his new tribe he feels like there selfish and don’t care abut everyone else that’s why they go ahead and eat more irce than they should, and use scare items like htere nothing. Dale views feels like these players are not only harmful for the group but deserve to get kicked out. The copoya have retained the inability to effectively communicate they don’t have there group in myind maybe? In all I feel this episode was on point with wat weve been learning in class, we see how one person can mess up the group. We also see who one group working as a whole unit ultimately wins.

Episode 4

In episode 4 some of the tribe members are integrated now well start seeing even more alliances form and back being stabbed because surprise surprise we know have some tribe members with there significant other.  Theres about four members who now have there other partner with them, so this is definitely going to get interesting, because no ones going to be able to trust anyone.  I think this is a definite downfall for the tribes because everything was somewhat working, they had set alliances a d everyone was starting to fall into there own roles.  Everyone is going to start loping out for themselves and there partner instead of the tribe as a whole.

The original members of the Hunahpu tribe have know become overrun by the Coyopa tribe members who were integrated in there tribe.  There now scared that this is going to lead to them being kicked off because there now outcasts there not members of there tribe anymore there members of the other tribe essentially.  Jeremy and Natalie the two members of the original Hunahpu tribe made an alliance between themselves and there trying to get new members to join up with them, this might not work because they don’t really know the other group that well yet, it might give them the look that they aren’t searching for and ultimately lead to there defeat.

In all we see a lot of self interested group members and not a lot of team play.  By now we know everyones technique and know if there introverted or extroverted, many have to be extroverted in order to make alliances but its not all real most of what there saying is a facade, there true emotions are hidden and you can tell by there body language, posture, and there overall demenor.  This might stem from intimidation like they drew wanted to kick out kelly because he thought of her to be the most skilled member.

Episode 3

Ding Ding Ding guess what guys, the orange team won there first challenge and were safe tribal council. This episode we actually saw them citing like a team, they were cheering one another on, they acted like an actual unit which is a good change and hopefully we see a brighter future fir the yellow team.

This episode we saw our first look at twisted strategy, when Drew goes and loses the challenge on purpose to kick someone out of the tribe.  He felt as though he was eliminating all of the weak links, however because of his actions the girls went after him.  It was good to see  Drew go home because he was pretty lazy he didn’t do much and still felt like he was superior than others.  Of course he was confident that he wasn’t going home this week and of course he was definitely shocked when his name was called five times and ultimately sent home.

We know now how strategy can either make or break you.  The same goes in real life but in a lesser extreme your not getting voted off of an island, but you could potentially exile yourself from the group which is just as bad.  You want to get along with your team, you want to be a productive member, and when it comes to making decisions behind someones back its hardly a good idea.  I feel as though I’m starting to finally make actual real life comparisons, we all run into situations like this and we might be on either side.  It sucks but its part of the gamer I suppose.

Other than that I’m excited that blue team finally knows how it feels to send someone home hopefully this makes them even more of a powerhouse but makes them closer, but this could go either two ways, one they drop everything and start working to be a closer group or no ones going to trust anyone and the blue team might suffer.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Survivor, we begin to see what survivor is all about, that being the way groups interact with one another and become whole, or group dynamics.  The tribe members start beginning to see whose good at what and everyone is starting to get understand there role, but its still somewhat up in the air.  On top of that were starting to see relationships being built and established.

In this episode the yellow tribe fell short again, this can be credited to poor decisions and a lack of communication.  There isn’t a sense of camaraderie in the yellow group which is definitely hurting them, there split in two different sub groups as well which is going to be there downfall unless they join hands and get there acts straight.   From personal experience when your working in groups you need to be joined together or else more than one group within your group wants to do things a different way.  Once that happens your team will not only meet its demise but you wont get any work done and will only be taking steps backwards.  In order to fix this they need to communicate, and create relationships. The yellow team also lacks a strong sense of leadership and that may be why they lost yet again.  Once they establish a leader they could then start wining and wont send another tribe member home.

Task roles, maintenance roles, and self-centered roles are the three fundamental roles and they can be seen both tribes, as everyone is starting to come into there own.  In this game you need to remain neutral but realize your ultimate goal and thats win. However if you continue to pick up one of these three roles you’ll be a valued member to your group and they’ll need you.  Therefore you have to be willing to make yourself available and still realize your in this game for yourself.  


Episode 1 Survival Blood vs Water

As in other survivor seasons, we see the way emotions can take a toll on someone’s body, it breaks them down and leaves them hopeless. In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, we get the sense that emotions are going to flare since friends and family, are battling against each other in such a brutal cutthroat competition. In this season everyone comes with a partner whether it be a friend, wife, husband, daughter or dad, they are then split into different tribes which are the Hunahpu wearing blue and Coyopa in orange. In the first episode we already get a sense of how every constants true colors are, some are snakes in the grass, some are arrogant, and some are genuinely nice people. However once the contestants were put into a group like setting, their true intentions were put to the side and their false identities were then visible. They put on fake smiles, they talked each other up and they tried to display likeable attributes. As a long time survivor enthusiast, this is all to common, towards the middle of the season alliances will be made and they will be broken, people will get stabbed in the back and people will ultimately fall back on there word, the only thing that could truly save you is winning immunity or finding the idol, both almost impossible jobs because everyone has one goal in mind and it’s the same as the other contestant besides them, win at all costs because money talks.

In my opinion the best part of the first episode is seeing everyone’s reactions to who’s in their group, they begin to size each other up and think about who they want to form alliances with. For example, in the Hunahpu tribe, Jeremy becomes the all around good guy/ savior. He seems like a reliable player because of his performance in the first competition. The others have respect for him right off the bat because he won them there first challenge, he also seemed like a genuine guy who had real emotions and was a real guy and he wasn’t scared to display them either; Unfortunately he knocked out his wife and sent her to the deserted island. He went on saying he never wanted that to happen and he doesn’t know is he could go on in the competition if he hurts his wife in the process. This is a prime example of how emotions are going to take on a big role since everyone is pit against there loved one. In the Coyopa tribe, exactly what shouldn’t happens, happens, there’s already a few different “cliques” and they leave out all but one of there tribe members primarily because he’s old and they think he doesn’t have a good chance of impacting the group. But as the old saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover. Dale struggled to get in with the crowd because he was significantly older and that automatically put a huge target on his back. Dale and the rest of the tribe are trying to make a fire, as the younger members struggle dale successfully starts a fire. His peers start believing in him and named him the fireman.

No matter how many alliances you make in this game, the one goal that isn’t indivual is surviving, your in the wilderness with the bare necessities and if that at some point in time. You have to depend on others to help you and vice versa, the same could be displayed in the work were doing in class; we all need to pick up the pieces in order to “survive” or get a good grade. The tribe members however are on a way different scale, they need to build shelters, and start fires, as well as hunt and gather food. On top of that they have to deal with one another’s ego. One tribe member, Drew, felt as though he was the “leader” because he was building the shelter, while he as doing that other people were doing there own thing trying to start a fire looking around the island. He took it as no one was helping him and was the only one doing work, in this case communication would’ve been key all he had to do was speak up and ask the other members to help him. However he took road less traveled and started bragging and acting really cocky, which rubbed a lot of his tribe members the wrong way.