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Blog Post #10

1. I give myself a 5 because in a timely manner I was I was submitting my blog post’s consistently.

2. I give myself a 5 because I gave one thorough comment on a peers blog with at least 100 words per comment.

3. I believe that I integrated the class concepts well because I received positive feedback from my peers. I was able to use the class concepts by using them accurately when connecting them with the show.

4. With regards to blogging I  was able to use good examples from the chapter linked into the show survivor. I also was able to keep up with each blog and comment for my peers. I feel like I improved over time in the way I used my examples.

5. I feel like I could improve with my blogging by adding even more detail when relating the concept.

6. I liked how I was able to give my opinion about the show after using my examples. I liked that I was able read other blogs and comment on other blogs.

7. I disliked that the show would take a lot of time to watch and after I still had to blog and comment. I feel like over all it took a lot of time.

8. Suggestions that I have for this blog in the future to improve would be to change shows like not only watch survivor but other shows that other people like.

blog post #10

#1. From a scale of one to five I would give myself a five since I always did my blogs and finished them and submitted them on time.

#2. I would also give myself a 5 for number 2 since I was sure to post at least one comment of some kind of feedback on my peer’s blogs every week.

#3. For number 3 I would again give myself a five since I would always incorporate at least three key concepts from the text book and I would show how it was shown in that weeks episode of survivor.

#4. I felt that my strengths when doing the blog post were giving good examples of how the concepts in the book related to the show. Also, when it came to participating on my peer’s blog I felt that I always gave them good feedback.

#5. I’f I could improve on my blogging it would be on adding more detail into some of my examples that I blogged on. Also, for improving on the participation I would add just a little more detail when giving them feedback on what I thought about their post.

#6. I liked that I was able to give my own opinion and interpretations of the show and how I thought the text content related to the show.

#7. Sometimes I disliked that the blogging to to much time with watching the show and still having to blog and comment, it took a lot of time.

#8. I think it would be cool i’f the show would change every week. Sometimes survivor would get boring.

blog post #9 chapter 6 5th edition group motivation

In this weeks episode of survivor things were intensified with the few contestants remaining.  This episode contained a few  examples of how group motivation was attempted but in my opinion they didn’t really end up working out the way some people had planned it. For example, when the group was put up on small platforms they all showed the motivator “sense of choice”(pg 7). I thought that every last one of them had the power and ability on how to complete the task that they had. Unfortunately even though they were all able, all but Reed quite over a plate of food. I was amazed to see the contestants throw away the money over a small plate of food.

Since Jeff Probst was the one who was handing the contestants the food I would say he was the satisfier in this episode since he was the one who was able to satisfy the contestants need for food. Another term that was depicted in the episode was “A sense of meaningfulness”(pg 7) since everyone felt that they were all after a worthy task other wise they wouldn’t be doing the show to begin with.

Although the contestants started the first challenge with intentions of winning the second John saw the plate of sweets i thought that he instantly turned into an apathetic member of the group. I was surprised to see how easily John quite the challenge. Of all people i didn’t expect to see john as the first one to quite. By the end of the episode I thought  that there was a lot of informational feed back for the contestants since after all the chaos that happened in the episode they were able to see how they were doing in the game. Overall, I Honestly didn’t see Wes going home tonight. I thought it was a real blind side for him and this episode was a very entertaining one for me to watch.

blog post #8 chapter 5

On this episode of survivor “Gettin’ To Crunch Time” the show started out with tensions higher then ever since on the last elimination contestants decided to vote out Josh leaving Reed furious and looking for a new game plan. In this episode I thought that Jeremy and Nadia showed a good example of leadership since they made the conscious decision in trading spots as the winners with John and his girl friend. I thought this was a good strategic decision for Jeremy and Nadia.

A competitor that i think has a lot of personal power would have to be John since through out this episode he has been the one that everyone has been trying to side with since he has been able to establish so much status within the group.  Another thing I been seeing a lot of is task structure within the group. I’d have to say that its more of a chaotic and disorganized form since no one really knew what what was really happening within the tribe. So when it came to elimination everyone was bumping heads and fighting with each other. Also, in this episode I thought that Nadia was the one depicting member readiness since she was the one who seemed to be the most loyal to her original alliance who was Jeremy. In my opinion I thought that Nadia was confident and very committed to Jeremy. I was very shocked to see Jeremy be the one to go home tonight and I really hope that Reed is the next to go home.

blog #7 chapter 9

In this episode of survivor “Wrinkle in the Plan” The contestants are becoming more and more aware with who the alliances are and tension within the group is rising.  This episode contained a lot of important decisions making within the alliances since people had decide on whether they were going to side with the couples or with the singles.  Another thing that the contestants had to deal with was problem solving in the challenges.  for example, when the two teams had to figure out how to push the puzzle pieces across, they had to figure out how to get it across in the shortest amount of time. That is why I think  that Jeremy’s team won because I felt that they did the best at figuring out how the challenge worked.

