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Blog post #9

Episode: This is where we gain trust

Motivation was key in this episode. The idol reward challenge took Wes over the edge and he could’ve used the idol to stay in the game. Instead he wasn’t strong enough for the power of the reward. The host used reward power as a way to give out “resources valued by members” and for Wes it was very much valued. In a way because of that power that the host had he changed the game for the players who originally had their mind set on Jon to be sent home. If only they read Chapter 5 Wes could’ve seen it coming.

Blog Post #8

Episode 9: Getting to Crunch Time

In this episode trust became a huge factor to the players. Everyone became obsessed with who had the idol and even Jeremy went looking for it on Exile Island. When he couldn’t find it he tried to talk to his members of his alliance to make sure the votes weren’t going toward him. Even after giving up his reward it wasn’t enough and they ended up voting him off.

The chapter that seemed to line up the most was chapter 5. Jeremy was a leader from the beginning. In the last couple episodes however it was starting to become reality that despite his charisma and honesty, that his strength in the game can make the other players lose to him at the very end. Now that he is gone it’ll be interesting to see who ends up becoming the new leader.

The one person in the episode that seemed to show interest was Reed. He is desperate to be seen as an asset to the tribe and it’ll be interesting to see if he steps up. He did all of the strategies in becoming a leader, he listens to others, found out info about Keith hiding the idol (then shared it with everyone), and often shares his opinion. I don’t think he’ll stick around long but maybe his efforts with make everyone turn focus towards someone else.


Blog post # 7

Episode 8: Wrinkle in the Plan

Chapter 3 lined up with this episode nicely, especially with dealing with manipulators. Baylor lines ups with the characteristics listed in the text especially in this last episode. She plays the victim constantly and it was one of the main reasons why she almost got voted off. By talking to her mom about how everyone treats her poorly, she uses it to gain her sympathy.  Another manipulator this episode was Josh because he makes Baylor feel like she owes him for helping her in the beginning of the show. They both are trying to manipulate and in turn they both were the two names who were written down.


Blog Post #3

Episode 4:

In this episode everything that was keeping the Blue team strong finally crumbled in this episode. After the first Challenge Drew volunteered himself to go to exile island with the girl who lost the first challenge. He admits that he wants to throw the next challenge because he’s tired of the “snakes” on his team. With his agenda in mind, he throws the immunity challenge. He takes the role of an aggressive member way too seriously. He gets so stuck on sending Kelley home that he doesn’t even account for his other team member’s feelings. He even talks about sending Kelley home when he was only a few feet away from her.

Once they’re back to camp he goes on a rant to kick Kelley off and then the other men all disagree on who to send home. Meanwhile all of the men are being way too open about who they want to vote off, and none of them are thinking strategically. The only people in the group who are level headed in this is the women.  They notice how bizarre Drew is being so they all decide to kick him off while the other guys are freaking out. He accuses them of all teaming up, so I don’t blame them for a second and sending his crazy butt home. All of the men’s ridiculous reactions is what ultimately ended up blind siding them.

I couldn’t decide if they were more in the storming or adjourning stage, because it was really only the men who were the ones disengaging with the team. After this episode I’m thinking they will going back to their strong ways after the bad seed was weeded out.

Blog Post #2

Episode 3: On this week’s episode of Survivor tensions were at an all time high, it also lined up with chapter 3 pretty nicely. Everyone is starting to find their current roles as a member of their own teams. John did mess up pretty substantially in this episode by going back on is word with Jeremy and then admitting his alliance to him in from to f the entire cast.

According to Benne and Sheats Functional Group Roles he can be seen as a self-centered role. He doesn’t really display any efforts for the better for his group and instead jeopardizes the team dynamic as a result. He fits under he role of a recognition seeker, under this model. Even in past episodes he tries to display his strength or empathy towards the other members. However he never really gets anything done as a result he just wants all eyes on himself.

Another role that somebody took on was Reed. Also in Chapter 3, but under Belbin’s Team Role Theory he took on the role of the innovator. He stepped up to the plate for his team by going out of the comfort zone and show some creativity for trying to trade John’s flint for his beans.

Another role I noticed from this latest episode was Baylor. She knew that she was only a vote away from getting kicked off the island in the last episode. She became the implementer in her group, she talked down about John in a persuasive way and was pretty tactically in doing so. We’ll see if it helped in the next episode.

As for Natalie I’m not sure what role she is, but she seemed crazy for screaming her opinions about how the other team should vote John off. Maybe the way she approached that will effect her or John later.

Blog Post #1

Despite my distaste for Survivor there are many concepts from the show that are helpful of understanding the textbook in an active way. Because the show has just begun its season, Chapter 2 or group development holds most of the concepts that were shown throughout the episodes. Some of the strongest aspects from the chapter that were shown was forming, storming and group goals.

When everyone was introduced to one another, everyone had their best face on, they all seemed happy and friendly towards each other. During this forming stage they try to feel out how every individual is to see if it’s more beneficial to befriend them or not. For example, when Jeremy wins the competition that he was forced to compete with his wife, upon his arrival back his whole team recognized him as a key player and hoped to befriend him as a result of his victory.

Another aspect that was seen was the storming stage. The biggest example was team member Dale. Despite his age he proved himself worthy by sacrificing his vision for the good of the team. Luckily for him he used the prior tension to his advantage. As a result of his action he was seen as a much more powerful teammate then thought previously. As stated in the book, in this stage members try to establish their role of either dominance or acceptance in the group. By showing that he was willing to do whatever it takes he was no longer seen as an outsider, but rather a valuable aspect to the group. On the reverse in the second episode Nadiya got voted off, most likely the cause was that she couldn’t get past the encounter phase as a newcomer.

As they all begun their challenges and started to split apart from their loved ones, most of the players began to establish their roles and goals within their teams.  Despite them all sharing the goal of winning, they are beginning to form goals as a group. Although they seem to all get along in front of all of the members, once they see that Jeremy is alone they all display their hidden agenda to form an alliance to benefit themselves rather than the group as a whole.