Updates and upcoming

Dear Class:

Just sharing a few announcements with you.

      • I have updated and simplified the requirements of the Chapter Presentation – please carefully review them at the following link http://comm220.jaimiehoffman.com/course-materials/chapter-presentation/
      • On Monday (9/29/14) in class we will have our first exam.  Please reference the study guides online for specific areas to focus on when preparing. It will cover:
        • Chapter 1
        • Appendix
        • Chapter 11
        • Chapter 12
        • Course requirements (read the syllabus and documentation about assignments on the website)
      • Have a voice in how we move forward with the Survivor Country Analysis Project due dates!  Would you rather have staggered due dates (as currently listed on the syllabus) where I provide you feedback on each aspect of the assignment before the final presentation OR have the entire project due at the end of the semester in one final draft?  Cast your vote here:

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