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Final Post

  1. Definitely only a 2 I barely submitted the blog posts and out of the ones done they were on time.
  2. I would grant myself a 1 because I never posted on a peer’s blog
  3. I think out of the posts that I did I would give myself a 4 because I made sure to directly tie in what was happening in the episode to the chapter specified
  4. My strengths definitely were tying together what the chapter was talking about to the episode, I think I had a great understanding of what the chapters were saying and did a decent job finding the possible connections to the text.
  5. I could have tried more to keep up on deadlines and to put some overall effort into the blogs themselves, although I did put effort into each post that I ended up doing I could have focused more on getting them done sooner rather than waiting til the last minute and in the end not getting them done.
  6. I liked that there was a unique way that I was more familiar with to make a relation to the text with something that has been around for quite a few years. Although it was sometimes to difficult to find and make a connection to the show and the text it brought in a new perspective beyond just the words on the page.
  7. The only thing that I disliked about blogging was not being a fan of the show, I was disinterested the entire time and overall did not enjoy blogging about a show that didn’t bring much excitement.
  8. The only suggestion to make is to think of another show that could be used that still holds the relevancy that Survivor does but is  tad bit more interesting.

Blood vs Blood

In episode five of Survivor things were shaken up when the tribes were switched leaving completely new tribes, the Hunaypu with four singles and one couple while the Coyopa has four couples and one single which may create tension in the new tribes with such differences. To listen in groups one must accommodate for another which is not happening in the Hunaypu tribe between Dale and Missy; Dale being over controlling with the rice but on the other side Missy is not taking into mind the idea of rationing in order to last out the remaining days. Before the tribes had found their flow but the Coyopa tribe has it easier with so many couples, already creating a bond not only within the individual couples but as a group of couples with one singular person being left out creating a sense of vulnerability. Despite the false sense of securities among the couples in Coyopa different sets of couples have different agendas, having trust issues with most of the new tribe. Jon and Jackyln go around getting the opinions of all of the other couples individually in order to decide where there vote will lie, listening before they leap to a rash decision without supporting comments from all sides.

Throughout the tribal council with Coyopa there was only defensive listening happening, more and more people not listening but only defending themselves and their loved ones when they felt attacks were taking place. Most of the time there was no listening in order to interpret meaning but only to create more attacks against any tribe member. Ultimately the attacks against each other worked out to no one’s advantage but instead created tension that will last through the coming episodes. In the end the defensive listening, although did not work, did have a close vote between Baylor, Dale, and Kelly who were the main focus of the attacks.

We’re a Hot Mess

In Survivor the differences between groups is not one of grand cultural diversity and the race diversity has barely been mentioned there is more diversity between generations but the attribute that has gotten the most attention is the difference between gender. Since the beginning alliances have been made based off being female or male, if gender alliances were not made then there was the assumption that they existed; the known alliances has caused tension between each tribe and it proved to be detrimental when Drew was voted off due to making his assumption of the gender alliances known. With the diversity between males and females the way the tribes work together immediately molds to all the differences and if they fail to do so then the tribe falls apart which was seen within the tribe members of Hunahpu.

A difference that is difficult to overcome is the difference over generations with tribe members being almost equally distributed over the Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists. With many of the members being distributed between the Millennials and the Traditionalists it has shown to be difficult to try to work with the few Baby Boomers that are only trying to win just like everyone else. Time and time again the Hunahpu tribe has had issues with Keith who is older than most of the other tribe members and with so many young people they find it difficult to understand Keith and his thought process being so unlike their own.  It is because of this that Keith has been brought up among his tribe to be voted off mainly due to the lack of similarities. An ideal group has people that are like minded but with different strengths and weaknesses so that one blow will not cause them to come falling down but with that comes the issue of a group being better off with similar ages or vastly different ages in order to get wisdom and experience from the elders that the younger people do not have available yet. Is  the age difference a huge deciding factor or a minuscule fact that can be forgotten?

Blood vs Water, Group vs Individual

Throughout the first episode of season twenty-nine of Survivor it is apparent to see that the teams were just getting set up, people are trying to find this flow as they try to form different alliances in the midst of the greater team. From the start it was working within these teams and going against one’s own family in order to ultimately win it for your team no matter what ties are being tugged on to do so. As people found their part in the teams it was a jump over getting settled and straight into dealing with conflict and who is going to take charge in order to lead the group to winning. In life there are those people who are used to taking the role of leader, taking charge, making decisions but it was seen that not everyone is okay with one ultimate leader creating conflict within the tribe. Although it is seen as best to have someone take charge there are many who disagree with this concept wanting more of a group leading. In the episode both tribes did well in the performing stage knowing who was capable of what and who needed to do what everyone took part in their strengths, mentally and physically, to achieve the ultimate goal of immunity. Despite being able to work so well in a group the Coyopa tribe has hidden agendas weaved into everything being done from creating alliances based on sex as well as individual agendas as with Val and her secret immunity from being voted off. No matter how well the tribe will work together the goal is more of an individual goal with an intrinsic motivation rather than a group goal with each person in the tribe being there in order to help themselves. Within both groups there are different senses of motivation, some is based off an intrinsic goal for ones self or an intrinsic goal in order to prove ones self to be better than the family member of the opposing team; despite the tribe being able to find a flow together in this grand machine each one is there for themselves in order to achieve an individual goal through the group goal set.