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The last and final piece to the puzzle!




-I personally believe that I did a pretty good job with relating the text to the show. I actually enjoyed connecting the text the most compared to other assignments.

–  I think the only thing that I lacked for these blog posts was that fact that I didn’t comment on others posts. Most of the time I found that I had posted my blogs a little before the rest of the class so at times it was hard for me to go back and comment after I had submitted my posts.

– I like that we got to at least connect the course concepts with outside topics that are relatable.

– didn’t like that we had to go and comment on others blogs but that’s only because that was the area that I lacked in the most.

– Possibly offering more than just one show like giving the option to watch more than just Survivor to relate to the course concepts. It might make the assignment a little more enjoyable. Other than that I really enjoyed being able to blog.

Jeremy… you da real MVP!

I am deeply sadden to say that Jeremy has been voted off of survivor. Usually I would go right in to content but I would like to dedicate this blog to appreciate one of my favorite cast members on survivor.

Dear Jeremey,

You were the only cast member of survivor who I felt truly understood the importance of alliances. Unfortunately, this week your alliances would not hold true to help you. You will be missed.

Okay now as far as the chapter, I feel that Jeremy was an all-around leader. From the start he was very charismatic. The people in his alliance relied on him because he possessed character, his passion for winning made it easy for people to follow him. He was also very persuasive. He had a great way of talking to others persuading them to follow his lead. In the end Jeremy and Natalie tried to use reward power to try and win over John and Jackie but unfortunately, it didn’t work. When others followed Jeremy it was due to personal power. He never used any form of positional power over the other people in his alliance, which I respected.

As far as the actually show, Jeff has almost all forms of positional power. He obviously hold legitimate power because he is the host of the show and is ultimately in control. He transmits all information, giving him informational power. And when it comes to rewarding members after challenges he has rewarding power as well. I also feel like anyone that finds an idol has a form of informational power.

After this episode of survivor I don’t really know if I will enjoy watching any future episodes of survivor. I really enjoyed watching Jeremy and his strategies. Although I must agree that voting him off was a great strategy for the rest.

hey hey hey…Goodbye!

This week survivor was full of conflict. While watching this episode I seriously felt irritated with the people that are still left.  I honestly feel that the cast of survivor this season is really bad at effectively strategizing anything. They are far from faithful when it comes to staying true to the alliances that they form, which defeats the purpose of forming an alliance in the first place. That is why many of the people they intend to go home are still there. At this point in the competition all of the members are dependent decision makers. The textbook describes a dependent decision maker as someone who goes with whatever anyone else decides. For example, “if you think it’s okay, then I’ll do it”. All of the people on the show have been following decisions made by two people. Jeremy and Josh have been leading and carrying both alliances. Everyone reports back to those two and in the end they have the final say in who they think should be voted off next. Unfortunately, Josh obviously wasn’t as good as Jeremy when it comes to persuading others. I find it absolutely hilarious that every time they try to get rid of Jeremy they can’t. He is the only on this show that I feel is actually putting thought into who he forms bonds with. His brains plus his strength is what will get him further. Sometimes the motto has to be “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Maybe if the others used some problem solving strategies of their own, they will actually be able to get somewhere. Overall, the show its self is ultimately about problem solving and decision making. Phase 2: Idea evaluation and voting in the text is literally what they do at the end of every episode to decide who will go home.


  1. Members discuss each idea before independent voting
  2. Members clarify or state their support or nonsupport for each item listed
  3. Members vote by ranking or rating ideas privately, in writing
  4. The group decision is the mathematically pooled outcome of the individual votes.

Julie is weak sauce!

It has been a very long time coming, but both tribes have successfully made it to the merger. Throughout this episode I felt each person really kicked up the heat or picked up the pace when it came to strengthening their alliances. They used various strategies to persuade members to join their alliances. When talking to others they would stand at a personal or even intimate distance. For example when Jeremy and missy met to discuss the strength of their alliance they were standing at a personal distance, but once they both had agreed and successfully reestablished their alliance they hugged and proceeded to a respectful intimate distance. They also use words such as “we” when they approached each other, making the alliance that much stranger because they are in it together.

During the episode Missy showed how women tend to use facial expression and smile more. When Baylor came to her and expressed that it was getting harder for her to keep both alliances going strong, Missy encouraged her to put on a smile to keep the alliances going. Missy was basically coaching Baylor to be more fake, but in the end that is what will help them get closer to the end of the competition.

Most of the episode involved struggles with Julie. It is understandable that she was feeling discouraged because John was voted off of the show so early. Although it was understandable, I felt that she presented herself to be weak and that is why things started to go south for her. She was completely individualistic and that presented its self when she decided to hide the trail mix in her bag for herself.

Besides Julie giving up on 1 million dollars, nothing extremely big happened during this week of survivor. Jeremy used a little bit of offensive language when he stated multiple times that he was out before Julie was. It came off as sexist, and even though it wasn’t as big of a deal I felt it was a little uncalled for.  Overall I liked the episode only because Julie voted herself off making it a game changer because the alliances were double crossed. I feel like this will make their next decision even tougher to make.

