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Episode 7

From the start Julie kind of seemed like she could handle her own but in the end she quit which i thought would be a disadvantage to her tribe as well as inconsiderate. Also i felt like maybe it could have been too much on her and maybe the challenges have worn her down. Indeed Julie did not have the ‘effective problem solving strategy’ because she just left without warning when personally i felt like she would have stayed if she actually conversed with her team.
Over the past few episodes i have seen how the tribes form certain alliances which has been singling out some members which i would find it difficult if i was in their situation. But with their first challenge they did use some problem solving strategies which included heavier work for the stronger members and the quickest members to do the fast pace parts such as racing to the temple.

Blood is blood

Hunahpu definitely thought tribal was a learning experience.
Coyopa does not think (well Alec thinks) that Drew has not gotten voted off but he and his tribe are in for a surprise.
Everyone is surprised and Alec thinks Hunahpu thought Drew was a threat.
To start off , members are going to switch tribes. Daughter with mother, gf with bf, bf with bf, father and daughter.
Keith is the lone single in the new Coyopa tribe and he believes to be a target amongst the 3 pairs. Josh and his bf are the only pair amongst singles in Hunahpu which he still thinks will not affect his voting.

The new Hunahpu has realized there is no food and Jeremy definitely thinks hes the new target.
The new Coyopa tribe has just found their food stash which they are extremely happy. Jon definitely needs Jaclyn because he was on the verge of a breakdown which will probably make them stronger. Baylor is with her mother but is pretty jealous of Jon and Jac’s relationship.
Keith is the odd man out but is happy he has an idol for stability.
Alec has new confidence because he thinks he beat Drew since he got eliminated. Jeremy thinks Alec needs to pull away from Josh and reed because if they have to choose someone to eliminate they think it will definitely be Alec.
Dale is monitoring the rice usage while Baylor and Missy are getting frustrated. Dale thinks Missy is a self-centered bitch and should not be eating so much rice at one time (because its his tribes food and they need to preserve). He also thinks she is acting like she is Queen B now.
Hunahpu has only 2 days of food left and everyone is getting pretty lethargic. They are now desperate in which Alec thinks they should trade a reward.
Time for immunity challenge:
Hunahpu started with a huge lead while Coyopa was really behind.
Tribe of strangers has worked together better compared to a group of loved ones. Hunahpu won with an extreme lead and now has immunity.
I believe Hunahpu is the leading tribe this season, they work together even with different members and they have a great attitude towards one another.

Jeff said he would come to the Hunahpu tribes camp to have a trade for more rice.
It is scramble city with the coyopa tribe
Dale and Kelley choose Jon and Jacqlyn want to get Baylor and Missy out. The couple are trying to get to know all the members before they pick their victims. Jaclyn is worried that Baylor will switch on her again so shes still unsure. Jon and Jac have told both the mother/daughter and father/daughter that they are on their sides.
ultimately the whole tribe thinks that it sucks either way to vote out someones loved one.
decision was made and unexpectedly to me Kelley was voted out. I was so surprised because i thought it would be Baylor but that wasn’t the case.

We’re a hot mess

Coyopa- since they voted the strongest guy off the team they thought this would help them with being more positive
Dale thinks he needs to step up more in the group

Hunahpu -Nataly found the flint which amazed the group.
Drew thinks hes a leader when its total opposite with the tribe, they find him to be unmotivated and lazy at times which i agree.

Julie was asked about john being voted off , her response was that she created a shell and wanted to be blind to her bf johns attitude

With the challenge they are playing for campfire food or comfort supplies. it is Jon vs Jacqueline-bf vs gf.
Jacqueline started very strong but Jon caught up, They eventually tied up quickly but Jon/ hunahpu won but Jon and jacqueline embraced and showed no hard feelings which shows a strong connection especially for johns comment towards his gf and how she can handle it.
Jacqueline as well as Drew went to exile island in which Drew actually volunteered which was different because usually no one wants togo to the island.

Hunahpu chose comfort which was long term compared to the food while at the same team Coyopa really needs to pick it up as well as figure out other tactics to become stronger and better as a team.
Jon is somewhat worried about his gf because he is hoping drew will help out at the island and not act like how he does at their camp.
Drew thinks he’s a ladies man but he is not out looking for love.

Drew wants to throw the next immunity challenge because he believes there are snakes in his tribe.

Keith found out Jeremy has an idol and he told everyone.
Jeremy thought they had each others backs but now he thinks Keith is a rat and wants him gone. Soon Keith found an idol in which he’s not going to tell anyone so they think Jeremy has it.
In coyopa, Alec is annoyed with Baylor and is going to call her out on everything she does.
It is time for the immunity challenge while the others come back from the island.
Against loved ones they used a lot of agility such as diving and running up a ramp to dive and obtain rings they will use for a ring toss.
Hunahpu won which has put Coyopa in a pickle. All in disagreement for to vote off it is basically male vs. female , the women decide to vote out a negative aspect towards their group which was drew and the votes were in their favor.
Hopefully this will make them stronger.

