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Blog reflection

1. On a scale of 1-5, how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner?

I would give myself a 3. at times it was hard to make sure to put it up on time. This was my first semester of having a job and school. So sometimes after work would just get home and not want or forget to complete the blogs.
2. On a scale of 1-5, how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog?

I would give my self a 1. I really didn’t do the comments. mainly because I would forget to do them. So that was completely my fault and laziness.
3. On a scale of 1-5, how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show?

I would give myself a 4. I felt at sometimes it was hard to find something that would go with the assigned topic. but i always did my best
4. Please describe what you think your strengths were in regard to blogging and participation.

I feel like with my first blog I had the most fun with. partially because it was fun to write. I am a very comedic person I like to joke around while stile completing my task. After that blog and it was addressed that we need to not really talk about the episode that much and more about content I felt I almost lost interest in the assignment.
5. Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.

I defiantly believe I could have worked much harder in these assignments. I know I defiantly could have out more of the course content in the blogs. as well as not lag on posting them
6. What did you like about blogging?

I came in to the assignment very interested and intrigued. I thought it was an amazing idea and a differentness that I would easily just throw myself into. But when it came down to it I didn’t. I don’t know if it just was due to the expectation of the assignment were different from what I kind of wanted them to be or just again laziness. Maybe a mixture of both.
7. What did you dislike about blogging?

The only thing I disliked about blogging was that sometimes it was difficult to keep up. Because there was a new episode every week, there was also some confusion at times about which episode to blog about.
8. What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future?

I did like the concept of the assignment. I think it is something fun and different. It in a way is just another form of a discussion board. A lot “funner” version. I would defiantly keep this at least for another semester just to see how other student would feel about it. but i feel something that can change would be that it takes place of the SCAP Group Project. I did the extra credit assignment on the blogs being a group project instead of an individual one. I feel that if it was groups it would make it easier to complete the blogs. It would give students who maybe didn’t understand the content or see how it was related to the episode to then get those answers from their peers and members.

Group B Extra Credit

  • Assignment Title:
    • Group Survivor Blogs


  • Assignment Objective:
    • As a Group, members will see how the chapters and content of that weeks discussion apply to real world scenarios. It will allow group collaboration in the analyzing of the episode. It will also allow students to help their peers understand the content from another point of view. Allowing them to understand something further then they already did.


  • Assignment Description:
    • For this Project group members will be posting a weekly blog based off of the course content and the survivor episode for that week. Group members will watch each weeks episode, individually, and analyze the casts communication as groups, or in this case tribes. Then come together with their group members and find out how the in-class content connects with the episode.


  • Assignment Instructions:
    • Students will watch Survivor every week and write a blog as a group. The blog should consist of a short description of the topic that was discussed in the class prior to the episode; as well as provide 2-3 examples for how that chapter applies to the episode. The blog will then be posted to the groups website.


  • Assignment Evaluation:
    1. The assignment will be grade weekly so the group can receive feedback on their blog content to see if it is done correctly
    2. Blogs should consist of a short description of that weeks topics that was discussed in class
    3. Included in the blog should be 2-3 examples of how the topics were shown in the episode

Blog #9

Motivation is probably the key fact to survivor. This also is the starting point to all the members game play. In the challenge this week Jeff starts to offer plates of food to the members as a motivation to lose the challenge. It comes to the point were the members need to ask what is more their motivation to win immunity at the and be one step closer to the finale, or the motivation of real food in their stomachs which maybe able to give them that energy they need in the coming competitions. motivation is one of the most obvious factors of the game. they all coming with motivation to win. Through out this game that motivation can develop in to the mode of just surviving.

Blog #8

At this point in the game tribe members are using leadership to push themselves forward. its starting to turn in to an individual’s game now. In the start of the episode Jeremy and John are the 2 players with the most power. One strategic move made by Jeremy and Natalie. After their win the decided to give up their reward of a meal and a trip on the yacht, all to thank their alliance members for their loyalty. This is an example of the servant/functional leadership. The “selfless” act, they believe, will benefit their alliance.

Blog #7

In this episode it is a good example of decision making and problem solving techniques. Jacklyn has to persuade the others to side with her. it is very eminent that the male alliance that she believed she was in really did think highly of her. They didn’t take into consideration her feeling or her thoughts. All of this easily became known when Jon volunteered to go to exile island. This then resulted in her trying trying to start a new alliance but Jon doesn’t agree with this. He even questions her decision. They then decided to use some of the problem solving techniques. They annualized the situation and then tried to weigh out each option. When thinking of the pros and cons of each situation the came to the conclusion that they need to change their alliance.

