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Reflection on Blogging Participation

1. I would rate myself a 5. I completed all of the blog assignments and I did them all on time.

2. I would rate myself a 4. I consistency commented on a peer’s blog every week. Some weeks my comments were not as thorough.

3. I would rate myself a 5. Each week I would integrate the class concepts on a chapter we had learned toward Survivor.

4. My strengthens in regard to blogging is that I was able to effectively summarize what happened in each episode of Survivor then go back and describe how the individuals of Survivor exhibited the core concepts. I believe my strengths were I also had consistently long blogs, with ‘clever’ titles and commented every week.

5. I would improve my blogging by not summarizing as much and just describing during the whole blog how the characters exhibited the chapter concepts.

6. What I liked about the blogging was it was a different way to learn about the chapter and describe our perspective on the chapters and the Survivor season.

7. What I disliked about the blog was that they were due every week and also sometimes it was difficult to connect the chapter to the episode we just watched.

8. The suggestions that I would have is, having us watch a Season of Survivor that had already happened so that we did not have to wait each week for an episode to come out. Another suggestion is having us relate it to a chapter we have already learned not a particular one each week.

‘Real World’ Communication

Group A:
Ana Alfaro
Cheyenne Anderson-Randle
Nsomah Apambire
Kristina Arnold
Gregory Belluomini
Brittany Boughton

Assignment Objectives: the objectives are this assignment are for the group of students to relate the chapter to characters of the “real world” season and group communication and their chapter. The group is supposed to outline the chapter and the core concepts and how communicate through characters of the show exhibit each characters norms. The goal is the effectively communicate the concepts towards the rest of the class and understand the application of the core concepts. The presentation allows the group to share the concepts through different outlets.
Description: Groups will create a presentation on their second assigned chapter and will relate it to the previous aired season of Real World. Presentations most provide a core concepts of chapter, connection to real world season, and engage the rest of the class.
Assignment Instructions: This presentation is similar to the current chapter presentation and the ongoing the Survivor Blog Assignment. The students will be put into groups and will be assigned a particular chapter similar to the Chapter presentation. By the end of the semester the group would have watched the whole season of Real World. They will be grouped by alphabetical order of last name consisting of 5 to 6 members in each group. The groups will watch the previous season that came out during the last year. Similar to the chapter presentation, it has to follow the most central themes of their particular chapter. Their content must be put on a visual aid such as PowerPoint, Prezi etc. The group would have already presented on one chapter for their presentation and during the “Real world” presentation they will present on another chapter so that most chapters in the book are covered. The presentation must consist of each student covering a section in their chapter and how it relates to the season of survivor and a current world event. At the end of their presentation they must test the rest of the class on what they have learned with a hands on activity not necessary and a discussion. Other perspectives they are supposed to achieve is engaging the class in an activity so that the get hands on experience and not just discussion.

Assignment evaluation:
1. First they will be graded by how the incorporate the sections of the chapter in their presentations.
2. They will be graded on how the sections relate to groups such as themselves and the characters on the Real World
3. Last on the engage the class in an activity to learn their section

All Hail Jon

During this episode of survivor it was their 24th day on the island, and the Huyopa Tribal council voting were running off of many people’s attitudes. Natalie was still extremely shocked and blind sighted that Jeremy was voted out and was out for revenge and bonding with other people. During this episode, Natalie and Reed exhibited a signs of wanting to take leadership of the groups that they were in and wanted to take over. Natalie went forth with trying to formulate different solutions to solving her problem of being left out of an alliance and Jeremy. During this episode the challenges came with many big inciting rewards. The yellow team won the first challenge send Alec, Jon, Jaclyn and Missy in the place or Reed to be Survivor goodwill ambassadors towards delivering baseball gear to children. The immunity challenge was won by Reed and he then hatched a plan to get out Jon as well.
Reed and Natalie executed the Single Question format in trying to solve their problem of being left out of alliances and to get Jon voted out. They went through the five steps of interpersonal and procedural problem solving. First, they went through and identified their problem as Jon and his power over the Huyopa tribe and voting other out. Second, they both carried forth their group collaboration setting by discussion norms with others. Reed identified assumptions and biases and discussed norms with Alec and swayed him to be on his side. Natalie sett a collaborative environment by letting Baylor in on the secret that there was another immunity idol somewhere in their camp and they found it. Third, they identified and analyzed the issues by identifying that they need to all be on the same page when they vote Jon out and they both have immunity idols to protect themselves. Fourth, they identified the possible solutions they would have from changing up the vote and the alliances. The decided that voting Jon out would benefit both of them towards winning. The last is they tried to answer the single question of how to get Jon out of them game even if he was equipped with an idol. Little did they know, entering tribal council Jon was ready with his immunity idol therefore rendering him no votes against him. Leaving Wes to be the ninth person voted off survivor islands.

