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Final Blog Post

1)  4. I was forgot to do two blogs but besides that they were always on time. I connected the content of the class with the show throughout the entire blog series. I also participated in commenting on my peers blogs regularly.

2) 4 Throughout the whole blogging process i consistently would comment on my peers blogs. I enjoyed ready my group mates views on the episodes and how they connected it to the course content.

3) 4 I was pretty good on connecting the book to the show. On a couple i would just talk about what had happened in the show and wouldn’t connect it to the content as much as others.

4) I thought my strengths were the consistence that i did them. I enjoyed the show as a first time watcher and found it to be a fun assignment making my strengths come out in my blog. Im also not taking an english class right now and it was refreshing to write weekly.

5) I think my blogging could improve with a lot more practice. I need to work on my spelling I’m my blogs. With commenting on others i could have gone further in depth about what they were taking about the show and how they choose to relate it to course content.

6) What i liked about blogging was watching a show i hadn’t seen before. I really ended up getting into the show and would look forward to new episodes. I also liked how i now have my own website where i can blog for the rest of my life. Overall I’d say i really enjoyed blogging.

7) What i didn’t like about blogging was that we had to comment on two of our peers blogs rather than just one.

8) I would just suggest to make one peer comment instead of two.

Survivor Episode 8 chapter 5

The previous episode ended in a way that i haven’t seen before. When Julie quit it really threw a wrench in most of the blue tribe members plans. The tribe is freaking out due to the fact that their previous plans to get either Jeramey or Josh off the islands. The first challenge in the episode was very physically challenging. The tribes were both mixed for this activity and the yellow team was way ahead the entire time and keep it strong till the end and finished before the competing team. There were no clear leaders in the activity but you could hear the positivity that they were supporting each other with. It proved to be a the winning motivation. Most individual and couple strategies are based on personal power rather than position power because each member or couple wants to have earned status within their tribe. Whereas positional power is dependent upon every member of the tribe doing their job. The winning team sent John to exile islands where he found an idol making him a definite leader that carries weight within the groups voting decisions. The guys in the blue tribe are getting on the nerves of the women on the team with their rude manners. Jacklyn is showing her true colors with the women and possible a women alliance in the near future. On the individual immunity challenge Jeramey won keeping himself out of the soon to vote and the two main leaders now have become Josh and Jackelyn. In this episodes tribal council Josh was voted out. Josh was a main leader and a big threat to the rest of the tribe members. John and jacklyn were the swing votes. There is a huge power struggle between two groups with the tribe and it was clear who was in each tribe expect when it came down to where John and Jacklyn stood. Power in the book is defined as ” the ability or authority to influence and motivate others.”

Survivor Episode 7 Chapter 9

This episode starts out as all do with a brief recap of the previous episode. It then goes straight into the show and how Missy and Bailor put Keiths name down on the vote sheet. Keith was upset and felt that the communication was lacked between the three of them. In chapter nine we have to be creative with the problems we face as a group and with this episode Keith has to get creative and figure out how to either get on Bailor and Missy’s good graces or if he wants to get a the other members to vote them out. Both will take convincing on Keith’s part. The show takes a twist early by saying that the teams were merging. It seems that there is a authority rule as a way that the group now works with. I think that John and his girlfriend are a definite power couple and who ever they vote will be the ones to will have the final say in who gets kick off the island. In the challenge that the contestants was very stressful on the tribe members. It was close pretty much the whole time but it came down to Keith and his son Wes. Keith ended up winning and has won immunity from the vote. Keith had to use decision making skills when it came down to just Keith and Wes. He could either drop his ball and loose so his son is safe from the vote or win immunity for himself. He ended up winning cause he stuck with the decision he made. He analyzed the situation then made a plan of action to carry it out then put that plan into action. If his plans all succeed then him and Wes should be safe from the vote.  Julie had stole some snack mix and the group went through her bag and found it. Julie was feeling bad and depressed without her man and she had deiced to quit and leave the islands. With Julie quitting the vote for this week is off and someone is saved from going home. Jeremy seems to be next on the chopping block unless he can prove his worth to the group.

Survivor Episode 6

The show starts out as usual with a recap of the last episodes main events and challenges.  After a quick recap of the previous show, this episodes drives right into the emotions of the person who had just lost their loved one, Dale. He was very upset at who his tribe decided to vote out. Tension was high in the orange tribe but the blue tribe had almost no rice or food for themselves. In their desperation they asked the host of the show what they might be able to work out or trade in order for them to possible get more rice.  The host comes and tells them that they have to trade in everything that they had previously. They blue team made the trade and got the rice. The first challenge was a one on one challenge with Bailor for orange and Reed for blue. It was a pretty close game until Reed took a lead at the end and finished first winning the challenge. Bailor is now sent to exile islands and Reed wanted Julie to go with her but Natalie wanted to go so she went with Bailor. The blue team is left with no tarp to over themselves from rain. It rained all the next night and the pressure is setting in with all the tribe members especially Julie. In the second challenge the orange team takes a quick lead and is winning most of the time until the blue team comes back for a late victory. This now sends the orange team back to kick yet another member off the islands. Before orange team is sent to vote Dale tells John that if he votes Bailor out of the game and if he does Dale will give him his (fake) idol. The orange team voted Dale off and I think it was a pretty smart choice although i would have liked to see Bailor go.