Blog #6

This episode starts of with the blue tribe talking to Jeff about getting more rice. Jeff tells them that ignored for them to receive the extra rice they must trade in their comfort for it. Without their comfort they would then be vulnerable when it comes to weather changes. Jeremy although he was one of the original blue tribe members that used all of the rice complained about loosing their comfort items. In this interview he talks about out “the brainiacs gave the tarp away” and “they are so dumb” with all of this is avoids the use of collective pronouns that is needed for team talk.


Later in the episode Julie used verbal communication when expressing her feelings to the tribe. During a rainy night she complained about the lack of shelter from the rain She then talks about how she may want to leave the competition. This proves the difference in the women communication. In the chapter it talks about how women tend to be a bit more uncertain about things. Which may explain why Julie started to question her stay in the competition.


Diversity is going to be inevitable amongst tribe members. In episode 5 that is very clear. After the tribe swap back at the new orange tribe camp tensions are starting to rise the cause of the lack of knowledge of other members diversities. Dale, a some what strict small-town farmer, is getting upset when Missy, a so called “diva” who started her own company is making extra rice. It is obvious that diversity is a big factor in deciding who you want to be in your alliance.

The Jon show?

Due to travel of last weeks news about Jon’s past there was a lot of apprehension towards Jon. At the reward challenge Jon got some aggression from the other tribe due to the voting out of Val. After the Orange tribes win at the Reward challenge Jon then was trying to win over his tribe by providing food for his tribe.


Next came the Immunity Challenge. All hell breaks lose. Orange tribes looses their 3rd  consecutive immunity challenge. The Blue tribe then starts to yell that Jon needs to be voted out. The orange Tribe continuously tells Jon to not engage and ignore them. Right when the blue tribe starts to simmer down with their Jon comments, Jon then decides to finally say something back. But instead of trying to calm the situation down, like his girlfriend was, he chooses to say to Nadia “if you were a man I would knock your teeth out.” This basically cause his eviction. His entire tribe then went against him.

Blog #2

In episode 2 the members of both Blue and orange tribe started to create personal alliances and friendships. with this also cam some not so happy feelings with their own members. Because of these feelings roles started to come into play. In the orange tribe Josh was very popular on both sides. He kind of has the role of both team worker (due to the popularity) as well as the beginning of a coordinator. However Jon seems to think that because he is the biggest guy on the tribe he has the role of the leader. However his aggression may hinder him in the end. Also many of the members from both tribes are starting to realize Jon’s past. This then starts to cause some apprehension towards him.


When it comes to the Immunity challenge role didn’t really come in to play because it was primarily individual.But then comes the tribal council. At the tribal council a lot of aggression and member conflict comes out. Val was very aggressive towards Baylor and boiler reacted with even more aggression. Which then caused the whole tribe to have some think again about who they believe is worth the votes to keep.

“Blood vs Water”

Clearly Survivor will have many aspects of group communication. The whole show is based off of the communication between the members of the two groups, or tribes in this case. With this seasons being “Blood vs Water” the 18 contestants come in paired with a family member/loved one.  Having this loved one with them will allow the member to feel comfortable communicating with at least this one person right? NO. The loved ones are quickly separated from each other, one going to the Blue tribe and the other to the Orange tribe.  Now these tribes do have ELABORATE names, but due to my laziness and lack of ability to spell easy words correctly I will be referring to them as the Orange and the Blue tribes. So when they members are separated from their loved ones they may become a bit apprehensive and rethink their way of communication with their new tribe members. The first shock of the season is that the now 2 tribes will have to immediately compete in a reward challenge. The reward being that they will receive flint (needed to start a fire) and beans. This reward will then allow their fellow tribe members to see their natural ability an show what their role may or may not be in the tribe. The Blue tribe wins the first reward. After the 1st competition it announced that the loser will then be sent to “Exile Island”. OHH Scary right? YES! It is scary because now this tribe member will lose the first precious days of communication with their tribe. Even thought they will get to come back to their tribe Exile Island is gaining to hinder their roles in the tribe. Later in the episode you get to see the start of the member roles that are being developed with in the first few minutes of being on camp. right when the tribes get to their camp the a few of the Blue tribe members immediately form an alliance. Due to him winning the first reward challenge, Jeremy was instantly popular. This then allowed him to form an alliance with 4 other members. Now to the Orange tribe. They were trying to build a fire, but without that nice flint the Blue tribe won the are trying to find another way start one. The tribe quickly separates, and age is a big factor. Dale, even with his age, earned some brownie points after he became and innovator and broke his glasses in half so he can use the magnification to start a fire. With the 1st immunity challenge this is one of the key factor to the tribe. It shows each members capability and starts to establish that members role. now let the games begin on…Survivor.