Got Questions?

As questions arise throughout the course that your classmates could either benefit from seeing the answers to or share the answers themselves, please post them in the¬†“leave a reply”¬†below. If you see a question posted and you know the answer, feel free to help out your peers!

9 thoughts on “Got Questions?”

  1. I’m in group C.
    Can someone clarify for me which page I was suppose to do for tomorrows’ syllabus presentation? I am remembering it as page 4.

  2. Studying for our first exam Professor…
    Studying is making progress but I forgot to ask…
    What do we need for our exam? Green/ Red Scantron? Online Exam? What should we be brining?

  3. I published my blog post and I waited for an hour and its still not showing up. I followed the instructions on your video as well. What do I do?

  4. Hey Jaime so I remember in the last online module we had to push submit in order for our comments to be saved I don’t see it anywhere on this module, will my work still be saved??

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