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Survivor Blog Numero 10

1. I submitted all my blogs on time, so 5.

2. I did post on people’s blogs, but not consistently, so 3.

3. I tried looking for class concepts throughout the episode, but most of the show was entertainment rather than group capabilities, so 4.

4. I understand the theory, that for those who aren’t the best at participating can have a voice online, but if you are in a communication class, I think you need to get over that. I consider myself an introvert, but I made it my duty to be proactive and communicative in class. I can’t honestly endorse the blogging, but like I said, I do recognize the relevance.

5. Improvements could be made if the blogs actually felt like it was a group assignment rather than attempting to utilize more technology within the course. I did feel slightly apathetic in that sense. I could get over it and just do it, that’d be my only means for improvement.

6. I liked the concept, but not really the execution. The chapter presentation really solidified your knowledge within one chapter and the blogs encourage the reading of the others. That worked well.

7. I didn’t like doing it ultimately, but that’s because I am a lazy person. Nothing against the premise really, it was just a case of operator error.

8. No comments, at least no constructive comments could be taken into account from me. I don’t think that people had a problem with it, and after the initial struggle of getting people on board, I think most people ended up liking it.

Survivor Ep. 9

Beginning of the episode recaps with Josh’s elimination. The minority feels weakened and threatened, and darkness seems to be at the end of the tunnel. Keith, who has an idol starts thinking strategy, but emotion may be an underlying reason for the brash plan he’s erected. Get them to vote him off, then play the idol, and come out on top. It’s clever enough to potentially work, but typically, when people try to get clever on this show, it generally follows with them being voted off. The group is reeling however, especially with the loss of their leader so this might be the wisest choice on their plate. We have the food challenge; one team wins it and the other loses. Quite uninteresting at this point. The climax occurred when natalie and jeremy gave up their reward to the traitors. If that doesn’t cement their loyalty, I don’t know what will, because on the pyramid of need, food, water, and comfort are the highest priority for motivation, and that’s the level of living that they embody. A full stomach and a good buzz is a huge gift to reciprocate their votes. So the loser team wallows, other than natalie, and wes mentions that if he’s on the chopping block, he’d appreciate a heads up, which is subtle and smart because he’s a good kid. That potentially creates room for strategy. On the other hand, Natalie doesn’t even hide it, she is candid in expressing that her actions granted leverage over the beautiful couple. Unbelievable amount of ego on this women, or thoughtlessness. We’ll see if it works because a short term favor may seem sweet, but compared to the prize, it pales. Reed, without his paramour by his side, has lost the will to play conservatively. He realizes that he’s now on borrowed time due to the inferior group dynamic and he decides to make waves. Not sure how he intends on doing that, but I’m excited to see how effectively he can utilize his rage and resentment to create rifts in the other groups unyielding ties to each other. Ultimately, the ones that need to worry are the bigger group because you don’t want to mess with an animal you’ve backed into a corner, they’re typically the ones that aim for the jugular. The weaker team loses immunity and it seems that they’ve all but lost, unaware to the potential shimmering ray of hope that could descend on them. The handsome guy realizes that Jeremy will be unable to find the idol and assume that he has it, which will lead to Jeremy thinking that he’s a liar and deceiving them. This might prove fatal for someone unexpected because although, they could just play it safe and get the weak team  to dwindle away, long term, that will be a bad strategy, because they will be the black sheep, the betrayer. They need to think critically about the implications and the ramifications of their situation. After all, in survivor, it doesn’t take much for someone to be the target of the mob. Like a deity showing up in the time of need, their miracle arrives and saves the day. Apparently, the fear the handsome guy concocted over his own well being instilled a paranoia of Jeremy’s wrath, and he must have somehow convinced the mom and daughter to abridge their alliance. They didn’t show exactly how their decisions got swayed because that would’ve lessened the drama of the blindside, if I had to speculate, I’d imagine that either they took the numbers into consideration, including people and idols, and decided that Jeremy didn’t have their best interests or opportunity at heart. Who knows is all that Jeremy will be thinking over the course of his jury assignment and it’ll be interesting to see the conclusion.

