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Fake Idol Fail!

The Hunahpu tribe starts from scratch at the beginning of this episode. They had to give up everything they have in order to get rice. The original Hunahpu tribe was irresponsible with the portions of rice they were eating so the present Hunahpu tribe has to pay the price. After giving up everything, they won the first challenge and ate very well that night.

The Coyopa tribe loses both challenges once again and Dale knows he is on the chopping block. Dale tells John he has an Idol and John believes him. Dale tells John that if he is safe, he’ll give John the idol. I really believed that John and his girlfriend were going to save Dale but in the end, it was Dale who got voted off. I don’t know if I would’ve made the same decision.  However, I’m glad Dale was voted out because the idol was fake and I considered this cheating. Going into the merge should be very interesting.


And The Tables Have Turned….. Yet again!

At the beginning of this episode, we see the Hunahpu tribe as they come back from they’re elimination. Drew was blindsided and it seemed like the only person who didn’t realize what was going to happen was John who was Drew’s only true friend. Besides the shock of the coyopa tribe realizing Drew had been voted off, there was an even bigger shock this episode. The tribes had to #dropyourbuff and mixed up the tribes completely. This was not something I expected because I felt like each tribe was barely starting to get to know the group dynamics and realizing each persons personality types. I believe the reason some people have been doing so well in avoiding getting voted off is because their personality types are more of introverts. I feel like the biggest extroverts on each team are slowly being weeded out. If I were them I would keep my mouth shut and just go with the flow. The key is to get along with everyone so that no one goes after you.

As the show continues, we see some extremely happy people and some not so happy people. The reason some people are happy is because they are reunited with their family member.  On the Coyopa tribe, poor Keith is the only single person on this team. He, as did I, believed he was the next one out of this tribe. Fortunately, there was conflict between two of the other couples and they didn’t even think to vote out Keith when the Coyopa tribe lost the challenge. Missy and Dale started the tension when Missy made too much rice. Dale did not like this because he was so used to making a certain amount each day. This, plus the feud between Baylor and Dale in the days prior have already altered the group dynamics negatively. Kelley tried to play peacemaker between her dad and the other couple but in the end, she was the one voted out. I still don’t understand why this was their decision but I have a feeling I’ll understand in the episode to come.

Survivor Episode 4 – Bye Bye Drew!!!

At the beginning of this episode, the Hunahpu tribe finally finds out that John was voted off the Coyopa tribe and there were a lot of mixed emotions. Natalie seemed very happy whereas Julie, John’s wife, seemed a little mad/sad.  This could lead to conflict in the future if she tries to get back at the other members.

There is group conflict everywhere you turn in this show. One of the first conflicts displayed in the forth episode was when the Hunahpu tribe finds the flint that they had lost and Drew wants ask to trade some fishing gear for it. The whole tribe doesn’t want Drew ask for the trade because they know he’ll get turned down, which he does. That was just the beginning of the conflict Drew starts. Drew decides to throw the immunity challenge because he wanted to start getting rid of the some of the players on his team. He thinks that he is the leader of the team and that he knows how everyone is going to vote but little does he know that the whole team blindsides him and he is the one being kicked off the show. I was extremely happy to see him go because he was lazy and didn’t care for anyone else except himself. He started conflict between his own team and could have potentially ruined the team in the future. I think the team made the right decision. I think this whole situation was a perfect example of affective conflict because Drew struggled for power and thought he had it but in the end, the group resolved it the only way they knew how…they kicked in off.  I strongly believe that if Drew would have stayed on the team there would have been more destructive conflict that arose rather than constructive conflict. I’m excited to see the next episode and to see Drew’s brothers face when he realizes his brother is out of the game.

Group Membership in Episode #3

In Episode 3, the need for control is very dominant in John Rocker. From the beginning of the show, John has displayed the need for control when trying to navigate which way the votes will go. In this episode, he knows he is on the chopping block for letting Val get voted off and because of his past as well. John is an autocrat when he speaks with everyone in the tribe to try and control who each person is going to vote off but doesn’t realize that almost everyone is blindsiding him and he ends up getting voted out.

There are many examples of several different group maintenance roles. Dale is one of the biggest encourager/supporter. In this episode, Dale has to sit out for the Coyopa tribe during the elimination challenge which made him their biggest supporter. He was the loudest team member on the Coyopa tribe. Josh is a huge harmonizer. Everyone seems to like Josh and he usually mediates the differences between the boys and the girls. It seems like he is very influential to everyone and he has been a crucial part in deciding who gets voted out and what is best for the tribe. Natalie displays the self-centered role as the aggressor. She is always getting into arguments with the other tribe as well as her own. It seems like she is always in the middle of conflict and has put people down for her own satisfaction.  Looking forward to episode 4.

SURVIVOR EPISODES 1 & 2 – Let the drama begin!

This was the first time I have ever seen the show Survivor and I was not disappointed. I thought this was going to be  a boring, fake reality show but I was wrong.

The theme of season 29 of Survivor is blood versus water. Being that family members are all playing against each other, this makes a lot of sense. Blood symbolizes the bond between the family members and water symbolizes their opponent… the unknown.

At the beginning of the show, the family members are split up into two teams, Hunahpu and Coyopa. This is when group development begins. The initial forming stage of development explores personal goals and group goals when each member of the group try to form alliances and work in groups to win the challenge. During the storming stage, we get a sense of who is seriously competing for social acceptance and leadership. Jeremy acts like everyone wants to form an alliance with him which makes him feel like a leader. There is also primary tension that is arising in Val because she is the first one to be sent to exile island. She does not feel the confidence that the rest of her team feels because she doesn’t get those first couple of days to form alliances. The norming stage is displayed a little bit in the first episode when the Hunahpu team communicates and works as a group to win the first challenge. I think they had better verbal communication and that’s why they won the challenge. The performing stage is just beginning at the end of episode one and into episode two. Each member is starting to realize their roles and adapt accordingly. I believe each group had group motivation because they want to be the team that is safe for another week without having to worry about being voted off. However, the Coyopa team might have lost a little motivation after they lost their second challenge. The whole point of this show is trying to reveal hidden agendas. Whether they want to or not, each member almost always has to have a hidden agenda to survive in this game. If that hidden agenda pays off is never for certain. In Val’s case in the second episode, she had an immunity idol that she was hiding which turned out to backfire on her and she was voted off.

I am extremely excited for the episodes to come. Can’t wait to see who gets voted off next!