‘Cause the Players gonna play, play, play

During this episode of Survivor the players on the show went through a series of events leading to a an unexpected ending. Throughout the episode the Huyopa tribe displayed all of the four categories of group motivation.
After Day 21, the Huyopa tribe came back from tribal council having voted Josh out. This decision left Reed his partner furious and he decided to change the way he was going to play the game. His motivation towards winning Survivor had changed and he was playing to avenge it for his boyfriend. After going to the last tribal council it was evident now that everyone was playing the game of survivor with the main objective of winning no matter the costs. During the reward change the player had to go against each other and literally ‘shake it off’ until one side won. At the end of the challenge the yellow team won but Natalie again decide to switch places with Jon so he could enjoy the reward. Then in-turn, Jeremy did the same and traded so that Jaclyn could go with her boyfriend as well. Everyone was shocked that this trade happened and out of the blue but some were speculating why. Chapter 6 highlights, the four categories of motivation in a group as sense of meaningfulness, choice, competence and progress. Natalie exhibits all of these when she makes the choice to trade the reward up. Sense of meaningfulness because she is motivated to accomplish an alliance, and sense of choice because she had the power and ability to change things up with trading, sense of competence by providing feedback as to the hopes of getting alliance with Jon and Jaclyn groups because she felt the were so great. And lastly a sense of progress because she is helping develop here plan toward winning and celebrating how some did something for her in the past.
While on the yacht Reed sees that this is all a game, and Natalie is motivated by something to do that trade. Later on he exhibits sense of choice and meaningfulness by playing dirty and going through Keith bag to find the clue to an immunity idol and trying to turn others on his side. Jeremy goes to exile island and finds that someone in their tribe, who he speculates to be Jon has an hidden immunity idol so builds a stronger alliance to get him out. At this time every one on the Huyopa tribe is playing survival of the fittest and talking to each other on how they should vote constructively, demonstrating their sense of competence. Baylor wins the next challenge and helps her group brainstorm who to vote out the next tribal council. Jeremy now feels confident because he has given other players of the game useful information to build his alliance. At tribal council there was quick a deliberation on how people were playing the game, so I had no idea who they were gonna vote out. At the end of the day Jeremy doesn’t realize everyone is playing a game and voted him off Survivor. ‘Cause the Players gonna, play, play, play!

The Tossing and Turning of the people

The people in survivor this episode needed to get their business together. This episode of Survivor there was a lot of turmoil and individuals trying to form what their next plan was as well as individuals continuously trying to remain the alpha leader. They showed several dynamics of group leadership such as the types of leaders and situations. After day 19 many people were very upset that Julie quit survivor and did not give them their first opportunity to vote someone off as a “united group” in their Huyopa . During the first reward challenge it was for a they split into to groups and the reward was a taco bar. The group that won were Keith, Reed, Jeremy and Wes. Once they were at the legit taco bar on the deserted island it became evident that there to leaders emerging and they alliances made it super awkward for them to have a conversation at the table. It was like all their conversations had to revolve around alliance building and who was the leader that day.In chapter 5, it takes about a leader who has position power and at the taco bar it became evident that Jeremy had power on the island based on his sway on others member as well as the amount of challenges he as been apart of that have one. With Jeremy being in power, it also lead to so many situations being changed and people alerting leadership after Jeremy won immunity. Two other types of leaders are designated leaders and emergent leaders. It showed that the designated leaders were Jon and Jacklyn as a unit because they were looked to for everything by the groups and even when Jon was on exile island they still waited and consulted him. The emergent leaders were Baylor and her mom Missy, they were familiar with the groups goals and began to contribute more when they wanted a further alliance and to sway what could possibly happen at tribal council. Once they started saying more that is when people looked more to them whether they did not get along with the men or not. During this episode they also displayed a lot situation leadership from different people in the group it was partially for individuals to get what they want and being able to change that effectively as a leader helps with tasks. With all of the changes at tribal council they ended up voting Josh off the island.