Listen to me!

This week survivor was not as exciting for me to watch. Most of the episode I felt like there wasn’t much going on. Also connecting it completely to chapter 7 on listening wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be.  In this situation it would be easy to assume that because there are minimal distractions there on the islands that people would be listening more often, yet this episode it didn’t play out that way at all. I did however find that Natalia was spot on when she volunteered to go with Baylor to Exile Islands. Natalia definitely used the WIIFM method effectively because at the end of the episode, she bonded and also knows the type of idol that the other team may have in their possession. After Natalia and Baylor returned from Exile Island, I felt that Natalia never volunteered to go on the Island to give Baylor sincere comfort in the first place, but she did however volunteer in order to listen to remember and to strictly get what information she needed. Poor Baylor had no idea that these things would later be used against her. In the end it was very smart of Natalia to go out the Exile Island.

I also feel that the blue team should have listened before they leaped. Meaning, when Jeremy approached them about holding out and not trading in their supplies for food, they should have taken the time to really listen to what he was saying. But because they didn’t they traded in basically all of their comfort and shelter, for a large bag of rice when they would end up winning a feast anyway. Listening effectively would have been very beneficial for the blue team this episode.

This week on Survivor got real!

This week on Survivor got real! I must give props to Drew for trying to use various strategies, yet all of his strategies failed to work. From the beginning of the episode Drew showed his competitive conflict styles. When the episode first began he wanted to trade the flint that they found for fishing gear, but the rest of the teammates did not agree with this tactic. Although this wasn’t a very large thing to ask for, I feel that it created some tension within the team or against him. I also didn’t agree with his strategy to get rid of Kelly. I felt this was a big risk for him to take, or to accomplish because it was a sort of disruptive behavior that didn’t coincide with the goals of the group. Tensions are definitely starting to rise throughout each team, and group cohesion seems to be far away. For example, Keith who was supposed to be in an alliance with Jeremy, framed him for having a clue from exile islands. Instead of approaching Jeremy, he went behind his back and created accusations that he shared with the rest of the team. Yet, this did nothing for Keith because everyone had their own hidden agendas for who they wanted to get rid of anyway. Alec also displayed a destructive conflict style when he starting attacking Baylor for little things just because he didn’t agree with the way she was approaching different situations. Both Alec and Baylor were making personal insults against each other, stating random outside information and certainly not trying to compromise or be flexible with one another. In the end, Hunahpu had to decide who to vote off, but they had created so much substantive conflict within there team, no one was aware of who they were supposed to vote off.

Blog # Dos

During this week on Survivor I felt that John was the certain of attention for the episode. Jumping right in to applying this episode to the chapter, I felt that John truly displayed himself as someone who needed affection. The moment John tried to basically suck up and apologize to Jeremy, I felt he entered that role. I also felt that Jeremy did a brilliant and awesome thing at the same time. Meaning that it was definitely playing dirty when he outed John’s identity to everyone and not only did he do that he also played the race/homosexuality card making John look like a complete idiot. Jeremy was seeking revenge and he knew exactly how to get it.  In this episode Jeremy was the information giver.I personally feel that Jeremy is so successful in all that he strategically plans because he is assertive. A lot of people on his team trust him and I also feel that if needed people from the other team would trust him as well. Jeremy is in a great spot thus far in the competition. The information that he provided to the group played a large decision in why they decided to send John home. Aside from most of the drama, I absolutely love Dale. In the episode and the last I feel that Dale takes on the role of the Energizer/ Encourager. He does nothing but motivate his team and remains to be very supportive when it comes to making decisions. I must say that I am very happy that Dale is still around. As for everyone else I can definitely see issues starting to arise with the girls on both teams, so I am interested in seeing how this will turn out in the end. I think within the next couple of episodes everyone will start to reach their limit as far as working with each other.

Survivor week 1

Being that this was my first time ever watching the show, I wasn’t sure what to fully expect. After completing the episode to the end, I understand how and why this show is the model for learning about communication in groups. This one episode alone displayed a variety of components related to group development. For example all of the group members were going through the forming stage when they first arrived on the island. Each person had the time to spend with their families allowing them to explore their personal goals, and shortly after they were split into teams allowing them to explore the goals of their actual tribes. When it comes to the storming stage I felt that Jeremy was the perfect example for this. Although Jeremy had to send Val his wife to Exile Island, he gained credibility within the group from winning the first challenge which then allowed him to start forming alliances.

The performing stage is where both tribes were fully engaged and eager to work, especially during the challenges. Just as the text states the responsibilities are fluid and they adapted to change according to what the group needed to complete. For example during the puzzle challenge, the team member to stand out to me the most was John. This is because John without thinking became a human ladder and literally pushed his team up the wall. I fee because he adapted accordingly as well as his physical strength, he helped team tremendously. Now that the blue team has won two challenges, they should beware of the Adjourning stage which could be the thing to break them in the future.