Actions vs. accusations

With the hunnapu tribe Everyone worked together to redesign their roof while (wow cant remember his name haha) watched them weave while he slept. The tribe thinks he is self centered as well as not pulling his weight in the tribe He is now seemed as useless.

One person from each tribe had to participate in the challenge in which they played for comfort or nice fishing gear which was a massive award. Wes and Keith battled against each other (father vs. son) in which Keith actually had the upper hand until he dropped a tile and had to go back for another one. It was neck to neck even as the father caught right back up but Wes won for Coyopa. When Wes won, Keith showed great emotion for his son, and said how proud he was of him, which caused his son to cry because his father does not show his emotions for his son or at all which was nice to see. Just because they are fighting for the same thing, they can still remain bonded while still rooting for their team. For this loss, Josh and keith went to exile island which wes thought they would complement each other.
Coyopa picked the fishing gear that the other tribe left behind while the host questioned Jeremy what he thought about his wife getting eliminated and basically is now after John Rocker. Hunahpu now thinks Julie is a trader because they think she is going to stick up for her boyfriend when he is wrong.
Julie feels alone and is an obvious open target but her bf is the one who put her in a hard /difficult position.

While in exile island Keith and josh ate snails and actually had a great time together but with no spooning going on lol.
With the new fishing gear props were given to john rocker for catching catfish but the guys in the tribe have been throwing the girls under the bus such as baylor since she is considered the weakest link but they still think she can be used.

With the Immunity challenge, each pair really fought hard and played fast.
Hunahpu won for the third straight time in which Nataly called out john rocker for talking smack and tries to convince coyopa to go against him and vote him out. He said if Nataly was a man he would knock her teeth out. Which i thought went way to far and he should have apologized. Josh thinks its scary and unhelpful for the tribe that john looses his patience that quickly.

Baylor did not think his comments toward Natalie were not right at all and its beginning to change her perspective of him.
Girls and john want to blindside dale but really john wants to take out Baylor. Josh then makes a decision to take out john.
Jacqueline is now seeing shifting within the tribe and are starting different alliances and a lot of things are going on. “Going with the flow is hard with this tribe”-Baylor
Baylor got 2 votes
While john got 4 votes
John was eliminated which i am so glad. He was such a **** and did not work well with others, i also believe he was a homophobe and as well as a racist(i researched)
Especially when he got aggressive with Natalie.

Episode 2

With episode 2 i believe that members of both tribes began to form their own personal bonds as well as attitudes toward each other. In hunnahpu the girls began to dislike some of the male members of the tribe such as Jon & Jeremy (might be different names, cant remember) Also, conflict erupted when Jon lost the flint which caused some tension and disappointment aimed at him. From the last episode, Natalie’s sister was voted off, emotions stirred and she was even brought to tears because she felt as though she was nothing without her sister, so her strength is now questionable whether she will strive in the competition or fall back.

The next challenge was for fishing gear- jon vs. julie
Julie won the reward while her bf and Jeremy went to exile island.Gossip stirred within the coyopa group about jon and how he is known as a racist and homophobe. With Jeremy and Jon together, Jeremy usually would want to keep his distance but with the sake of his wife they come together to save their girlfriend and wife from elimination.
Jon thinks it is his fault that the group had to bargain with the host to trade beans for a flint when ultimately hey had to trade their whole fishing gear for a flint.
They all agreed a fire would be more important than diving for fish.

With the next immunity challenge tribes worked together and encouraged each other to beat the other opponent. Women against women and men against men including loved ones against theirs. Strength was measured especially with Baylor and her mom, when they battled, Baylor’s lip split which i thought she was going to back out but she came back full force and beat her mom. Hunahpu won the challenge continues to strive while coyopa stays behind with no challenges won.

With Coyopa, Jeremy’s wife has lied about having 2 idols when she has none to save herself and jacqueline. Tactics have been used throughout the challenges and also eliminations, especially with strategies between loved ones.
They need changes to be strong and baylor was thrown under the bus because she has been switching between then men.
Tension in the tribe makes it harder to perform in the challenges.
Val and Baylor were tied for votes but a revote was needed which ultimately did not work for val’s plan because she was the one asked to leave.

Episode One

While watching Episode one, right away i witnessed a strong bond between their partners which they were then separated from and brought to a formation of teams or tribes without the comfort of their partners. They are now in a group of contestants from which they are estranged from but soon will need to become closer and closer to form a strong team within the competitions. Without great group communication, the tribes will suffer especially in challenges and daily life on the island. The first challenge has now forced the tribes to work or communicate in a way where they can establish their weaknesses and strengths of each individual. Member roles were given even unintentionally especially with the winner Jeremy which members will look to him for strength.