The gurl who stole the trail mix

During this episode the much foreshadowed merge of the tribes happened. This season of survivor had only reached day 16 and the tribes continued to talk behind each others backs and form alliances. Keith was very disappointed that within his tribe of Coyopa two of the members voted against him. Even though he was not voted out. Instead of resolving the issue with them he just focuses on the fact that they are not loyal and he is waiting to be united with his son. This reflects chapter 9 and how instead group should go through the steps of resolving a problem. Keith chose not to address the problem and that leads to further discussions later. Other turmoil that could be solved is the fact that Jeremy and Josh do not get along and are trying to get each other out, Josh especially wishes he could have gotten Jeremy out before the Merge. Due to him not vocalizing this problem it leads to others bunching up into different alliances to cope with different people in power struggles because they wont identify their problems with each other. When Hunaphu and Coyopa receives the tree mail to pack up their belongings and move they are both delighted and know they will be united with the others. Once they finally come together they receive a feast of lobster, fruit veggies, trail mix etc and then now one tribe decides to ration the food. Julie decides that she will steal some trail mix for herself and that leads to further problems that the group decides not to address and step around. While Julie is hiding her trail mix Jeremy and josh are building their alliances. Finally after the immunity challenge that Keith won, they discovered Julie had stole the trail mix and she was not feeling comfortable in the tribe. They did address the problem head-on with Julie and that lead to at the end of the episode Julie telling Jeff the host that she would no longer like to be on survivor and quits. This denied them their first Tribal council that they were all looking forward to in their new alliances.

Good Ole Dale

This week on survivor the Hanuphu tribe continued the spiral downward. After their immunity challenge then Hunahphu camp was trying to decided what do especially since they did not have any rice left and they had probably were going to have to have to give something up in the proposition they made towards Jeff the host to receive something for their rice. During this episode there was a lot of members in the tribe that were plotting against each other and some members so the group that were not on the same page as others. They expressed conflicts of the cultural-ism dimensions of collectivism, individualism and high power distance.

The commencement of the episode started off with Coyopa tribe on a high and having a magical feeling about how much they were on top while most members of Hunuphu were not happy. As a tribe you as supposed to show unity in your decision for trying to get ahead but Jeremy was not happy with the decision to possibly trade something for rice. After Jeff brought the rice in exchange for their comfort items Jeremy let his feeling be know, mainly behind the scenes. He showed anti-collectivism. Collectivism is understanding that the different perspectives and individuals personal achievement should be rewarded. Jeremy does not understand why the group is not working together despite the odds and putting their individualism to play so that they would survive on their own. I think Jeremy felt he had done so much for the group so why did his tribe not value his opinion and did not ask him for one. Jeremy also did not understand why the tribe should be so collective in their decisions on the rice, he felt there possible could have been another way and his tribe felt the consequences when it rained.

After the immunity challenge and Natalie volunteered herself to go on exile island. I personally did not understand in the beginning why she did that, because that island looks like no fun. As the episode progressed it showed that Natalie was using this to her advantage and foreshadowing to the future when the tribes would combine. She was looking towards alliances and how being an individual will help the alliance she is apart of and strengthen bonds for later.

Good Ole Dale from the beginning felt outcast-ed from his tribe and knew there was going to be the possibility that he would be voted out. He played the big man card and exaggerated in forming new alliances by saying he had a immunity idol. While Keith was just chilling in a corner with his. Dale was excersising high power distance he accepted the difference in power in his tribe and how the king pins of his tribe were gunning to get him out. And tried to change that. In the end it did not work out for him and he was voted out.

