Five days left! Extra credit reflection points

Hey Class!

Your extra credit reflection is due by November 7.  Just take a couple of minutes to let me know what you thought  about the module and earn 10 points. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Five days left! Extra credit reflection points”

  1. I thought the online module was a good experience for me because I was able to learn a lot about how easy it is to communicate with people around the world. I also enjoyed being able to ask students from Japan questions that I had about their culture. The only thing I would change is the amount of assignments we had with them, I wish I could of asked them more questions.

  2. My experience with the online module was great because I enjoyed answering and asking the students from Japan some questions. I liked the way it was organized and explained in class. I hope to do the online module again but with different students from other parts of the world. The online module helped me get a better sense on how to work with technology.

  3. I really enjoyed doing the last online module and I thought it was a really effective learning tool and a great experience. My only suggestion would be having more questions from each person and obviously more options for answers. It was very interesting learning about the different aspects of Japanese culture. It was especially intriguing to hear the negative view in Japanese culture on tattoos . I know a lot of successful, professional people with varying careers in America that have a lot of tattoos and it has not held them back in anyway in their occupations . One of the Japanese students was explaining how having tattoos can prevent you from getting certain jobs. I was also impressed with how well they spoke English. It really showed the difference in their educational system. Here in America, we do not put very much emphasis on learning any other languages. The time that we spend on learning another language is not nearly as much time as them and it rarely results in the students becoming bilingual like in Japan.

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