Survivor Episode 8

The last episode was kind of a cop out because the girl just up and quit so there was no real climax, just tension. The handsome couple are still vying for Jeremy’s neck despite his ignorance and that’s where we left off. I had some expectations that things would change, but nothing drastic so far. The challenge for tacos and brewskis are the division of the group and a directly physical challenge. The team with more men won under the leadership and guidance of Reed, using his loud and confident overseeing voice to push them drowned out Bailor and her unhelpful Go GO GOing that she so loudly expressed. Reed provided construcive and thoughtful aid rather than using adrenaline manipulating ape like shouting which in turn, tired Bailors team out rather quickly and they got sluggish and fell behind. The gay guy makes another attempt on Bailor but she is ruthless in her rejection of Josh, the entitlement of that girl is absolutely stunning. I hope that she gets out, I’m sick of her. Josh is concerned because trust doesn’t mean much at this point so he is worried. On exile, Jon finds an immunity which might be the double edged sword. If he develops overconfidence because of the idol he’s found, his hubris might get him a target on his back. Immunity challenge ensues, no leadership skills are exemplified because it’s individually based, and to Josh’s nightmare, reveals Jeremy to be the winner. I don’t know why Jeremy’s tribe are so ecstatic because if they can’t get Jeremy, they’ll just aim for one of his foot soldiers. This will be crucial, whomever Josh ends up targeting could play a major impact on who votes with who. WOW, a lot of drama just ensued. Bailor who is secretly controlling her mom, who is a total enabler, is going to rescue her daughter yet again. The parenting strategies, which are similar to leadership qualities are seriously lacking in Missy.  Voting time, and unfortunately, all the leadership available can’t quell the hell fury of a woman’s scorn, at the advice of his girlfriend, he turned on the couples. Josh has been voted out.

Survivor Ep. 7

The episode begins with the orange crew trying to patch things up with the guy they had stabbed in the back, but reparations were not to be made, at least not on any real level. Their creative strategy had its fallout to it and now they’ve received an enemy from it. Sometimes, being upfront and honest is more reliable than the unnecessarily cunning and underhanded play. Mainly because now, their is no love, and no trust to be had. On the other side, the gay dudes plot to relieve Jeremy from the game, but miss their opportunity due to winning the challenges all the time. The reasoning behind the specificity of their target has yet to be fully revealed, but most likely, it’s because people have discovered that he is conniving and manipulative. With that kind of insight into someone’s identity, it becomes hard to overlook that fact when everyone can’t be trusted, except your loved ones. The tribes merge, they rename themselves, and feel out people’s alliances and loyalties with one another. Jeremy and Josh are in a gridlock, probably because they both can tell that they are running the show from the sly. Jeremy believes highly in his own charm and starts sitting pretty with his belief that he’s got a crew that will be with him until the end. Seriously though, that’s crazy naive. People change their  loyalty on a minute to minute framework, and this is the wrong time to get sloppy. Josh decides to push some gears of his own, but it’s clear that they are split 5-7 in their group. Josh attempts to manipulate Bailor using guilt not realizing that she is a sociopath and a self-absorbed user. That plan will crash and burn and he will have to come up with something  better if he wants to sway the tide of war. He realizes that Bailor feigns persuading her mom and let’s the mom think she’s making the decision, when in reality, she is scared to make the hard decisions so she uses her mom as a scapegoat. It’s not that clever but it’s a strong means of pushing the blame away from her, in terms of future votes. Josh attempts to plea with the attractive couple because they are realistically, the only real fence sitters left. Josh says, there are strength in couples, Jeremy is a strong competitor and has a realistic chance of being the winner despite the game being only half over. It seems like the smart way of introducing perspective to a duo that doesn’t have the capacity to think things through. They fade off into the distance to discuss their play. Thankfully, Julie decides to become an enemy of the state by hoarding the little food that they have left. Regardless of the alliances, that crossed the line for many of them and she’s got a real big target on her back now. Realizing that you could potentially be caught, why would someone do that? The hunger must be really, really hard. The challenge begins and it is wildly uninteresting. Eventually, Keith wins. The only thing worth mentioning was the fat grin on Jeremy’s face when Josh lost the challenge. That looked downright evil. I guess I am very biased at this point or the show is pushing me to want to think in a certain way and it’s working. Keith mentions that this vote will show where the alliances stand and he is absolutely right. Julie is all ready to quit but missy tries to string her along, and not very subtly. She has enraged Julie and she has now become a wildcard. It might not matter because the frat dude still seems loyal towards Jeremy taking the numbers out of the equation for Josh. However, there are rumblings of voting off Julie, which may bear fruit. Also, Jeremy lost first, and quickly. Either he’s uncoordinated, or may have played the long con, showing that he won’t sweep the immunity challenges because he’s terrible at them. That would be amazing if it turned out that way, but I’m doubtful on his capacity to think long term strategy. He’s all about the short term, get everyone on his side, and mob rule. That kind of thing rarely works out for dictators. Josh recognizes that the only two really playing the shadow politics of this game are himself and Jeremy. There can be only one winner so whichever one gets out here sets the tone for the direction of this rag tag group of people. So WOW, what a surprise. Jon actually uses his brain and realizes the benefits of taking out Jeremy far outweigh the short term alliance of being with the single people. Let’s see how it plays out though, because deceit is the name of the game and you never know who’s out until the vote. OH DANG! Another curve ball, sort of, Julie officially quit and now it’s about to get really real for some people. Then, no tribe meeting, how anticlimactic. All it did was raise suspense, and the possibility for alliances to change over the course of the next tribal council. Jeremy is comfortable and that could be his downfall, and Josh is wary and willing to get in the dirt to succeed. It seems that for the time being, Josh has better odds, but we’ll see next time around.