I thought this episode also had the contestants doing majority votes since that had to pick within their alliances who they wanted to vote for elimination.  I think that the couple Kelly and Jon had the authority rule since everyone in the tribe felt that they could be the tie breaker in the next elimination. So therefore, it gave them this sense of power as shown during elimination.

It seemed to me that their was a question of value between Jon and Josh since Jon didn’t completely know who to side with and Josh didn’t know if it would be better to go after Jeremy or to just vote out Baylor. Over all I thought this episode contained a lot of drama within the group and certainly made tension a lot more tense. I hope the future episodes have more drama like this one again.

post #6 million dollar decision chapter 6

On this episode of Survivor the members of both tribes have been merged together to create tribe Huyopa and the tribe’s dynamics have been changed yet again. With the tribes being merged together brought a lot of tension to the competitors because its a race to see who can get the most people to be in alliance with. After the group had a feast they had realized that someone had taken all of the trail mix which defiantly upset everyone in the tribe since they all shared their food with the reset of the tribe members. When they started to look through everyone’s bags they had discovered that Julie was the one who had taken the trail mix and when she had returned to the shelter the tribe was displaying nonverbal communication toward her because everyone was thinking how messed up it was to hide food from them but instead of confronting her they just made it really awkward for her. Also, I thought that Jon was using offensive language against Julie when he learned that it was her that took the trail mix.

To me it is funny to hear Keith talk because I can tell that he has a dialect in his voice. Sorry if that makes me seem like a horrible person to chuckle at  his voice but every time Keith talks he sounds like he is from the south. When It comes to creating alliances I noticed that personal distance becomes smaller and smaller for certain people. For example, when Jeremy was going around in the tribe trying to get people to side with him, he was hugging Missy trying to be “buddy buddy” with her. I personally think that he is just shady and I’m waiting for him to be voted out already. At the end of the episode I wasn’t to surprised to see Julie quite I saw it coming after the whole tribe had turned on her. I hope Jeremy is the next to be voted out.

blog post #5 chapter 7

In the episode “Make Some Magic Happen” it starts with the contestants being shocked that Kelly was the one who was last voted of the island. So since Kelly was voted out it changed the dynamic of the tribe. Dale was obviously upset that his tribe “slaughtered” his daughter and I wasn’t surprised that it lead to his hidden agenda. I thought that that Jon was showing empathtic listening with Dale because Jon realized what Dale’s situation and motives were about offering Jon his idol if he wasn’t eliminated next. Also, I thought that Reed and Josh were listening to interpret with each other because of how emotional they got with each other when it came winning the challenge for their team. You could really see how they were responding to each other emotionally after Reed came out victorious.

In the Hanahpu tribe things were not going well with their supply of rice pretty much gone. So they had asked to make some sort of a deal with the host Jeff. When Jeff shows up Julie instantly is showing listening to respond because she shows a sign of being worried as soon as Jeff shows up and he asks her why she was worried and she had to explain why. After that situation happened I thought that Jeremy was analytically listening to Jeff unlike the other members of his tribe because Jeremy seemed to be the only one who was really upset about Jeff taking all of their comfort supplies. It seems like to me Jeremy was the only one who was really thinking about if it was a good idea to make that trade. At the end of this episode I honestly wasn’t surprised to see Dale’s plan back fire and I wasn’t shocked when he was voted off of Survivor. I thought the Coyopa tribe had played him beautifully and it was pretty funny to see Dales face when he was kicked off. I hope the future episodes have a lot of drama in them like this one did.


Episode 5 “blood is blood” Chapter 4 blog post #4

In “blood is blood” The show takes a big twist and the two tribes are forced to change teams. So now some people end up being teamed up with their loved ones. For some people like Jon it is seen as a good thing but for others like Josh and Reed is could be a threat to them since they could count as two votes in elimination. Also, now that the two groups have been changed so has the deep diversity within the two groups. With new members it means that people’s skills and strengths are different which are really going impact the tribes.

