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The final Blog

  1. I would give myself a 4, I was fairly consistent on submitting my blogs on time, I thinkI missed two blogs, but beside that they were all submitted on time.
  2. I would give myself a 4, I posted a comment for every post that I submitted.
  3. I would give myself a 5, I always used the book to tie the episode back into the topic that we had covered in the book.
  4. I would say my strength was watching the episodes while sitting with my book so I could reference what I was supposed to be focusing on so I could write the most effective post possible. And I think I did a great job participating by commenting on other people’s blogs.
  5. If I posted all of the blog posts expected I could improve my blogging and participation because then I would also be commenting on a blog every week.
  6. I liked reading other people’s perspectives on the episodes. It was cool to see what other people saw differently that you did, but also what they saw that was similar.
  7. I don’t like Survivor, and I disliked watching it, so maybe some other show that wasn’t so negative? The premise is to just beat everyone at any cost, and I don’t like the negative aspect.
  8. I think overall the assignment was solid, my only suggestion would be to use a different show, but I don’t have one to suggest.


This episode directly tied back into chapter six from the fifth edition of the text in regards to rewards. Natalie and Jeremy gave both Jon and Jacquelyn their reward from winning a challenge as a thank you for sticking to their alliance and helping them vote out Josh at the last tribal council. This gave both Jon and Jacquelyn a sense of personal recognition from their alliance because in front of everyone in the whole game, Natalie and Jeremy singled them out to say a special thank you. But, the material compensation that was highly valued by the rest of the players in the game was the icing on the cake.

One issue that came up at the tribal council meeting was that Keith was withholding information, especially from the women. By not being open with the women that are also vital, strong players in the game Keith is not fulfilling the intrinsic need that they have to be accepted by the group. This came back to bite him after Reed found out that he had an idol, and spread the news like wildfire across the camp. Reed now desperate once again became an important player in the game, making himself a fountain of information.

I am really bummed Jeremy got voted off. He was my favorite player and I really wanted to see him go all the way to the end and win the prize. He was smart, creative and very determined and overall not a nasty player. He stuck to his guns and tried to use his intelligence and cool demeanor to win over people to his alliance, and as we can see it worked quite well. That is, until now. My money is now on Jon as the main power player as the game continues. I’m hoping that he can stay in the game while longer with Jacquelyn.

Episode 7

Chapter 10 is probably the best chapter to use to compare to Survivor because the entire series is conflict in groups. The main one this episode is the million-dollar decision is made by Julie. This was a conflict within herself, but her actions caused there to be a group conflict. Jeremy has to now use argumentation to get more players on his side because he is down one member that he knows of. Josh will need to get the players in his alliance to get stuck in a groupthink and not be able to think for themselves. Also critically to stay in the game you must have at least six people on your side, and both the main players Josh and Jeremy need to strengthen their alliances to make sure that they will get to the best vantage point to stay in the game the longest. Cooperative argumentation that we see the couples doing within each other but do not participate with the rest of the tribe as a whole. It is vital in this game to have other players see you as a smart and pragmatic person and with cooperative argumentation you can get the answers to your question as to if this person is someone who you want on your alliance.

Episode 5

This week I think that chapter eight applied really well to the episode. There was a lot of conflict starting from the very beginning when Jeremy realized that Jon would be trying to make his amends before continuing on in the game with his tribe members. Also, with the whole switch up of the tribes conflict was clear with the new food situation. At Hunapu food was scarce, and their lack of preparation for the days and days to come was silly. At Coyopa, they had been dealing with smaller portions but were feeling alright, knowing that they had enough food to feed themselves for the coming weeks.

One big issue with conflict in this episode wasn’t even mentioned; the lack of communication between the members of Coyopa during the immunity challenge. There were three couples on the team which should of led them to communicate effectively and quickly because they are aware of the personal styles of the other half to their couple. Speaking and walking the rest of your team through a challenge really is the best way to get the most accomplished as quickly as possible. They were even told by Jeff how to move forward in the game with shaking the pole with sandbags because they couldn’t work it out on their own.

When it came to voting someone off, I was shocked to see Kelly go, I was really hoping that they would use this opportunity to get Baylor out and break up the Missy Baylor couple. The different members of the tribe were working to get Jon and Jacqueline’s votes, but the couple never really clarified who they were aligning with. But, they voted off Kelly, threatened by her an her dad’s intelligence as a pair. I really hope the teams can get their act together and realize that conflict will arise inevitably, but they need to learn to overcome it and all of the obstacles that it brings.

Episode 4

The theme that I saw was most prevalent in this week’s episode was conflict. Every episode focuses on how the teams are competing, but this week we saw some real conflict in the Hunapu starting with Drew trying to be the team leader and trying to barter with Jeff, trading their flint for some of the fishing gear that they lost previously. After making many of the group members uncomfortable bringing up the idea for a trade already, Drew proceeded with his plan with no sympathy given from Jeff. Then, after Jon won the reward challenge he sent Drew to go with his girlfriend Jacqueline to exile island.

