WordPress? Blog what? Huh?

Dear Class:

Please respond to this message to let me know if it was received.  I’m having trouble with determining if my announcements are reaching students.

If you were unable to attend class on Monday, you’ll need to watch this video that contains instructions for setting up your blog https://csucimanager.sharestream.net/ssdcms/i.do?u=b6f6880caff24df (the first entry is due Monday 10/6).

A few other notes about blogs:

  • Don’t forget to categorize every post with Survivor Blog 02 or Survivor Blog O3 (depending on your section).  You already created these categories during our class session but some of you either did not include spaces OR spelled blog wrong which means it will not show up on the Survivor Blogs class website so you won’t get credit. 🙁
  • Please log into your blog (through CI Keys) and make it so that your name shows up with your posts.
    • You need to click on “users” on the left hand side of the screen,
    • Then click on “your profile” and
    • Then change the “Display Name Publicly” to your name.  Thanks!!

If you need additional information on using technology tools in the course, you can access high-quality training videos on Lynda.com. To access these videos, you must go to www.csuci.edu, click “myCI”, log in with your University credentials, click on “Lynda.com” located on the list of resources on the left. Then, type the technology tool you’re using in the search box… for instance… you may want to check out the “WordPress Essential Training.”