Monday’s Tribe Meeting (10/20)

Hey Class:

Just a reminder that we will NOT be meeting as a class on Monday so that you can meet with your groups at a time and space (face-to-face or virtually) that works for your group.  The meeting can take place anytime between today and Monday at 11:59 p.m.

In order to receive credit for attending the class/meeting once person in your group must RESPOND to this announcement (in the comments section below — NOT VIA EMAIL) with the following information (by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m).:

  1. Section of course
  2. Date, time, duration and location of meeting
  3. Group members present at meeting
  4. List of what was accomplished

If the information above is not provided by the deadline stated above, all group members will be marked as absent.

Please email me if you have any questions throughout your meeting.

Have a great couple of days everyone!

371 thoughts on “Monday’s Tribe Meeting (10/20)”

  1. Sec02
    Group A- Ana A. Kristina A. Nsomah B. Cheyenne A. Greg B. Brittany B (
    3rd floor of Del Norte 4:30-5:45
    We discussed some ideas for our final presentation.
    We also discussed the VoiceThread project

  2. Comm 220 section 02
    10/20/14 , 4:30- 5:45
    Location: group study room 1734- library
    Members that are present : Celina Legaspi, K.J, Amy Dickey & Miguel Magaña

    In this meeting, we are fixing our country analysis powerpoint as well as editing and adding main and required information.
    Also, we are discussing how to maintain and how to work on the online module.

    1. Comm 220 section 02
      10/27/14 , 4:30- 5:45
      Location: group study room 1734- library
      Members that are present : Celina Legaspi, K.J, Amy Dickey & Miguel Magaña, Hudson

      We edited our slides abit more. Asked a member to add his slide by Wednesday. Clearified what we had to do for the Online Module. And was discussing about our up coming test.

      1. Comm 220 section 02
        10/27/14 , 4:30- 5:45
        Location: group study room 1734- library
        Members that are present : K.J, Amy Dickey & Miguel Magaña, Hudson.

        We edited our slides a bit more. Asked a member to add his slide by Wednesday. Clarified what we had to do for the Online Module. And was discussing about our up coming test.

        P.S Celina is not present today but she did message that she had to head out of town today.

  3. 1. Section 02
    2. 10-20-14 4:30-5:45 Del Norte Conference Room
    3. Alanna, Nicole, Micaylen, Morgan, and Angelica
    4. Completed section four of the Survivor country assignment

  4. Sec02
    Time: 10/20/2014 4:30-6 pm at the library
    Members: Michael Rapp, Samantha Mitchell, Christian Morris, Gregory Moss, Geoffrey Painter, Blair Martin-Lewis
    Completed handout and worked on various portions of the chapter presentation aid.

  5. 1. Section 03
    2. 10/20/2014, 7pm-9pm, library
    3. Luke Lineberger, Javier Magallanes, Alejandra Landeros, Zack Kelem, Kasimira Malec, and Molly Lueck
    4. We finished our chapter project and discussed our views on survivor.

  6. 1. Section of course: 03
    2.10/20/2014, 6:45-8:00pm at the student union building
    3. Members present: Karina Gilad, Ashley Cope, Amber Garcia, Katie Dombrowski.
    4. Discussed ideas and how we are going to approach the final survivor country analysis presentation, reviewed the diversity module#2, and worked on our survivor blogs.

  7. Comm 220 Section 02

    Monday, October 20th
    4:30pm – 4:50pm

    Tribe F
    Kevin Weeks
    Rachel Yalowitz
    Marissa Villa
    Maxwell Wittenberg
    Ryan Porter

    We discussed what we had assigned to work on last meeting, which was looking into our chapter and dividing it up and reading our selected sections. We also talked about what we will be doing next for the project, and our next meeting time to start work on the presentation.

  8. 1) Section 03
    2) 10/20/2014, 7:20 PM-8:35 PM, Bell Tower 1424
    3) Angela Aguilar, Shawntelle Bivens, Vanessa Camacho, Cynthia Cardenas, Kyley Chouinard, Jacob Conboy
    4) Discussed Chapter Presentation grade, Completed Tribe Planning Guide and reviewed everyone’s tasks, selected date for Tribal Meeting on Week 14, Discussed VoiceThread assignment and Survivor Blog, discussed extra credit assignment, discussed and made edits to Survivor Country Project, brainstormed ideas for country project.

  9. Course 03
    Group C
    Appear In 8pm on 10/20
    Katrina Gutierrez, Brent Jensen, Briana Huizar, Marla Hermosillo, Angelica Gilmore, Joshua Kaplan
    We planned our presentation to the rubric according to the rubric and assigned personal tasks.

  10. Sec03
    Group E- Darren, Dave, Kourtney, Jason
    We met virtually, October 20 to discuss how we plan on presenting our chapter and updating each other on our Slideshow progress

  11. Sec 03: Group F:
    We all met up on Skype and reviewed over our Google Doc powerpoint for the Chapter Presentation. We also started laying the outline out more and said that we will check back on progress soon for next meeting.

  12. 1. Section 02
    2. 10/20, 4:30 pm – 5:45, Library
    3. Garrett Snyder, Claire Campagna, Christian Vasquez, Edward Gardener, Colleen Ulpindo
    4. We created an agenda to outline important dates we should remember and how we are going to tackle our Chapter Presentation. We also talked about the Survivor Country Analysis.

  13. 1)Sec 02
    2)10-27-2014, 3:30-5:30, Broom Library
    3) Gregory Moss, Sam Mitchell, Blair Lewis, Christian Morris, Michael Rapp, Geof Painter.
    4) Work on chapter presentation, organizing agenda, setting up SCAP assignment.

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