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Final Post.

1. This past semester we blogged each week about Survivor and how it connected to our book. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would consider myself a 5 when it came to the consistency of submitting my blog posts in a timely manner. I always made sure that my blog entries were posted before Monday at midnight.
2. Every week, I posted a comment on someone’s survivor blog. I would give myself a 4 in this category because even though I did post a comment every week, I thought my comments could have been more thought out and much longer than posted.
3. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give myself a 3 on trying to integrate the class concepts into my posts about survivor. I say this because sometimes I just blogged about the show and completely forgot integrating these concepts. But on most of my posts, I talked about at least one concept from our book.
4. I think my strengths when writing out these blog posts were being able to make it interesting for the reader. I like to write, so making these blog posts were a lot o fun. I was glad that I always commented on other people’s blog posts. Let’s say a concept in the show was confusing; we could just read anther student’s post to get a better understanding with it.
5. I can improve my blogging by being more organized in my writing. For example, I can write things in order so they do not sound like my writing is all over the place. When it comes to improving my participation, I can write more in my comments that I post for others and not be afraid to point out the flaws.
6. I liked blogging because it felt too formal like an essay. I felt like I was able to write whatever I felt about the episode like additional commentary.
7. Something that I did not like about blogging was having to do it every week. It did not seem like busy work, but sometimes it was difficult for me to connect concepts from the chapter into the show.
8. I think this assignment can somehow connect back to the chapter. I think watching a video about the chapter before hand could be very helpful for having a reminder that we do indeed have to write about the chapter and not just the show.

Blog entry 9.

Throughout this past episode, it was clearly seen that group leadership motivation was taken place. For example, when teams are choosing who is going to go into a challenge, the team chooses the most experienced member. With this, the team members are able to pump up members and get them motivated for the challenges that they are going to face. Another example of this happens when teams are deciding who to vote off and which alliances are being made. With Jon’s team, it is able to see that he is the main leader, which puts him in charge.

Since we are connecting this episode with motivation, it is clear to see that it can be either very easy to convince someone or very difficult; it all depends on the situation they are in and how it can benefit them personally. Later in the episode, we learn that Reed wants to be the leader; he was being very sneaky when he did not tell anyone about his idol reward. Towards the end of the episode, their alliances came in handy, and with that, Jeremy was voted off the island.

Episode 9.

Episode nine starts off with a recap of Josh getting voted off. His boyfriend is very upset that he isn’t here anymore. For the first challenge, they had to be split into two teams. I noticed in past challenges, the blue team was always winning the challenges, but for the first time, the yellow team was able to do well because of their communication skills. Even though it was a close challenge, the yellow team won the challenge. I noticed that it was very difficult for these people to talk to each other because so many alliances have been made. It was very quiet when they were enjoying their challenge win. As you can already tell, there was non-verbal communication because none of them were talking, but they could all tell that a lot wanted to be said. In the second challenge, Baylor won the immunity, which made Missy feel uncomfortable and nervous. I think the reason why so many people want Jeremy kicked off the show is because he really shows a good example of what a real leader is. He shows respect towards others, he shows adaptive styles, and he is very fair and reasonable.

Million Dollar Decision.

The episode starts off with day sixteen. This episode deals with loyalty. I think it’s been very hard for the members to constantly switch teams because they never know who to trust and it is mentally straining. This episode deals with verbal and non verbal commmunication. For example, when Keith gets voted off, he tries to communicate with Baylor and Missy. You could tell that Keith was unable to communicate what he really wanted to say because he ended up just walking away.
Julie was unable to communicate well with her group, which ended up with her leaving the island. To connect this with the chapter, she was in a positive communication climate because it was in a quiet place.


The previous episode ends with Kelly, Dale’s daughter getting kicked out at tribal council. With his daughter gone, he fears that he will be going home because of the fact he has not proved himself to his team members. The first challenge deals with being blindfolded. When being blindfolded, they had to untie bags of puzzle pieces and then go to the second part where they have to recreate the mask. They have to pick the strongest competitor to compete. Reed competes for Hunahpu and Baylor plays for Coyopa. Reed wins for his team, but she still ends up crying just like Baylor. You could tell that they were very stressed out. Natalie goes to Exile Island with Baylor. At the Hunaphu tribe, they end up having a huge barbeque all thanks to Reed’s win. Next comes the immunity challenge, which involves racing up over a tall wall. Hunaphu wins the challenge like they always do, which leaves Coyopa to tribal council. Dale ends up getting kicked off because they feel like they cannot trust him.
In this episode, I noticed that both teams showed defensive behaviors that we read about in our book.


