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Blog post 10

1. I would rate my consistency on finishing my blogs at a 4. There were only two or three days that I was late on posting my blogs and one of those days was due to technical issues. I wanted to stay up-to-date on my posts so I would not get behind and my classmates would be able to conversate with me through our blogs.

2. I would rate myself a five. Every week I would make sure that I would at least post on one of my classmates blogs and made my response thorough.

3. I would rate myself a 5 at incorporating text concepts into my blog. Whenever I would talk about things that happened in survivor I would make sure that they tied back to terms or concepts from my book.

4. I think my strengths at blogging was finding unique ways to connect what happened in survivor to the textbook. I also think I did a good job at making thorough responses to my classmates and on most posts I would respond to more than one student.

5.  I think I can improve on my blogging by responding to all students that comment on my blog so it’s a more interactive blog.

6. I enjoyed this blogging assignment  I felt it was a unique and interesting ways to help me retain the information I read from the textbooks. Doing this helped  me prepare for tests.

7. I think if we would’ve done the blogging as an assignment in our groups I think we would’ve been able to discuss the concepts a little bit more and see different ways that survivor went along with our text.

8. I think making this blogging assignment a group project would be a good idea for next year.


Final Post

  1. Definitely only a 2 I barely submitted the blog posts and out of the ones done they were on time.
  2. I would grant myself a 1 because I never posted on a peer’s blog
  3. I think out of the posts that I did I would give myself a 4 because I made sure to directly tie in what was happening in the episode to the chapter specified
  4. My strengths definitely were tying together what the chapter was talking about to the episode, I think I had a great understanding of what the chapters were saying and did a decent job finding the possible connections to the text.
  5. I could have tried more to keep up on deadlines and to put some overall effort into the blogs themselves, although I did put effort into each post that I ended up doing I could have focused more on getting them done sooner rather than waiting til the last minute and in the end not getting them done.
  6. I liked that there was a unique way that I was more familiar with to make a relation to the text with something that has been around for quite a few years. Although it was sometimes to difficult to find and make a connection to the show and the text it brought in a new perspective beyond just the words on the page.
  7. The only thing that I disliked about blogging was not being a fan of the show, I was disinterested the entire time and overall did not enjoy blogging about a show that didn’t bring much excitement.
  8. The only suggestion to make is to think of another show that could be used that still holds the relevancy that Survivor does but is  tad bit more interesting.

Final Blog Post ♡

Lets just go question by question:

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner? Since I only did the last few blog posts, I don’t really know how to evaluate myself. On one hand, I didn’t do 6 posts, but on the other hand, I was very consistent with the ones I did submit every monday. I think I get a 3, right in the middle.


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog? Not at all…1


One a scale of 1-5 (5 being very well), how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show? I think I did a very good job of integrating the class concepts with the show. I made an effort in all my posts to have at least half of the blog entry about class concepts. 4


Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation. I think my strength was my ability to integrate the class concepts with the show, and actually being able to understand the class concepts afterwards. The integration of Survivor helped me to think more critically about the clas concepts in a way that would be better to understand.


Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation. I think that if I had actually participated in the first blog posts, I would have been a better overall blogger.


What did you like about blogging? I liked the idea of being able to write my thoughts and interpretations of the show down in a platform other than writing it out and turning it in. The blogs let me be more creative with my responses to the given prompts.


What did you dislike about blogging? Initially I disliked the idea of people reading my blog, and the nervousness that accompanied it. Once I was able to get over it, however, I was able to have fun with it
What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future? My only suggestion would be to actually participate. The blog assignment was a fun and different way to do class assignments, and I wish I would have partipated the whole semester.

Final Blog Post (10)

Greg Belluomini


Oh, so the time has come to reflect on the semester. My final blog is minutes away from being published!

Question 1:

I would give myself a 3.  In the beginning of the semester, I did pretty well. By the time the second round of blogs came around, I tended to miss a few. Okay, I got lazy. I said it. Sadly, I watched the episodes and everything but never got around to an easy reflection of how the episode related to the textbook. I was good however of submitting them before midnight. I got close a few times, but always made the deadline.

Question 2:

Can I give myself a zero? I always would post and read over my peer’s reflections but never took the time to comment on their posts. I realize the importance of responding and this is something I really regret not doing.

Question 3:

I would give myself a 5 on this one. I always made it a point to go through the chapter as I was watching the episode and write down notes about relating material. I tried my hardest not to summarize too much and instead, focus on the concepts.

