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blog reflection

1) About a 3 or a 4 I did almost all of my blogs.


2) Same as above. I commented each time I posted.


3) 4. I did my best to incorporate the concepts of the chapter. I feel like some did not always apply.


4) I think I did an okay job and analyzing the concepts and show and integrating them.

5) I could have improved my participation but having cable and remembering to do them.

6) I think it was a pretty easy way to use these concepts into something other than the chapter or class.


7) The blogs really didn’t seem like they had much to do with the class other than relating Survivor to our text.


8) I think the commenting on peer’s blogs was pretty pointless




idols on idols

I was pretty disappointed that Jon stayed on. Although it looked like there was bad communication, I thought that because most of the votes were for Jon, that Reed and the others communicated well  by convincing Jon and Jaclyn that they were voting for Keith or Wes but actually following through with the Jon vote. Natalie said she wanted Jon off but then voted for kwith so that confused me but either way there seems to be a lack of trust and that is one of the biggest downfalls in group communication.


I was so furious with this episode. Jeremy is so kind and s such a team player. He tritely plays for the heart of the game and believes in doing what is right. Unfortunately Missy and Baylor think John is the bees knees and join him in his false alliance. Join is so selfish and only cats about him and his gf. I don’t know how no one can see that. Jeremy shows trust and commitment and John is filled with conniving plans. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. Apparently it’s every man for himself.

super survivalry

I related this episode to the decision making model. I feel like most of the played are rational decision makers when it comes to this game. They carefully look at the issues and apply them to the situation  appropriately. Although in the alliances there was some dependent decision making. For example, when Jaquelyn decided to vote for Josh , John ultimately decided to vote for him too because his girlfriend was doing it. Jacquelyn priced to be a bit of a dependent decision maker as well. Baylor convinced her to boy for josh and because everyone else was doing it she did. Ultimately leading to josh getting voted off.