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On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner?


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog?


One a scale of 1-5 (5 being very well), how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show?

It took me about 2 blogs in to realize that was the concept of doing these blogs… so 4.

Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation.

I like to believe my strengths were relating the chapter to the blogs once I realized I had to & I was pretty consistent on commenting on other students’ blogs, trying to comment on someone new each week.

Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.

I definitely could have been more thorough and added more details about the episodes.

What did you like about blogging?

I like how interactive it was with having to comment on each other’s posts. It made us engaged with one another.

What did you dislike about blogging?

I dislike how off the timing is still for me because I can’t figure that out to save my life & also it was hard to relate the specific chapters. It would have been easier if we could have picked any chapter but only be allowed to relate the chapter for one blog.

What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future?

Allowing the students to relate their blog to any chapter but once they use that chapter for a blog, they can’t use it again.

Extra Credit: Group D

Group D Section 3

Group project for the future:

Service Learning Project

Overview: Channel Islands offers a great service learning opportunity through our school. They can get access through on the service learning page about the different opportunities or you could bring in a service learning representative for a quick discussion on how service learning works.

Assignment & Objective: Each group is to pick an organization through service learning that involves group work and communication. No individual service learning (i.e. shadowing elementary students.) The idea is to achieve group service learning like volunteering to feed the homeless or volunteering at an elder home or a cancer walk. They would be given specific hours they have to achieve by the end of the semester, (lets say ten hours.)

Grading criteria: This would involve three due dates: the first being an outline of where the group plans to do their service learning at, when, and how this will imply group communication lessons. The second due date will be a signed form by the service planning instructor they volunteered for, proving they completed the full ten hours TOGETHER. The last being a reflection of how it went and how it benefited their learning experience along with a final presentation on what they did and how it applied any chapters they learned throughout the semester.


This week in survivor, everyone is on their toes after alliances were openly betrayed last week. During the immunity challenge, Jeff pries into their temptation with food. Wes falls easily into that trap, picking the chicken wings over the immunity idol. He doesn’t seem to have a sense of competence when deciding his strategy since he gives in to the food temptation instead of striving for that immunity idol. Thus affecting him in the end as he gets voted off.

Last week we saw how Jon didn’t choose to vote toward the common goal the group had set with their sense of progress; instead he voted off who was probably his toughest competitor. This causes rife in this week because there is no longer trust between the remaining survivors. Jon proves yet again his leadership and power when maintaining everyone’s opinion on who goes next. We saw him early in the season talk early and often while still listening to the other survivors, he knew his game plan going in therefore being more knowledgeable and he offers his opinion when it comes down to strategic decision-making. He seems to definitely have the power in the game.

Stay tuned!

Eppy 8

What a shock to see Jeremy voted off. Granted I was not his biggest fan, I definitely didn’t see his alliance betraying him. Especially with the leadership skills he greatly portrayed among them.

From the first episode, he took charge forming an alliance, knowing what the end goal was, determined to get there. He led by example by volunteering to go to exile island and making constant sacrifices for his alliance like giving up his award with Natalie to John and Jaclyn. He has always shown leadership styles so to see him get turned against was definitely a surprise.

Leadership is found in a person who guides and takes control which Jeremy easily did. This was a strong suit of his but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough of a strategy to win.

Voting to Survive

In the current chapter, we’re learning about voting within groups. This chapter is prevalent with every survivor episode.

In episode 8, Baylor turns her back on Josh after he “threats” her on why she needs to vote Jeremy, not him. This turns Baylor off, making her voting decision easier to vote against Josh instead. She then continues to persuade John & Jackie to vote against Josh, ultimately leaving Josh to be the next survivor out.

Every survivor seems to be team John & Jackie, never questioning whether they should be voting against them; instead it comes off as if everyone is “kissing their butts” wanting them on their side. Hmm, I wonder if that’ll change soon.

Stay tuned group commys!