Survivor Ep. 6

Quick recap, the orange team just destroyed itself, in my opinion, by kicking off the wrong person. Blue team is needing food, and orange will have massive problems working together from this point onward. The old guy, realizing the position he’s in pulls a play to get the ball rolling on his revenge. He proclaims that he has an idol, despite it being inauthentic, in order to create misinformation amongst a portion of the group. Very clever because there really is no better option with his back against the wall. We’ll see if his bluff works out. In the blue group, all of them are visibly weakened and submissive to the host guy, that offers rice for everything the blue have. Clearly, most of them feel inferior to him and go out of their way to visually and verbally express it. Specifically, the grovelling and the eye shifting away during conversation. They close off their bodies, have poor posture, and stand perpendicular, or not facing him. This weak sauce shows that they will need to step it up if they want to get ahead in this game. The reward challenge starts up and blue sends out reed, one of the gay couple, and orange sends out bailor. The challenge requires some physical prowess, without the use of vision, along with a cognitive challenge. You have to feel the sculpture, remember how it feels, then reassemble the pieces. Reed wins by a landslide due to poor planning and strategy, as well as physical incapability of Bailor. The blue team gets the feast, and Natalie goes to exile island with Bailor. She volunteers after Reed picks someone which was truly bizarre. I don’t know why she would do that, but I feel that it will come to haunt her in some way. Every little small wave on this show has drastic repercussions. Blue team gets to their camp, and starts cooking up the reward. They are especially affectionate because Reed just pulled through big time for them and the black guy sees it as a threat. He even says that people that are together shouldn’t show it any way that they like each other and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. What a hater! After the meal, the temperature turns and of course, it happens on the day that they gave up their tarp. They all gather around a small fire and Julie loses it, crying, complaining, the whole 5 yards. The black guy doesn’t realize it himself, but he’s starting to get angrier, more hostile, and more volatile. He’s explicit in making sure we know how stupid his group is for being so weak. Though he’s still quiet and calm now, that will shift most likely at the most inopportune moment is my guess. The competition is on, it seems like this is a profoundly physically bias challenge, but it turns out that the orange team takes a huge lead over the blue squad. The orange team takes a long time on the matching section, because they turn out to be really bad at that part, and blue team catches up and destroys the orange crew. Blue team audibly excited about the result, takes the idol and makes for the happy trail back to camp. On the other hand, the orange team will have their own rude awakening happen I’m sure over tribal council tonight. The old guy on the chopping block is initiating phase 2 of his plan. Due to the uselessness of the idol, having it and using it is pointless, so instead of broadcasting your invulnerability and goading them into voting else, whilst falling into a feeling of false security, he gets to work. What he does is offer the leader of the group, John, the idol in exchange for free passage. Working on John’s insecurity, avarice, and uncertainty is the ideal play that he could have. Now, he can potentially cast the seed of doubt by subtly leaving breadcrumbs of deceit that follow along with him and John, criminalizing both of them. I have come to really respect this geezer and his plotting. The brief talking before the actual vote is generally nervous drivel that does nothing but increase the tension and promote doubt. Interestingly enough, John, the guy I thought was pretty dumb, actually did something highly intelligent. He made his answer open-ended, yet inclusive to seemingly everyone, and at the same time, made people realize that they need to vote however he wanted them to or they will have created a powerful enemy. At the end, it turns out that the desire for immunity couldn’t compete with absolution or loyalty. John voted against Dale kicking him off the program, leaving 2 happy couples, and Keith who had 2 votes given to him. He’ll obviously be suspect from this point on and next time they lose will be greatly amusing because of his idol. Alliances will be off and it will all come down to Keith’s discretion. I thought I had a good grasp on who should and shouldn’t be kept, but the longer this game goes on, the more murky and blurry it becomes. Until next week.

