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Final Post

1) I give myself a 1 for how consistant I was with uploading my blogs.

2)I give myself a one for commenting on other’s blogs.

3) In the posts I did post, i give myself a 4 with how integrated the course information was in the post.

4) My strengths in my blogs were that they were related to the course and survivor. My strengths in my participat├Čon was that I was an active listener and answered as many questions i can.

5) My blogging would have improved if I did not have to rely on the school’s wifi because I got frustrated with the delay and that made me give up on the blogs and the show.

6) I liked that the course was shown in the show. I like that we learned how the groups developed and how their conflicts could be resolved in many different ways.

7) I would suggest to lower the amount of comments needed because it was hard to read someone else’s work and try to input your different ideas on it. Maybe getting rid of the comment section in general would be a benefit to the blogging portion in the course. Maybe make the post numbers smaller with a larger word count. Provide examples of how you want the blogs to sound like because a lot of people don’t usually blog so it was unusual to try to figure it out.

Show 3

This episode is a great example of Chapter 8 conflicts

Throughout the episode there are multiple examples of Affective Conflicts, where there are personal attacks that may contribute to even more conflicts within the tribes.

Since Jeremy’s wife was sent home ├Čn episode 2, he feels a resentment towards the baseball player John for not protecting her against being eliminated. I do not undertand why it would piss Jeremy off that John didn’t protect him when the game is based on the survival of an indivisual. There is no garunteed way that John could have ensured her safety. Since Jeremy got really butthurt he soon began to turn his own tribe against John by releasing his true identity and the rumors about him given in an article in the past.

Now that the personal conflict between Jeremy and John has been established it soon extends to a huge conflict throuhgout each of the tribes. Natalie goes off on John and reveals to the orange team what he once stood for. Given the news the orange team falls into a progressive conflict when they can not decide who to vote out that night. Since the personal complications have developed a slippery slope into something bigger which concludes with john being voted out,

Blood VS Water

they have these couples and family members separate which will bring out tension between members of kin and team members. They immediately make a couple go against their spouse for the “true test of blood vs water.” Its already emotional!

The punishment is to go to exile island. They are going to miss out on very critical group development periods. They are not going to know what conformity is essential to survive in the group.

Immediately one of the twins on the blue team wants to flaunt that he is in charge, since he did make the shelter alone. Making this lead positive but there is a bit of tension brought on by the baseball girlfriend. This will be bring tension on later on.

On the orange team there seems to be a age difference that creates a clique with all the younger people. Leaving the farmer alone and the outsider. He saves himself by creating a fire when no one else could. This creates his status as a possible Provider and making him essential to everyone’s survival.

When the orange team has to start discussing who is getting voted out they begin to form alliances which is going to bring tension out within the tribe. They leave the gay guy in the middle as the swing voter. That gives him an essential status to have on your side.