This episode starts off with day ten. The Hunahpu group begins talking about Drew and how he was kicked off. Once day eleven starts, the other team is totally shocked and his brother is confused because he knew his brother was one of the best competitors. Even more shocking is the tribe swap. The new Hunahpu tribe is Baylor, Missy, Kelly, Dale, Jon, Jaclyn, and Keith. Keith was very nervous about being in his new team. For the first challenge, Hunahpu wins the sand bag toss, which means they were able to use their communication skills, unlike Coyopa. At the tribal meeting, they ended up kicking off Kelly. They voted her off because they saw her father as a threat. He has a lot of experience and it seems like he is doing well.


On the latest episode, we learn that John has been kicked off and that is a major relief to Baylor. As we learned in a previous episode, the Hunaphu tribe ends up finding the flint. It was sadly right under their noses. We can tell that Drew is starting up some conflict. He thinks he is better than everyone else and he believes he is a fisherman.
Before the challenge starts, the Hunaphu tribe wants to trade their flint for fishing gear, but that sadly doesn’t happen for them. It was a close call, but the Hunaphu tribe ends up not picking the campfire food. Coyopa doesn’t think that they will ever be able to catch up with this teams and this leaves them in doubts.
While Drew and Jacyln are on exile island, she tells him about her fears about being sent home and not winning the immunity challenge. He tells her not to worry because he is planning to lose. He sees this as a way to get closer to the prize.
During the immunity challenge, Drew actually went through with his plan and I was very surprised about that. It caused conflict between his team. His plan did not work out as well as he thought it would because he recieved four votes at tribal council, which left him leaving the island.

Episode 3.

As the season is progressing, it is clear that there is a lot of tension occurring, but also, more alliances are forming. From the previous episode, there was clear tension all because of John. He said some things before the show that made him show his true colors. Since Val was kicked off, he wasn’t in a good position with her husband.

When it comes to the challenge, Wes wins and his team is impressed with them. It was strange to see that John didn’t win on purpose. He lost because he wanted to be able to kick out a weak in their team.

When connecting this to conflict, there are obvious examples that go with the chapter. First of all, John tried making an alliance to keep his wife on the island. When this plan didn’t work, there was tension between John and his wife. She doesn’t think that she could trust him. Since the season is getting tougher, you can tell that people are getting more competitive than ever. I do think most of the conflict that happened in this episode was affective. After all the arguing, both teams are able to make decisions.

Episode 2

The episode starts off with a recap of the first episode. After the recap, we learn that Josh picked Baylor because he knew that they were going to pick Naydia to kick her out. Jon was the person who lost the flint and now they aren’t able to start the fire. I feel bad for Nadyia’s sister because they have never been apart from each other.
For the first challenge, they have to maneuver a ball on a platform without dropping it. If they win, they will get fishing gear. Coyopa team gets to start off the challenge. It is Jon verses Julie for this challenge. This game is so frustrating because they have to start over if the ball drops! I had a feeling Julie would win because she was a lot more patient than Jon. She ends up sending Jeremy to exile island. They wanted to trade their beans for flint; they came off somewhat kind of rude.
We find out after the commercial break, that Jon is somewhat of a racist, but he is still a strong member to the team. For the second challenge, they are acting like Sumo wrestlers over the water. My favorite one to watch was the brother verses brother. It was tied, so they had to do a rematch and water team won. We learn that Val gets kicked out!
After watching the episode, you can tell there is going to be a lot of tension in the next episode between team members.

Surviovor Entry 1.

Survivor Entry one.

I have never watched survivor before, but it somewhat reminds me of the show called the challenge. But from after watching this for the first time, I knew that communication was key to win this game. The episode starts off with nine couples stranded in Nicaragua. The first thing they do is practice how to make a fire. So far, my favorite team is Dale and Kelly; father and daughter. They seemed like they were communicating the best. My second favorite team is the gay couple. They were able to make their fire fast. I am a little confused how people try for years to get on this show. Nadyia and Natalie seem like they are going to argue a lot with each other throughout their time on the show. If you win, you get a million dollars, which seems like a dream come true. They split into two teams. I thought the couples were going to be able to work with each other, guess not! The first challenge deals with untangling a rope and then lassoing it. Jeremy does the first challenge. He gets to compete against his wife! Jeremy beats his wife. He sends her off with Keith.  It seems like everyone likes Jeremy, but he has a big head. I feel bad for Dale because he is the oldest on his team. He was able to start the fire with his glasses and I think he was able to redeem himself. On day one of Exile Island, Val didn’t tell the other guy what was on her paper. The blue team made themselves a structure for their shelter. John doesn’t want them to know he was professional baseball player.

Josh’s eyes starts burning and he doesn’t know what to wear. The second challenge is an obstacle course. The yellow team is the first team to hook the rope. It is a close challenge because the blue team is coming back fast. The blue team won! I really thought the yellow team was going to win. The blue team was able to work together and figure out a way to complete the challenge by communicating and working consitantly. The blue team has immunity. They plan on kicking off Naydia; but Naydia starts talking to the gay guy on her team to make an alliance. This team was also making a girl alliance. It was between Dale and Nadyia and they chose Nadyia.