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Structured and Creative Problem Solving in Groups

This week on Survivor there was definitely conflict. When it comes to decision making, they try to have structure. For example, when it comes to voting, they try to decide before tribal council who will leave rather than just decide on the spot and not discuss it with other members of the tribe.

I thought the biggest form of conflict this episode is the conflict between the genders. Particularly when John went to exile island and the boys were acting chauvinistic. They didn’t defend themselves and i was so shocked!! If that were me i would have said other things back. BUT because violence is not the answer, they should have used some other structured problem solving techniques.

Jaclyn in particular should have addressed the boys about why they would only strategize with her if John was there. They could have identified the problem and identified possible solutions. The advantages of her doing that would be that she would raise her credibility as a player that she was strategizing.


New tribes have surfaced so its the perfect episode to talk about diversity. In terms of dimensions, i think that the ones that are present in these groups would be gender and generational. Keith in particular is now apart of a group of paired loved ones. Not only does being the only “single” hinder his game, but the fact that he is one of the older ones doesn’t help it either. Especially when it comes to challenges, they want someone who can be physically helpful. BUT, since Kelly is now gone, maybe him and Keith should work together.

When it comes to gender, i think it is kind of tricky. Some of the girls competitively might not be as athletically able to contribute. I think Natalie is one of the girls that can hang with they guys while Baylor might not be up to her level. I also see that there are a few alpha male personalities; they seem to me to have that stereotype. For instance, one of the brothers just relaxed and explained how he does not “weave” for their bed. Proclaiming his masculinity and basically saying that thats the women’s job. But it will be interesting to see how it plays out now that there are new teams.

Not only do you get diversity in gender and generation, but we see some diverse backgrounds. For instance, theres a gay couple battling religious backgrounds, and southern farmers who do not necessarily interact with people like them. Due to the strategy of the game, they need to be culturally relativistic.