I thought that Missy had a  prejudice against Dale because of what her daughter Baylor had told her about how Dale has been picking on her and trying to get out of the competition.  I personally thought that it is not justified for Missy to think badly of Dale since Missy wasn’t on that tribe and hadn’t seen what Dale was like. I think its safe to say that the extrovert in Hanahpu is Jeremy because he is the one that’s very outgoing and sociable in that tribe. The introvert in Hanahpu to me is Julie since she really hasn’t said a word all episode and she keeps to herself a lot.  In the Coyopa tribe I think that Jon and Jaclyn are both the extrovert because they are both very liked by the rest in their tribe since with their vote they could potentially take some of the game very easily. The introvert that I thought was in Coyopa was Keith since  he is the only single he tends to keep to himself since he feels like the “odd man out”.

By the time Coyopa got to elimination I thought that Jon and Jaclyn were the judgers  because it was ultimately up to them who was to be kicked out next. Also, I thought that Dale and Kelly were the thinkers because they were the ones that were thinking logically about who to have team up with them for elimination.  This episode was pretty intense and shocking with the tribes being changed around, I have to say I didn’t see that coming. I honestly didn’t like the teams that were chosen since I feel like their is a bit of a disadvantage in the group.

Episode 4 post #3

In episode four “Were a hot mess”  for once I felt like the show has taken more of a  focus on tribe Hanaphu with things finally starting to go south for them. The show starts off right away with Hanaphu finding the flint that they lost and  having conflicts over if they should try to bargain with the host Jeff Crossword for some of their old fishing gear.  I thought that the whole episode had examples of substantive conflicts because the whole time the show was focused on Hanaphu and how they couldn’t come to an agreement on any  issues and decisions. For example, when the whole tribe was trying to get their shelter better situated not everyone agreed on who should be doing what and they ended up being frustrated with  drew  for sleeping and not doing  anything productive around the camp.

In the middle of the episode I thought that Keith and Jeremy were in a affective conflict because Jeremy thought that Keith and him were both alliances but Keith went around to the other tribe members and told them that they should be careful to trust Jeremy because he had an idle.  When Jeremy found out  he decided to try to take Keith out of the game next.  Another type of conflict was procedural conflict because Hanaphu could not decide as a tribe who to vote out after they had lost a challenge for the first time against Coyopa. When they lost I thought the whole team just flipped upside down. Hanaphu went from being a tribe that was very friendly with each other to being very agitated and confused with no one knowing who to vote for in elimination.

When all the chaos was happening with Hanaphu Drew and Kelly were in a destructive conflict because Kelly was insulting drew because he couldn’t get over the fishing gear and she was verbally attacking him over it. I personally thought that it had a lot to do with him getting eliminated at the end of the episode.  Although Kelly did talk a lot of crap about Drew I have to say that I probably would have done the same because Drew really had  an avoidance conflict style. Drew has this style because he would always be unwilling to accomplish anything that would contribute to his tribe or achieving any of their goals. This episode was very entertaining to watch since we finally go to see some drama from the other tribe and I hope that we get to see more in the next episode.


blog post #2 actions vs accusations

In the third episode actions vs. accusations the show started off with both teams arguing and showing who were the possible targets for the episode but I felt like this episode focused more on the Coyopa tribe. Right away I thought that the control need was shown with John and Baylor because both were trying very hard to be allies with the rest of their tribe and they were so confident that they would side with them. I thought that John and Baylor also showed the inclusion need because they  both were worried that  their was a possibility that they could be the next one eliminated. Their was defiantly a lot more of an attempt to take control of the group in coyopa’s  tribe then in Hanahpu but I think that’s just because Hanahpu has won all of the challenges so their really isn’t that much stress or tension in Hanahpu’s tribe.

Even though John and Baylor both act like the autocrat by dominating the group’s choice to vote one another out I was very surprised that in the end the tribe ended up voting out John.  When Coyopa lost the second challenge in the episode and John started talking back it instantly made him the under-personal one of the group. At that point everyone really didn’t like him or saw a need to keep him around even though he was the athletic one of the group. Unlike John I thought  that Jeremy was the over-personal one of Hanahpu because everything that guy does seems to give  him more status in his group. Also, when Jeremy won the last challenge of the episode everyone was so caught up celebrating about it that no one really seems to see that his reasons are not for the greater good of the tribe, its just ensure more time for himself. Over all, this episode revealed  a lot more of the groups dynamics and whether they were headed in the right path or down a steep slope.