Survivor Episode 5

This show starts out as usual with a recap of the last episode. When the blue tribe arrives without drew in this episodes first meeting drews brother was very shocked. Then the host of the show tell them that they have a chance to play with their loved one because he gave each team a bag with either a blue or red rag. This as you can imagine totally change the game, The blue team now is all singles and one couple and the orange team is three couples and one signal. The blue team totally smokes the orange team in the first and second challenges. As the orange team struggles to keep up they are also having probably communicating. The orange team which is made up of all couples and one single are sent into the voting round. They tribe votes off Kelly, Dales daughter.  I think it was a smart move cause i could definatly see Kelly as a threat to the other succuess in the game.

episode #4 We’re a hot mess

As always the episode starts out with a brief recap of the last episode. In the last episode the orange team voted John off the island which i believe was a good move on their teams part. For the first challenge of the episode is John vs. his girl friend Jacqueline. Its starts with Jacqueline in the lead but John then got focused and took the lead and won the challenge. When Blue won they got a choice between a great meal to cook over a fire or comfortable things to make a bed with. Diversity in groups plays a huge part in all groups and now that the show has gotten past the first few episodes personality are really coming out.  The fact that everyone is so age different brings different energy and different motivations. The orange group is very eager to win a challenge and not have have to fear being voted off the islands. Keith finds an idol by the well in his camp. He had blamed Jeramey for finding it before him breaking their alliance. The orange team finally won their first challenge and do not have to kick someone off their team. Drew on the blue team lost it for his team on purpose so he can try and vote some of the women that are on his team. This is a massive move and in my opinion is very dangerous. The groups have been working well together for the most part but when everyone in the group has a different goal it makes thing conflicting. On the blue team they are creating somewhat of a girls vs guys group. Drew was voted off of the blue team which i think is a smart move of the teams part.

Episode #3

On this episode the tribes really get pushed to new pressured nights. It begins with a very bitter start by Jeramys wife leaving. John is trying to “protect” Val (Jeramys wife) but failed to do so when she was kicked off the last episode.  Tensions run high between John and Jeramy.  Josh is still in a great spot to keep himself in the game. John is really digging a whole for himself with his tribe with his negativity and once everyone on the show finds out that he had said some racist comments as a pro baseball player.  In the first challenge the tribes is a speed and balance activity. Its Wes against his father Keith. It was a good contest between the two and Keith had the lead for most of the game but a slight slip up allowed his son Wes to take the lead and win the challenge, sending Keith and Josh get sent to exile islands. Emotions run extremely high when Keith is taking to his son after the game. The orange team was then choose to get fishing gear as their prize.  John catches a fish thus making himself an asset to have on the orange team. The last challenge of the episode is a maze like field and has a hoop that you need to shoot a ball through. Both teams look strong as the game starts. It gets heated when John is acting and saying very disrespectful things to the other team. There was a lot of lying and plotting this episode but in all I’m glad to see John leave.

Survivor Blog #2 Episode #2

This episode starts out with a brief overview of the previous episode. It seems like Josh continues to put himself is really good situations were everyone is telling him things and he is keeping himself safe from being voted off that way. Watching this I can already tell some group dynamics and member roles in the tribes. Josh for instance seems to be what Schutlz calls a social member. On the other hand John is more of an oversocial member who is always trying to impress and attract attention to himself. John and his girlfriend are up against each other in the first challenge of the episode. John lost and is now on exile islands with one of the other tribes members. John is very upset he lost. Natalie is really upset and emotional that her sister was voted off last episode and all the laddies in her tribe are comforting her and keeping her in a positive mind set.  Everyone finds out that John said racist things as a pro baseball player which makes everyone like him a lot less. I enjoyed watching the physical challenge “sumo at sea.” Val was the person who was voted off this episode and i agree with it.

Survivor blog #1 Blood vs. Water

This is a new thing to me because I’ve never watched the show before. It starts out by a group of 18 people getting dropped offed in Nicaragua. Each person came with a with a loved one. Right away they are faced with their first challenge which is to create fire from using flint.  Most groups are successful in this and some aren’t so lucky.  As they go from group to group they each contestant explains their reasoning for wanting to be on survivor and why they think they will win the final prize of $1,000,000.  Further watching the episode you can tell right away which groups have problems and which groups are much more compatible. The contestants were divided into two groups, blue and orange. After they were divided the first challenge was a husband and his wife against each other. The husband won (Jeremy) and was awarded the flint as a prize. It became extremely emotional when his wife was sent to Exile Islands. Early on there was a team of a father and son who had lost the flint pen and started going through a storming stage on what to do. They ended up working together to find a rock to try and start their fire even though it was unsuccessful,  I could see that they had shown solid problem solving abilities. After Wes finds out that John is an ex pro baseball player, John decides that if he gets the chance he’ll take Wes out of the game. At the first immunity challenge the teams forming stage is ending and now they have to work together. The blue team wins and emotions again run high. Josh has put himself in a really good spot because everyone on the orange group is consulting him on which way his vote will go. I was happy to see Nadia leave i really didn’t like her attitude. I think its safe to say at this point in the game no one is safe but its always better to be in known as the guy to come to with problems, then the guy who is the problem.