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Episode 3

In the last episode, it ended with the orange tribe at tribal council with Val being voted off. However, Baylor was close behind in votes. In episode three, Baylor expresses her anger about almost being voted off and instead of talking to her tribe about it, she uses avoidance and says she will fight for herself.

With the blue tribe, they realize their roof needs some work and they come together to weave a new roof. All except Drew, which leads to conflict. With his decision to take a nap instead of helping, the tribe begins to get frustrated leaving Natalie to, in a constructive way, confront him about his behavior as a procedural conflict. There will not be good group cohesion if Drew continues to do his own thing.

Jon and Jeremy last episode agreed to look after each-others girls. However, Val was sent home leading to frustration from Jeremy. With his anger, he took to bad talking Jon to his tribe. Jeremy is showing competition conflict style because it is more important to him to release his anger  about John than being a good group member and letting the tension leave. He causes a destructive conflict and upsets Jons girlfriend and makes her feel like she is alone in the tribe.

There was major conflict between the two tribes during the immunity battle. With Jon, in the orange tribe, showing some aggression, Natalie, blue tribe, decides to take a stand and begins to talk bad about Jon and toward Jon. Jons girlfriend tries to stick up for him but then backs off when he shows more aggression. The orange tribe stuck up for Jon saying that as a member of their tribe they have his back, but you could tell they were frustrated with his actions. Both Josh and Baylor admitted their frustration after going back to camp.

The orange tribe ended up losing the challenge so they had to go back to tribal council for the third time in a row. Jon tries to manipulate the tribe to get Baylor out but ends up being voted out. The tribe decided behind his back in a collaboration conflict style, they wanted to change how they have been doing things and vote out the male even though his strength is helpful to the team. They took time to plan a way to get him out without him noticing to be able to get rid of his negativity.

Episode 2

In this episode of Survivor the blue and orange tribes are figuring out their individual roles.

The blue team has two main recognition seekers, Jon and Drew, that are causing tribe members to have negative feelings toward them. They possibly are doing this to fill their inclusion needs but its not helping. When Jon on the blue team lost the flint he accepted his mistake trying to fill his affection need because he was hoping by living up to it that they would appreciate him for that and respect him more.

During the challenge the orange team was losing and the team showed John amazing supportive feedback, but could’ve given constructive feedback as to how to overcome the challenge. They could’ve suggested bending his knees more or telling him to go under and then bring the ball after. After the blue team had one, they had to decide having flint or the fishing gear. It seemed as though all team members were showing good assertiveness and sharing their opinions.

The blue team helped Natalie after she found out Nadia was voted off by all stepping up and being supporters and encouragers. It showed great tribe communication and group maintenance. Natalie showed great self- confessor role by opening up and letting them support her.

During the big challenge, both groups showed great constructive and supportive feedback to their tribe members when competing. The only rough part of the challenge was when Missy was focused on her self-centered role of special interest pleader because she didn’t want to hurt her daughter again. The orange team loses another challenge and has to go to tribal council. Just like last episode there is a lot of hidden agendas and making big moves to try to make connections with other tribe members to not be voted out of the tribe. There was a little bit of aggressiveness shown by Val and Baylor at the tribal council, but Val ends up being voted out because the tribe did not believe her lie about having any life-saving items.

Blood Vs. Water

In this episode of Survivor, all team members are brought to Nicaragua, as it is the start of the episode. While they are brought with a family member or close loved one, they are split up and put into tribes after the first night. The two tribes have a complete sense of choice when it comes to how to survive and are working toward the same goal, to win challenges for their tribe. However while they all have a common group goal, they each have their own individual goal, to make it to the end of the show. The two tribes, throughout the first episode, figure out their group dialects that can help them become successful groups for the rest of the show. A good example of how the group members are finding their niche was while the rest of the tribe spends time rubbing branches together in hopes of a fire, Dale shows constructive nonconformity by continuing to work on making a fire with the use of his glasses. Even though it was the work of one member, it gave the whole group a sense of accomplishment.

While the tribe members are becoming nervous about the upcoming tribal council, the orange group starts to talk amongst themselves seeing who everyone wants to vote out. They have started the storming stage where people have taken up roles as leaders and followers and are realizing they can’t be friends with everyone and still accomplish their individual goal. The first set of conflict is that a lot of members had hidden agendas when talking to each other. That could lead to many communication issues if that continues to be the case. The storming stage in the orange group should continue into the next episode as they have now experienced voting someone out but are still trying to address and figure out the groups dialect. The blue group could stay in the forming stage because they have yet to experience any major tension. They seem to have moved from primary tension after doing so well in the first challenge, to being able to resolve the primary tension and will continue in the forming stage.