What’s more important rice or people?

Episode of Blood is Blood surrounded the shifting of many different tides in the members of survivor, the tribes and the tensions. The cast members on the opposite side returned after tribal council time speculating what could have happened and who could have possibly been eliminated. Alec was so confident that his brother was not eliminated but little did he know that is what happened. Due to them speculating so many different things it defined the episode because a lot of cultures, personalities and barriers changed.

Once all the members of Survivor arrived at the tribal immunity challenged they learned that they would be switching sides which was beneficial to some members and detrimental to others. In chapter 4 on group diversity,  shows how the cultures of a tribes and homogeneous groups; and how they become redefined. Keith in the Coyopa tribe was now worried because he is the odd man out.  In homogeneous groups diversity still exists in the group such as with Keith but with Keith being the only one without a loved on it makes him feel on similar with the group and put up a different barrier when working with the barriers.

Others barriers from chapter 4, that came about during this episode were prejudices and discrimination. Prejudices came up in the new Hanuphu tribe with Alec the new tribe compared him to his brother Drew who was just voted out and decided they would basically be fake towards to him so they could boast his ego and then later on get rid of him. I’m sure Alec and Drew are two birds of a feather but it is interesting that they made that prejudiced toward Drew and then discriminated him.  Back in the Coyopa tribe barriers and segregation came up when Baylor told her mother about her previous history with Dale and then tensions increased when they fought over the amount of rice that should be allowed to cook. (While in Coyopa they were surviving because they were eating rice like kings) it was interesting because both parents had very distinct personalities and that course caused more prejudice in the tribe and decisions on voting. This relates to personality dimension because both parents personalities clashed and that boiled over to their tribes voting. Tensions over rice and personality then lead to Kelley being the fifth voted off Survivor San Jan Del Sur.

Survival of the Witt-est

In this episode did a recap of all of the turmoil that has happened in the past episodes. One of the recurring themes is that Coyopa tribe has never won and their group remained in turmoil.

When the episode begins Dale comes back from exile islands and hopes that he will not be isolated from the group and comes back to make sure he will be included. Meanwhile at Hunaphu tribe  Natalie found their flint and Drew decided he wanted hatch a plan but this lead to his and their down-fail. Their conflict relates to chapter 8 on cohesion and conflict. During this episode many tribe members in both groups thought they were being wise in plotting and building alliances.

During this episode it was a hot mess for the Hunaphu tribe as the episode was titled. It mainly steamed to the fact that Dale come back from exile islands a stirred up some drama by saying that Jeremy had an immunity idol when he did not and then Drew grew some Survivor ego and decided to do was best for the tribe but  it was what was mainly what was best for him. Due to both of them stirring up drama it cause d the Hunaphu tribe to succumb to Group-think. This showed their cohesiveness that eventually lead to their deterioration because they all began to plot and decide on who they want to possible vote out. I found it particularly interesting that Drew thought that he was the King pin and was had the most wits and that would help him win survivor but in the end his plan backfired on him. The group-think of their tribe prevented from questioning why the were going to vote out members that were totally non-threatening and follow the “normal” procedure of discussing things before going to tribal council so that they were not a hot mess.

The AEIOU conflict relates to the Hunaphu tribe as well. First A; the could have asked their members what their intentions were because most of them meant well expect Drew who was looking out for himself. Second E; Expressed their feelings because some of the members were clearly offended by things that were said about each other and the fact that they were even being put up for vote. Third  I; Identify what they wanted to happen with the group since this was some of their first experience with alliances and going council since Drew threw their immunity challenge. Fourth O; outcomes of what they wanted to happen in their tribe and lastly U; understand they all have one goal in mind to progress as far as they can on Survivor.

Due to them not recognizing their group-think patterns and identifying ways they could have fixed their conflicts the Hunaphu tribe just made an embarrassment of themselves in this episode. Some members of the group that that their wits would help them but it actually lead to their downfall and lack of group cohesion.