Once Drew was sent to exile island Jon sensed some internal conflict with sending someone he trusts, but is also a ladies man to a deserted island with his girlfriend. While on the island Drew revealed his true intentions to throw the challenge so that he can get someone voted off of his tribe. This is the opposite behavior of groupthink, which is when the entire group thinks as a whole and get caught in a rut. Drew laid out his ulterior motives to getting ahead in the game, and showed his true colors that he was willing to play dirty to get ahead.

As he claimed, Drew threw the immunity challenge and started his plot to get Kelly voted off. But there lies his folly, by trying to force the one large group to form into smaller gender based groups, the tribe members spread even further apart, with four different names getting called at tribal. Eventually it was Drew who was sent home. His own plan backfired due to him wanting constant control. Keith also came into conflict with Jeremy this episode and Jeremy was not pleased at all. This early on in the game I think alliances are crucial, and the fact that Keith threw one away with one of the best players in the game was a very bad move on his part.

Episode 3

Tension really grew this week when the two teams met up and Jeremy realized that Val had been voted off and sent home even though he had created an alliance with John who was supposed to be protecting his wife and vice versa. Jeremy said that the next person who would go home on his team would be John’s girlfriend, but as the episode later revealed, something similar happened. There was conflict that came up between the orange tribe and due to John Rocker revealing some of his true colors it can be identified as affective conflict. Jeremy told his blue team about why everyone vaguely recognized John and his team ended up yelling at the orange team to just vote him off, which they eventually ended up doing! It was silly of John to reveal his alliance with Jeremy and to lie to his face and apologize for letting Val be voted off, when he himself voted for her to leave the island! He also made a comment about another team member being a girl in a negative tone, which didn’t sit well with me as a viewer, and didn’t fly with his team either. John’s ego was so large that he didn’t even use the immunity idol that he had taken with him to tribal council because he was sure that Dale was the person that everyone was referring to as being the next player to leave the island. He’s just an idiot and I’m glad he’s gone. But, for the people left playing the game it could have been a rookie move, sending someone so stupid home so early, they could of kept him around for a while and used him for this physical strength until he became worthless, and then sent him home. Thankfully he’s gone though so we don’t have to watch him look like an asshole.

Episode 2

Episode two of Blood vs. Water is the first time that we see the tribes begin to create personal bonds within their tribes and group membership can be observed. Member roles started to appear in both tribes. On the blue team Drew and Jon started to act like the recognition seekers of the tribe, always bragging and showing off. Missy, who is competing against her daughter in the game, has become the encourager-supporter taking on her motherly instincts to calm down Natalie after her sister got voted off the island.

The blue tribe continued to dominate the challenges and the yellow team ended up sending another group member home due to lack of organization and membership roles. The membership roles aren’t very clear in the yellow team, but Josh is a hot commodity that both the men and women want on their side when it comes to voting someone off. I think that the subgroup in the yellow team, which is divided by gender, is really what is hurting them. They all need to bond together and create bonds regardless of gender. During the immunity challenge quite a few loved ones went up against their other half, and the yellow team lost every time but once. This was poor strategy and if they had a group member who was a coordinator then they could of organized them in a better fashion.

Overall I think it is still too soon for group membership to be completely clear in the two teams, they have only been together for a number of days, and the dynamic is about to change because of Val being voted off and Jeremy will now try to get Julie voted off and fight harder against John Rocker for not protecting his wife like they agreed to do while they were on exile island.

And then there were seventeen…


This season of survivor has an extra-added element to it: playing against a loved one in Survivor Blood vs. Water. This added challenge to an already intense game is really raising the stakes for all contestants. Also, since the contestants are playing against their loved ones it makes for an interesting group dynamic. After losing the first challenge to her husband, Val was sent to exile island and her husband, Jeremy, had to choose who from his own team would be the best choice to send with his wife. He chose Keith, which ended up being a great advantage to both people. Keith formed an alliance with Jeremy and made a bond with Val that could help him later on in the game.

The biggest disadvantage to being sent to exile island was that while Keith and Val were away the rest of their team members had a chance to bond and form alliances. This made the period of primary tension longer for both team members who weren’t with the groups to initially set up camp and help build shelters. Dale also felt some primary tension, so much so that he was up for being eliminated at the tribal council meeting. His age had really created a gap between him and the rest of his team members, and to try and solve this tension Dale sacrificed his glasses to help make fire to benefit his whole team.

Another very obvious stage of group formation that was shown in this episode was the performing stage. John, the former professional baseball player was determined to not let his past ‘infamous’ commentary to affect his experience on the show and took charge in the final challenge of the episode helping all of his team members climb up the multiple walls on the structure. Likewise, Drew took charge in building an elevated shelter for his tribe and wanted people to see that he was carrying his weight in the game.

So far so good, there have been only positive commentary from players and everyone seems to get along, for now.