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Final Blog Post ♡

Lets just go question by question:

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner? Since I only did the last few blog posts, I don’t really know how to evaluate myself. On one hand, I didn’t do 6 posts, but on the other hand, I was very consistent with the ones I did submit every monday. I think I get a 3, right in the middle.


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog? Not at all…1


One a scale of 1-5 (5 being very well), how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show? I think I did a very good job of integrating the class concepts with the show. I made an effort in all my posts to have at least half of the blog entry about class concepts. 4


Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation. I think my strength was my ability to integrate the class concepts with the show, and actually being able to understand the class concepts afterwards. The integration of Survivor helped me to think more critically about the clas concepts in a way that would be better to understand.


Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation. I think that if I had actually participated in the first blog posts, I would have been a better overall blogger.


What did you like about blogging? I liked the idea of being able to write my thoughts and interpretations of the show down in a platform other than writing it out and turning it in. The blogs let me be more creative with my responses to the given prompts.


What did you dislike about blogging? Initially I disliked the idea of people reading my blog, and the nervousness that accompanied it. Once I was able to get over it, however, I was able to have fun with it
What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future? My only suggestion would be to actually participate. The blog assignment was a fun and different way to do class assignments, and I wish I would have partipated the whole semester.

Gettin’ to Crunch Time ~ Episode 9

Before I started blogging for the day, I realized that i had mixed up the blog assignments, and today was supposed to be the blog entry about group motivation… guess I just have to role with the punches!

On to the blog:

This episode of Survivor was full of surprises; first, Jeremy and Natalie gave up their spots for the yacht cruise (a very intrinsic reward), and then Jeremy gets sent to exile. Baylor (my LEAST favorite of all the cast members) won immunity for the week, so I’ll have to sit through another episode with her in it. What I thought was most surprising was the fact that Keith chose to be risky and not use his immunity idol, but Jeremy was the one to go to jury. I thought for sure Keith was going home, because everyone was getting suspicious of him (which just means that the next time Keith is in danger, he’s going to have the advantage of the immunity idol). I was also happy to see Reed pull through for another week. I just hope he can keep going.

Relating this episode to the chapter on Motivation was somewhat difficult for me. I saw mainly two categories of motivation in this episode:

  • A sense of meaningfulness- I saw this, like I see every week, in the challenge for the rewards and the immunity challenge. This form of motivation especially showed in Reed and Baylor during the immunity challenge, and I’ll admit my heart broke a little bit when Reed messed up at the last second and gave Baylor the opportunity to win.
  • A sense of choice- by quick definition, was choosing strategies to achieve goals. This was apparent during the last few minutes of the episode during the Tribal Council. I was surprised to see multiple names come up for elimination, and had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out who voted for who. I had to think a bit about how the Survivors strategies had begun changing. I also saw this when Keith chose not to play his Immunity idol. I’m not sure how this move will effect him in the future.


A Wrinkle in the Plan ~ Episode 8

With the surprising departure of Julie in Episode 7, I was shocked and unsure of what would happen in episode 8. Josh and Jeremy tried to salvage their alliances. From the begining of the episode it seemed that Jon and Jaclyn were on the fence about which alliance they were going to choose. All of the younger players (Baylor, Wes, and Alec) just seemed to get more annoying.

In this episode, I really saw the course material relate to this week’s lecture. The Group motivation was extremely apparent During the challenge for the taco bar. The groups both encouraged their members to get the challenge done. I saw the episode relate a lot to the four categories of Motivation:

  1. A sense of meaningfulness- Everyone tried their hardest to get the challenge completed so they could win.
  2. A sense of choice- Jon and Jaclyn had the most relying on them this week; the way they voted could change the outcomes of future alliances.
  3. A sense of competence- I saw this in everyone this week, except for maybe Baylor. She annoys me and I really wanted her to go home.
  4. A sense of progress- By the end of the episode, I sensed that everyone in Jeremy’s alliance felt a sense of progress when they were finally able to vote Josh out.

The Million Dollar Decision ~ Episode 7

In this episode of Survivor, the contestants have lasted 16 days in the competition. With the two tribes officially merged together, I could sense that the rising tension between Jeremy and Josh really come to fruition. It was also apparent that Julie was slowly losing her mind, which ultimately led her to the “Million Dollar Decision” to leave the show, and leave Jeremy and his allies a person short of a Majority.

The chapter elements that stood out in the episode to me were the Decision Making Questions:

  • Question of Fact- I saw this when Josh went to Jon and Jaclyn to recruit them to his alliance. Josh tried to sway them with gossip about Jeremy, which caused the power couple to second guess their decisions,and ask themselves if what Josh said was true or false.
  • Question of Conjecture- I always see this in the episodes when it gets closer to tribal councils, when they have to wait to see the outcomes; “Am I going to stay, or am I in danger of being voted off?”
  • Question of Value- I saw this a lot in Baylor in this episode when she had to choose between her alliance with Josh or siding with her Mother (which meant Jeremy and other former Hunapu members). Baylor had to choose which alliance was more worthwhile and determine which would be right and wrong for her progressionin the game.
  • Lastly, the Question of Policy- This was apparent when the tribe discovered that Julie had been going against the basic tribal (though unspoken) policy about food. The tribe had to decide how they were going to deal with her for being selfish.