Survivor ep. 5

The start of the episode has Jon making his apologies for being on the losing team, Drew’s team. Blue team is otherwise doing well. The orange team however, is very shocked to find him voted off due to misperceptions of drew’s likability. The host displays his shock to their shock because the impossible is the natural for these people.

Big shock comes, swap the groups up. Everyone was listening closely now as opposed to when they’re put on the spot by the host and try to come up with some passive way to not really answer the question. The swap brings almost couples vs single people with the exception of one single and double per group and life changes noticeably. The blue team apparently doesn’t ration their food at all, so the new people find their tribe in dire straights.

The orange team on the other hand is reacquainting itself with its group. Happiness is privy among the reunited couple. All seems happy in the world for them, which typically has deadly implications in reality television. The odd man out seems worried but relieved he has an idol. The food issue starts reaching a tipping point for some of the people. The mom decides to feed people without worrying about the future  and the old man wants to ration, and play smart. The kindling has been lit between these two and it won’t take much for the flames to break loose and these two collide and bad things happen. He literally listens so hard and is so upset, that he needs to bite his lip until it bleeds just to stop him from unleashing himself.

The challenge begins and the blue tribe starts strong, they are the faster and more athletic bunch, and ironically, work best together. The other tribe of pairs are less athletic, older, and weaker, both physically and mentally. Blue team takes a massive command over the challenge and wins immunity on a grand scale. They win immunity, but stay behind to ask whether or not they could illicit a trade for some desperately needed food.The trade did not play out and we will have to wait to see what happens.

The orange team is scurrying to make alliances for tribal and it seems up in the air on who will be voted out. To my complete surprise, they voted off the innocuous girl who created no waves and only wanted to protect her dad. Strategy clearly is not the forte of the beautiful couple. Dale, the father is clearly distraught, but even more angry. The seeds have been sewn and he will be gunning hard for them at his next opportunity. There was no real case of listening strategies, or differences in this episode being utilized, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t there behind the scenes.

Survivor episode 4

Dale on the orange team realizes that he was left out on the betrayal round and he decides to get back in the social aspect of the game. On the blue team, the surfer guy decides he’s going to try to trade flint for fishing gear despite the unyielding disagreement of the group. The groups come together to find the big guy was voted off, much to their pleasure. They believed that his presence was a dark cloud over the group with his prejudice and violent temperament, especially towards ethnically, or otherwise people. The surfer guy on blue announces his trade idea, but is laughed off by the host guy. The blue team clearly not happy with his reckless abandon.

The challenge is on, and it’s boyfriend vs. girlfriend. The boyfriend starts off losing, but comes full circle and wins it for his tribe. There really wasn’t a big masculinity/femininity debacle because of the love and respect shared between the couple. Ultimately, very respectable and I hope they go far. The surfer guy on the blue volunteers for exile, which is highly bizarre. The ramifications on that could be huge.

The old guy on blue goes out looking for an idol, when he gets found by the team. He claims Jeremy has it, but later finds it himself. However, him telling the group that Jeremy has an idol has effectively put a target on his back. On exile island, the surfer dude proclaims that he will inhibit the team from winning so he can get rid of the snakes hidden on his team. I can’t believe anyone would think that basely. He also was blatantly checking out the girlfriend, which might not bode well for him. They return from exile in time for the next immunity challenge, the challenge requires physical prowess which the younger, fitter men seem to have an overwhelmingly huge advantage in. The orange team pulls it together, and wins the challenge at the blue team’s expense. Supposedly, the surfer guy lost intentionally so we’ll see what happens because of it.

The blue team comes together to decide on who should get voted out and Drew cries the loudest to get out Kelly, who is the most innocuous person on the team, and the group couldn’t get behind it. Some wanted Keith, others Julie, but in the end, because of the chaos and misalignment, Drew gets the boot. It was a bad play from the get-go and assuming your kingpin of a group generally only works out for you if you actually are. In hindsight, maybe he’ll think back on how not smart it was to lose intentionally, yell the loudest and most openly on who to take out, and then admit he doesn’t care about people, just that he wants what he says goes.

