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Episode 6

In this episode, you see more lying and back stabbing. But what else is new?

Dale lies to his tribe about why they can’t vote him off but that doesn’t stop them. I think this is another great episode that relates to conflict and cohesion. No group really portrays cohesion anymore but that’s what they need with the merge happening next week. Both teams argue and secretly attack each other behind their back, causing major conflict with trust when it comes down to voting. Jeremy has it out for everyone but I guess there really is only one winner in the end.

Blue team still seems to dominate even with the new members. I’m excited to see who dominates solely with the merge.

Stay tuned!

Blood v Blood

In episode 5, Blood v Blood, I found it easy to relate our chapter on Conflict and Cohesion to it. They mixed around the teams causing blue team to have one couple, the rest being separated still while the orange team is filled with who they came with minus Keith who is still separated from is son. This started major cohesion. Alliances were separated, teams are having to start over with how to work with each other– one team took advantage of their rice from prior weeks so the new people now just joining blue, are scarce on rice in comparison to orange having enough for thirty-one days still.

Orange team lost. Keith at first worried he would automatically be voted out since he is the only one that is not with their loved one in the group but instead conflict rose between Baylor and Dale. Baylor and her mom wanted to vote out either Dale or his daughter Kelly while Dale and Kelly wanted to vote out Baylor. This left the couple Jon and his girlfriend to have to pick a side.

In the end, they decide on voting off Kelly. This is definitely going to cause more conflict since Dale and Kelly believed the couple Jon and his girlfriend were voting against Baylor. Uh ohhhhhhh…

Goodbye #4


Does this not make sense to anyone else? Granted in the end there is only one winner but let us not forget we’re only 3 people out. We can’t get selfish yet because where does that leave us? As the fourth person out. Bye yaaaaa Drew!

He basically asked for it! Team work first, build alliances, get your tribe to like and trust you so when it does come down to voting off, your name doesn’t even come to thought. Instead, he decided to throw the game so the orange team can finally have a victory and take a rest? Was he that confident he would not get voted off? Shady strategizing on his part, but he paid for it.

I thought the blue team was stronger for sure. When it comes down to the athletic part, they still prove to be, but getting along as a team, they are weaker than the orange.  I’d like to see the underdogs still rise above but not because someone from the other tribe is throwing the competition.

Just a Tad

I only have a few words to throw out onto my blog this week. Unfortunately, I am a poor college student who cannot afford Tivo or any other device that records television shows and my roommate is a poor college graduate who also cannot afford such causalities. Why does CBS choose to upload their episodes so late in the game? You’re killing me and my new obsession to watch loved ones fight for money.

In my last blog, I already covered my thoughts on both episodes commenting how I have yet to really see into both teams because we’re so early into the season; it’s hard to distinguish if they genuinely are working as a group or doing it to further their advances. Shoot, if I was playing, it’d be to further my own advances. Is that selfish? We are talking about one million dollars guys… Anyways, I’ll just reiterate my prior thoughts: orange team is slackin’ in their team work while the blue team seems to have a good idea on how to work with each other’s strengths. Well, at least so far. (Sorry my mind is drawing a blank on the tribe names hehe)

I’m almost tempted to root for the underdogs which is the orange team just because I really want to see them pull it together as a group! Maybe they’ll actually win the group challenge in episode three.

*No spoilers please!

Survivor Post 1

I wasn’t much for survivor prior to this class. I even had an old classmate on a prior season who got in fourth place and guess what? I still didn’t watch it. Shamelessly though, after this season’s first episode, I already found myself craving the next. Jaimie Hoffman, you got me hooked.

I love the core concept of this specific season: blood versus water. Watching loved ones compete against each other could not make it any better; I love a good competition so if a loved one wants to battle it out, bring it on!

Even after the first two episodes, I still cannot pronounce either tribe names or name a favorite. I’m still getting to know everyone just like they are. Though I will comment how the Coyopa has a lot of growing to do as a group in comparison to the Hunaphu who seems to have synchronous communication down.

Granted they work as teams throughout the challenges, the competitors easily remind us that in the end, only one wins the one million dollars. No matter how well they seem to work with each other, you can tell which players already have that mindset that it is ultimately them against everyone.