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Blog Post #10 Reflection Blogging & Participation


1) 4, wasn’t always on time.

2) 1, I missed that part until the last blog.

3) 5, I tried my best to relate the chapters and episodes.

4)My strengths in blogging was summarizing the episodes, and giving examples.

5)One way to improve on my blogging is posting them on time, and revising the instructions regularly.

6) I liked the fact that we could blog and comment on each others thoughts.

7) I’m not into reality t.v., so survivor wasn’t my favorite part of the class.

8) I liked the activity, maybe more different themes like comparing and contrasting characters based on the chapters, or even the episodes.

Survivor Blog Post #9

This weeks episode relates to chapter 6-5th edition called, “Group Motivation”. In this episode I see a lot of motivation in the tribe members. For example, Natalie feels anger against John because he made Jeremy get voted out, so her motivation is to find the last idol to get John out. When the two groups did their challenge, there was group motivation. Each team member would cheer for one another and that inspire the rest to try their best and finish the challenge, this relates to Progress; the fourth category of motivators. Every challenge shows how each team member motivates each other, especially between Baylor and Missy. Even though Missy has been on the opposing teams, she always supports her, and sometimes lets her win. After the yellow team won, they received a reward, which was going to baseball field and handing out baseball gear to children. This reward was part of motivation, fighting for a goal.  In this episode John is the problem and has been through out the whole show, Natalie and Reed seem to go through the 4 stages of Creative problem Solving. First they investigate, they realize John is their enemy. Second, they use their imagination and comes up with plans. Natalie plans to find the last idol and Reed plans to convince everyone to vote for John. Third, they go through incubation, where Natalie goes to Baylor  to form alliance and seek more ideas to vote John out. Reed, goes to Missy and other’s to convince them to vote John out. At the end, they go through the last stage, Insight, where they figure out the idea. In Natalie’s situation, she and Baylor follow the map and start looking until they found the last idol. Unfortunately,   John as an idol so he is saved from termination. So Wes is the only one who is left and is voted out of the tribe.

Survivor Blog Post #8

This survivor episode got me mad. John has turned very selfish. In this episode relates again to our communication, especially leadership. John wants to become the leader. Him and everyone else are intimidated by Jeremy who seems to be the leader and the most strongest player in the team. Everyone rest in the team want wants to vote either Jeremy or Keith out, mostly Jeremy. In the challenge they had, Jeremy’s team won. Their prize was a ride on a ship with food and drinks. Natalie was on the Jeremy’s team and chose to give her position to John. Then Jeremy chose to give his spot to Jaclyn. I was surprised, but more surprised by Jeremy cause he knows John doesn’t want him. Jeremy shows that he is a good leader, looking out for everyone, and a strong competitor.In return, the winning team sends out Jeremy to exile island, that was wrong i believe. When John went to exile island he found the immunity piece but he didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t even bother to tell Jeremy who was looking like crazy. John wants to be the leader that he only cares about himself, he didn’t appreciate the favor that Jeremy did. That why in a challenge you cant trust anyone cause no one has your back. Reed on the other hand is against Keith, he goes through his bag and finds a clue to immunity so he realizes that Keith has the other immunity and goes around telling everyone. His intention is to vote Keith out and form alliance with the rest so he can be safe. At the end there are arguments between Reed John and Keith. But Jeremy gets voted out. Sometimes the strongest member of the group can be the biggest enemy because the rest of the team members want to be the leader.

survivor Blog Post #4

Episode 5 in Survivor, Blood is Blood, was different than the previous episodes. Relating to our last class meeting we got to see who was the characteristics of each person in the tribe. At first everyone was shocked that Drew was gone, but even more shocked to find out the tribe members where changing. One tribe, Hunahpu , was the tribe were all the single members with their love ones out of the game were put together  with only one couple. Coyopa was the tribe with the ones that were together with their love ones and only one single person. Their next activity was surprising because i thought that Coyopa was going to win since they were together with the person they came with and didn’t have to worry about hurting their feelings. But unfortunately they lost! The winning team was Hunahpu, the team of strangers with no blood or feelings uniting them, just the simple goal of wining. The host even said, “wow there is more communication in the team of strangers than the team of lovers. Well something like that. After the challenge, Baylor and her mom were cooking rice, and Dale was bothered because they kept cooking more rice than they were suppose too. Here You can tell that Dale is a THINKER because he thinks before he acts, along with his daughter Kelly who at the end was the one voted off. John and Jaclyn are the extrovert ones in the tribe because they are the only couple liked and safe from being eliminated. Like Dale said they are the hottest couple on the island. Dale and Missy had problems because Baylor told Missy that Dale has been on her trying to get her out the tribe, but that is only because Baylor tried voting Dale out the first time. Both were fighting for their children. My opinion is that Baylor should had been the one voted out instead of Kelly because she tries to be liked and getting everyone on her side.

Survivor Blog Post #2

On this show of survivor, episode 2, things between the tribes started to get more intense.  Things got emotional after Nadya’s sister found out she was kicked off the island, she was left feeling alone. Her tribe supported her and made her feel better, and as a group thats what you do, you support eachother. But as the challenge continued, athlete John was put to battle against  his girlfriend. The battle was a bit complicated but his girlfriend end up wining, and he got sent to exile island. Jeremy was sent to exile island with John. Them two made a deal since they were both in the opposing team with each others wife. Jeremy offered to protect Johns wife if John agrees to protect Jeremy’s wife Val in return.   After coming back from exile islands, both tribes were faced to compete with eachother and some with their love ones. Things got emotional when Baylor battles against her own mother. I feel that her own mother felt bad for hurting her daughter so she lost on purpose. I noticed that when i comes to battling, they put aside their feelings and fight for their tribe, in this situation Baylor’s mother lost for her daughter and for her tribe.  At the end Val and Baylor are both in a tough situation off getting voted of the tribe, Val for not having a immunity piece and Baylor for pretending to  alliance with the girls. At the end Val was the one sent home. Referring back to this week chapter, Baylor was just trying to be liked in her tribe, she tried becoming the favorite when in reality she just wanted to be in the safe side with everyone.

Survivor Episode 1: Blood VS Water

The first episode of survivor was a bit intense. As everyone arrived to Nicaragua, either with a family member or a lover, the same night they were seperated and divided into two tribes, either blue and orange teams . Right after the seperation and the creation of the two tribes, chapter 2 of group development took place. Right away the host of the show Jeff, explained the tribe goals and the norms. Even though each member are seperated from their love ones, they each ahve the same goal and it is to win the competition.

Once the tribes were dismissed Tuckmans group development took place. Right of the bat, forming started to take action. Little by little each memner of the group started to communicate and get to know eachother. In each tribe different diversity, age, and gender took place. In one group there was an older man, Dale, which the rest of the group started to isolate because they saw him as a dad, for being older. It turns out as they were isloating Dale trying to create fire, Dale was working alone and sacrafised his own glasses to create fire for his team that was isloating him. After that the tribe took Dale more into consideration. This shows Dale’s motvation for being part of the tribe, and wanting to participate and have a voice.

In chapter 2 it talks about group goals, group norms and group motvation, and we see this happening through out the show. Once the tribe got comfortable poeple tried to become the leader and boss the rest around. The losing team had to eliminate a team member, and they decided to eliminate Nadiya because she was trying to take over. I think that was a good thing to do , because in a team, or tibe, no one to take over, but yet everyone should work together to win.