Survivor Episode 3

It starts with Drew from the blue squad being apathetic around his group, which does not bode well for him in the future. The groups come together and it becomes apparent that John didn’t keep his promise to Jeremy to keep his wife safe. Jeremy now wants him out, and his girlfriend counterpart knows that she is in trouble. John admits to everyone that he made a deal with the enemy and spread the seed of doubt about him. The orange team ended up winning the challenge and got fishing gear. John proved useful for getting fish and everything was going swimmingly, no pun intended. The guys alliance was still strong and Baylor was on the chopping block. That is until the next challenge unfolded and orange team lost, yet again. After their loss, the blue team was taunting and hollering about getting rid of John, who apparently was some shadow leader. Due to his sordid past regarding homophobia and racist comments, the people in the group started to see him in a whole new light. At this point, alliances shifted and people started to have a direct conflict with whom they should vote off. I find it very ironic that the most dynamic conflict throughout the entire episode was the blue group harassing the one guy. It was a great look at how much power Jeremy had for himself, because with one word from him, the group fell in line. At this point, due to fear of destructive conflict, they eliminate the most destructive seeming person on their team despite the fact that he was a lot more good than bad. I guess perception is a hard thing to gauge in that sort of setting. At the tribal council, a lot had been said through subtext so that only certain people would understand. After which, the voting commenced and the tribe voted off John who decided against using his idol. The group most likely feels that they will have a shift in the right direction with this blindsided spectacle but I believe that this will affect them way more negatively than they can realize. At the first mistake, people will start to think that everyone might be trying to blindside them so alliances will be very blurry. In all reality, they may self destruct a lot faster than they realize, but that will remain to be seen. Ultimately, they decided who to vote out using a third party spectator, the blue team, so they have now expressed that they are very weak and very impressionable. It will be a tough road for the orange team now.

Survivor Ep 2

The episode begins with the blue team losing their precious flint, Jon, the clown of the group engages in absolving himself by being a self-confessor to his sins.  Despite his failure, he curries the vast majority of the maintenance tasks of his group and will be missed dearly if lost. The blue and orange team meet up and they find the twin sister gone. The other twin, so reluctant and weakened at this finding begins crying and gaining sympathy so masterfully, that she could’ve taught the class on it. In this game, pity is a form of currency and holds its weight in gold. We unfortunately don’t delve too far into the people and their time together to accurately judge their specific role according to Belbin’s theory. The orange team loses and the big guy and the black fireman go to exile island where they from an unconventional allegiance to defend eachothers women. They start the next survival challenge and orange team is determined but loses regardless. The loss is quite the shock and seriously demoralizes the whole group. After the shock wore thin however, the girls began their plotting against one another while the guys rode on the coattails of their schemes. Val, claiming to the whole world that she is safe and has an idol when in reality doesn’t, crafts an usual plan that she somehow believes will pay off royally. I’ll try and explain it but no matter how many times I think about it, it just seems reckless. She convinces the guys to split the votes between herself and the little girl, who had in the challenge previous showed how blatant it was that she didn’t belong there, because it would work in her favor. Self-assured and ready to rock, the voting is implemented and she ends up not revealing the idol, at the great shock of everyone in the group, and then proceeds to get kicked off the island. Unfortunately again, before she had left, she truly rocked the boat of the team and its unity is now faltering hard. So in the end, the policewoman burned some bridges and caused major upheaval within the group right before making her swift exit.

Survival is key, ep. 1

The show begins with giving brief insight in the capabilities of the competitors and how they interact with their ‘blood’ or partner. It then unites the group together, and then divides them from their partner. After the separation, a trial for the firefighter on the blue team begins. He has to go against his wife. He wins, sends her away and throws one of his teammates under the bus. He’s so emotional that everyone feels for him and he becomes the popular guy in the crew. He uses his new found affection to make and form teammates. The wife of the firefighter ends up betraying the man accompanying her showing a bit of her true character. The red group aims for fire and shelter and everyone appears to be working for the same thing but the blue team has some minor tension just from clash of personalities. After a few days, they all regroup and come together and work well to succeed in the challenge. The blue team wins and the adrenaline starts to go away and at this point, Jeff Probst, the announcer, starts to pull at heart strings by reminding the victorious group that victory comes at the price of their loved one. Winning is losing and losing is winning in this twisted game to exploit how far people will go to win the prize money. The orange team is given the task to remove someone from the team and the gay gentlemen is given the swing vote to pick whomever he’d like because he’s been characterized or stereotyped as being both a man and a women. Apparently, survivor brings out primitive thinking in people. The announcer begins probing for who’ll crack and say the wrong thing that will alienate them from the rest. Answering these questions is like walking on thin ice because it doesn’t take much to push people the wrong way. In the end, the person who ended up being kicked off was the person with the biggest mouth. You typically can’t rub people the wrong way if you don’t talk as much.