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Final Blog

Reflection of Blogging & Participation – answer the following questions:

    1. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner?
      1. 5, All blogs were submitted on time.
    2. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog?
      1. 4, I believe that i missed a comment one day, and that my comments might have been a bit less than thorough.
    3. One a scale of 1-5 (5 being very well), how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show?
      1. 5, I feel that the concepts were highlighted directly in my posts.
    4. Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation.
      1. I feel that timeliness was something i was strong in. As well i felt that i understood the general consensus of the show in relation to the class.
    5. Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.
      1. I feel that i could have examined the show more whole heartedly, I wasn’t immersed the show as much as i would have liked.
    6. What did you like about blogging?
      1. I enjoy the free writing concept that went along with the posts.
    7. What did you dislike about blogging?
      1. I disliked the need to blog weekly, just because it felt that sometimes we were blogging monotonously rather than out of a purpose to talk about something interesting.
    8. What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future?
      1. I feel that this could just be a turn in assignment, or that it should be done bi-weekly.

Your lovers betrayed you kid,

Everyone is betrayed! After last week we are really beginning to see what happens when there is a lack of leadership and genuine communication. Like a bad relationship, Survivor is beginning to become a terrible thing.

When Jeremy got voted off it changes the entire dynamic of the island. There is a lack of trust between basically everyone, and no one should feel too comfortable about their situation. In fact, everyone should be trepidatious.  I feel that the characters at this point all feel as though they are deserving of winning. They have all made it quite far in the show and have gone through some pretty difficult obstacles. Furthermore we see that this has created a huge issue  of entitlement toward winning the prize. This has led to a very vicious type of gameplay. I would not want to be on that island right now.

THe hidden agendas are also starting to surface as we see that John may be removed from the island if Natalie and Baylor are able to execute their plans.

I also noticed in this episode that Wes was actually short handed due to the immunities. He has played a fair game and wasn’t as terrible a air as some of the other players. It is unfortunate that the game has come to this, but we will see how it all pans out in the end.

Strong Armed

This episode added an expected twist to the season, because one of the most influential characters on the show was given the good old fashioned boot. JEremy was a strong character that showed many of the signs of leadership that we discuss in the chapter.

While after our class discussion i realize that we do not agree on all the same traits that leaders display, it became quite obvious that jeremy was a candidate for the leader position. He was physically strong and fairly sharp as well as charismatic and appeared to be well liked. However i believe that the other characters had a bit of cohesion and knew that if he continued on the show for much longer he would be a threat.

The  longer the characters have been on the show together we see more shifts in power, and the persuasion of all different characters. We see that bonds are formed that the the communication can become more personal, i also believe that this gives everyone a better chance to deceive each other. If one of the characters performs a well thought out lie, it tends to be more believable.

As far as my personal feeling toward the show goes they are mixed. I suppose that i am beginning to enjoy the show as i am more curious as to who will win. However i feel that many of the scenarios are not as dramatic as they actually appear. However this is all speculation, and i am assuming that all of the characters are very anxious to win or lose the big prize.  Whatever does occur, i am sure that we will have some good old fashioned american entertainment.