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Listening was pretty key in this episode. For example, the blue team did not listen to Jeremy and gave up their shelter. Because of this, they only had food and ended up winning a meal . They gave up comfort for food and through their selfishness lost out on a smart opportunity. They should have listened better but now the whole team struggles.

Also, on exile island Baylor divulged a lot of information for the other team and her opponent came out on top. She volunteered herself because it was what was best for her and took advantage of the situation. She listened carefully and got what she wanted out of Baylor and used it to help herself.


I’m a survivor

This episode definitely changed it up a bit. After Drew was eliminated, everyone was in shock and then the teams were switched up.  The blue team has mainly singles and the yellow team now is paired off with mostly blood. This has made it difficult to communicate and work together because now there is no clear team leader because the team has become a group of seperate  Teams. In Missy’s case she is bring protective of Baylor and trying for ally with Jon and his girlfriend but so are Dale and Kelley. There is so much biases and interpersonal conflict that the team can not work together and they are ultimately losing because they can not communicate properly.

Keep on surviving

There are a lot of hidden agendas int his episode. Keith kind of tries to set up the other fireman, I think his name is Jeremy, by saying he has an idol. Then he went looking again for his own and finds one and keeps the information to himself. Also, Drew takes the initiative to be the team leader and decided to throw the ishchallenge without discussing with anyone first. He did this for his own personal benefit so he could get Kelley off of the show. He is being manipulative and self. The girls are also using the collaborative but also competitive strategy to get Drew out of the competition. These teams are having a hard time working together but the yellow team is definitely showing more progress as a working group then the blue team. Everyone says that they are in an alliance but goes behind their alliances back to benefit themselves. People are betraying each other and sub alliances are forming. There is a lot of communication and opinions but none of it is constructive. there is no compromising or harmonizing going on, it is very scattered and it seems that gender diversity is causing it to be more destructive. For example, Drew thinks Kelley is controlling and leading the girls so he tries to get Kelley out. Also at the voting, 4 people were being voted on and if there was proper communication it would not be that many.

I will survive

I have never watched survivor, nor did I know that there were still seasons going. I remember when the show was a first and people were obsessed, but I never got into it. I watched the first episode and I was immediately stressed out. I am definitely enjoying watching this show though, do not get me wrong, but it seems pretty brutal especially since it is blood versus water. The interaction between the group is definitely synchronous. You talk directly to everyone in person and issues are taken on in that moment. There is a lot of regulation on what they disclose to each other though.  Some tribe member will talk to the other tribe members about certain issues but ay decide to exclude others from the conversation. Alliances are formed and information is held. Although they have to work collectively to win, there is a lot of individualism when it comes to staying in the game, being the strongest play, and, well, surviving.

I noticed that for the yellow team (I will classify by color because the names are difficult) John definitely took on the role as a group leader. I think because he is very big and strong that everyone was pretty comfortable with this and he had a game plan for the most part where as everyone else was not as organized. He is starting to stray a bit, I think because he was forced to exile and is starting to think more individually. Before he was more focused on winning as a group, but now he is keeping idols a secret as well as his own personal background. He seems to have a hidden agenda, not from us, but from his own team.

The groups obviously have a common goal that they are working for which is surviving and having their team win, but because this is blood and water, some of the members stray from their teams best interest. For example, when Baylor and her mom went up against each other, the fact that they are related made it an issue. When the mom unintentionally split Baylor’s lip open, she  backed down a bit. She did not put up as much of a fight and used less force. Her almost guaranteed win, was now forfeited to her daughter because of her own personal issues. This show is definitely intense to watch but I am excited to see what happens.