Question 4:

My strength was that I focused on the textbook material as I was watching. This really helped me focus on the concepts and not on summarizing. I feel like I did a pretty good job on my relation to concepts in general as well. I feel as if my thoughts and observations were fairly spot on.

Question 5:

I think if I didn’t wait until Monday night when it was due and actually wrote the blog post and watched the episode earlier in the week, I would have stayed on top of them more. I am guilty of some major procrastination when it came to my blogs and the ones I missed were because I put it off and decided it would stress me out too much to do it at the last minute.

Question 6:

I liked being able to see my peers posts. Seeing their observations and differing points of view on the same episode and core concepts was interesting to me. I also enjoyed that this assignment wasn’t traditional and was actually fun for most tech savvy students.

Question 7:

WordPress seemed a little difficult at first to edit and change page content. I also never got into it enough to do the blog posts from my phone which would have probably made them more enjoyable for me and made me more apt to complete them.

Question 8:

I think if I were made more accountable on them, I would have completed more. If they were graded each week and I could see the grade I was getting could make me more motivated. Also, maybe give 10 minutes of class time for students to write out or publish their blog posts each week.

Final Blog Post

1)  4. I was forgot to do two blogs but besides that they were always on time. I connected the content of the class with the show throughout the entire blog series. I also participated in commenting on my peers blogs regularly.

2) 4 Throughout the whole blogging process i consistently would comment on my peers blogs. I enjoyed ready my group mates views on the episodes and how they connected it to the course content.

3) 4 I was pretty good on connecting the book to the show. On a couple i would just talk about what had happened in the show and wouldn’t connect it to the content as much as others.

4) I thought my strengths were the consistence that i did them. I enjoyed the show as a first time watcher and found it to be a fun assignment making my strengths come out in my blog. Im also not taking an english class right now and it was refreshing to write weekly.

5) I think my blogging could improve with a lot more practice. I need to work on my spelling I’m my blogs. With commenting on others i could have gone further in depth about what they were taking about the show and how they choose to relate it to course content.

6) What i liked about blogging was watching a show i hadn’t seen before. I really ended up getting into the show and would look forward to new episodes. I also liked how i now have my own website where i can blog for the rest of my life. Overall I’d say i really enjoyed blogging.

7) What i didn’t like about blogging was that we had to comment on two of our peers blogs rather than just one.

8) I would just suggest to make one peer comment instead of two.

Blog Post #10 Reflection

Claire Campagna Comm 22–02

1.On a scale from 1-5 I was about a 3 or 4 submitting my blog on time. It took me a while to get used to submitting every Monday but for the most part they were all on time.
2.On a scale of 1-5 I was about a 2 submitting a comment on other peoples blogs.
3.One a scale of 1-5 I was a 5 for integrating course concepts. It was very easy to find information that connected the show and text book.
4. I would say my strengths were being able to connect the two, and creating a meaningful post with group communication information  and information about the episode.
5. I could comment more and look over other students blogs a lot more to improve participation.
6. I liked that I was able to think about Survivor in a different way then I would by just watching it.
7. I disliked having to watch Survior online, I wish I had more time to watch it when it aired on TV.
8. I would say, remind the students of the blog posts more often and to comment, I know I forgot a couple times so it might be helpful then just reminding us on the syllabus.

Blog Post #9

Group Motivation Ch 6 5th ed.
Claire Campagna Comm 220-02

In episode nine Reed is left alone in the game for the first time, having Josh voted off last episode. Reed has a very low since of motivation due to no affection now that his couple is gone. To get himself back in the game he finds a new source of motivation, control. In order for himself to stay motivated and in the game he thinks of a plan to gain a little more control. Reed goes threw Keith’s bag and finds the directions to an idol. So Reed tells a couple people that he had one and switches the game completely. People start to think about Keith. At the end of the episode Reed gains much control when Jeremy is blind sided and set off the show. Control is shown to be a great source of motivation in this episode.
The challenge that granted individual immunity involved building a block tower using your feet only. Everyone for this challenge was motivated by control. Not only did the game involve a huge amount of control but if you win you have control over the next tribal council. Baylor out of all people won this challenge due to her great focus and control.

The final Blog

  1. I would give myself a 4, I was fairly consistent on submitting my blogs on time, I thinkI missed two blogs, but beside that they were all submitted on time.
  2. I would give myself a 4, I posted a comment for every post that I submitted.
  3. I would give myself a 5, I always used the book to tie the episode back into the topic that we had covered in the book.
  4. I would say my strength was watching the episodes while sitting with my book so I could reference what I was supposed to be focusing on so I could write the most effective post possible. And I think I did a great job participating by commenting on other people’s blogs.
  5. If I posted all of the blog posts expected I could improve my blogging and participation because then I would also be commenting on a blog every week.
  6. I liked reading other people’s perspectives on the episodes. It was cool to see what other people saw differently that you did, but also what they saw that was similar.
  7. I don’t like Survivor, and I disliked watching it, so maybe some other show that wasn’t so negative? The premise is to just beat everyone at any cost, and I don’t like the negative aspect.
  8. I think overall the assignment was solid, my only suggestion would be to use a different show, but I don’t have one to suggest.

Final Post.

1. This past semester we blogged each week about Survivor and how it connected to our book. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would consider myself a 5 when it came to the consistency of submitting my blog posts in a timely manner. I always made sure that my blog entries were posted before Monday at midnight.
2. Every week, I posted a comment on someone’s survivor blog. I would give myself a 4 in this category because even though I did post a comment every week, I thought my comments could have been more thought out and much longer than posted.
3. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give myself a 3 on trying to integrate the class concepts into my posts about survivor. I say this because sometimes I just blogged about the show and completely forgot integrating these concepts. But on most of my posts, I talked about at least one concept from our book.
4. I think my strengths when writing out these blog posts were being able to make it interesting for the reader. I like to write, so making these blog posts were a lot o fun. I was glad that I always commented on other people’s blog posts. Let’s say a concept in the show was confusing; we could just read anther student’s post to get a better understanding with it.
5. I can improve my blogging by being more organized in my writing. For example, I can write things in order so they do not sound like my writing is all over the place. When it comes to improving my participation, I can write more in my comments that I post for others and not be afraid to point out the flaws.
6. I liked blogging because it felt too formal like an essay. I felt like I was able to write whatever I felt about the episode like additional commentary.
7. Something that I did not like about blogging was having to do it every week. It did not seem like busy work, but sometimes it was difficult for me to connect concepts from the chapter into the show.
8. I think this assignment can somehow connect back to the chapter. I think watching a video about the chapter before hand could be very helpful for having a reminder that we do indeed have to write about the chapter and not just the show.

Blog reflection

1) on a scale of (1-5) I feel as though I deserve a four, I did turn in one assignment a couple of hours late, however my timeliness and consistency was definitely a strong point that helped me through this class.  I also wrote about the show and connected it to class readings, which shows a certain degree of knowledge in regards to the course as well as the all around participation with keeping up with the shows and analyzing the key events.

2)  Throughout this course I replied to atleast one of my peers every week, therefore I give myself a 5. However I felt I could have written better comments, more engaging comments than I did.

3) I would rate myself a 4, I did integrate class teachings into my questions but I felt as though they lacked a sense if engagement because I didn’t get any replies from my peers.

4) My strengths in regards to blogging stemmed from a basic knowledge if how to navigate a blog.  Writing is something that I take my joy and pride in, it allows me to demonstrate my opinions in times where I don’t usually voice my thoughts. My strengths were analyzing and summarizing the show with a certain amount of depth and still managing to integrate key concepts from class.  This blog allowed for me to not only get other perspectives (Which I take as a strength) but it also allowed me the opportunity to brushes up on class teachings where I may have missed a certain concept. All around this demonstrated the perfect example of how to integrate computer literacy with the class room.

5) I feel as though I couldn’t do anymore to improve my blogging and participation, I made comments every week and turned in my assignments on time. However next time I should concentrate more on integrating key concepts from the book into the show.

6) I like blogging because it’s another outlet to learn about your course work through the eyes of your peers, and it allowed for me to voice my opinion and let myself be heard.7) There were times when it was hard to see any correlation between the book and the show. Also, personally  it was a challenge to stay disciplined and blog every week or catch the show on time.

8) I feel as though this is a great connection and the topics taught in class were definitely evident. However sometimes I felt as though this could have been an essay due at the end of the semester, connecting topics from the book to survivor in general it would be easier on the students but would ultimately get rid of the participation. Nonetheless I feel as though our survivor blogs were definitely a great way to see connections between the class and an outside course as we’ll as communicate with our peers.