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Calling A Bluff B#5

For episode six of survivor can connect a lot with chapter 7 about listening from the text. The episode began with an interesting situation on the blue tribe with their food situation. There definitely seemed to be a divide on what should be done about moving forward with bartering for food. Members of the group that wanted to barter for the bag of rice appeared to outnumber the number of members that felt the barter was a bad idea. While the communication was not shown it would appear the non verbal cues were not picked up by the other tribe members and members like Julie and Jeremy both felt that the trade was a bad decision. Especially for Julie during the rain. Listening also played a key role in the elimination challenge and what followed. The listening to respond and understand didn’t take place for the yellow group, so they lost yet another challenge, and it is the continual loss of the yellow tribe that is really making the show depressing to watch. No one wants to watch a team get completely dominated in a competition and i for one am tired of watch Coupa lose.

Listening was also interesting in the situation with Dale. Dale played a good game using the bluff immunity idol to his interest, and even though it didn’t work out for him in the end, it was still a good play on his part. Ultimately the What’s In It For Me just wasn’t large enough to get John to listen to Dale and switch sides at tribal council.  I think that what Dale was missing was mainly personality differences within his tribe. We didn’t really see the day to day operations of the tribe, and what i think ultimately happened was Dale made him self an outsider do to his differences in personality with his tribe, which ended up painting a target on his back.

Bad-Ass? More like Dumb-Ass

Another intense episode of survivor, and it was definitely full of plot twists. The most interesting plot twist came from the self pro-claimed “Bad-Ass” Drew from the blue tribe throwing the game in an attempt to kick off a tribal member out of his group. Which of course back fired, making him the next player/  “Dumb-ass” kicked off of survivor.

Most of the diversity in chapter four is reflective on the drama that unfolded in the blue tribe after the thrown immunity challenge.  Almost immediately following the tribes loss, the lines quickly were drawn. Examples of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination based on external dimensions took place.  John was quick to select Julie from the tribe because she was a female that wasn’t able to contribute as much as the men, additionally her “Loved one” had been kicked off the show in the previous episode. Drew was also quick to pick Kelly because of her experience with the show.

It was when Drew saw himself as a high power distance member of the group and tried to manipulate the other players, the female players began to catch on, recognizing their feminine values; that Drew’s external dimensions and personality were not cohesive with the group that the women of the tribe.

Ultimately, by the end of the tribal council it was clear that the men were strongly divided among themselves and a collectivism between the women of blue tribe took place because they were able to unify to vote Drew off the show. It will be interesting to see if the new found women’s alliance of the blue tribe will stay steady in future episodes.

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

I think a lot can be said about Conflict and Cohesion, when it comes to episode #3 of Survivor Blood Vs. Water.  The show itself is a testimony to Competition Conflict ie. when group members are concerned with their own goals over the goals of the group. The most successful players of the show are the ones that can pretend that the group is their first priority and when they give up that perception is when they become targeted.

John Rocker was this weeks survivor to be kicked off the show and i for one was extremely happy. His mistakes in his group were many when conflicts started arising. His first mistake was letting Val get kicked off the show. Because following that mistake he, by choice, exposed his secret alliance with Jeremy from the other team to protect Val.  Because of this, it exposed John Rocker’s Competition Conflict, ie. his own goals over that of the group.

When the orange team won the first elimination challenge, group cohesion took place, and in John Rocker’s case, when his group recognized his contributions to the group. However it was short lived after the elimination challenge, when John got in a destructive conflict with Natalie from the blue group that further exposed the target on his back.

Following the elimination challenge, Josh who has been the underlying influence of the group rallied together the votes he needed in order to eliminate John Rocker off the island. Using Group Cohesion he played on the factor that John was a destructive member of the group and created conflict due to his past.

During the tribal council, John had an immunity idol. I thought it really made a comment on the ego of that guy that he didnt play the idol, especially when Jaclyn was practically giving away the groups hidden agenda to get him kicked off the show.

Because the blue team hasn’t really been under fire, they haven’t had an opportunity really to be observed, but i am sure we will get that chance in future episodes. That is all i got, until next time. Look forward to reading your guy’s comments.


Let the Games Begin

Well, there is alot that can be said about Group Membership in episode 2 Blood vs. water. I think its best to evaluate each team individual. For starters, the blue team. Each team seems to have their members playing into their group roles pretty well. Jeremy clearly sees himself as the group leader for the blue team. He is playing at the group needs, and while he appeared to be working for his team, behind the scenes he was also working at an angle to help his wife Val get ahead in the game. Jeremy is defiantly a powerful player on the blue team because he is associated with multiple group task roles for blue team including: energizer, evaluate, initiator-contributor. In terms of self centered roles, i noticed John likes to view himself as the “Clown” of the group. When he lost the flint, he tried to play the goofball card hoping that that would ease the blame. Ultimately i think that approach is going to hurt him in the long run, especially because he costed the group valuable . rewards. On the other side the Orange Team Clearly has alot of issues. No clear leader has come to step up to the plate to lead the orange team out of their losing streak. There is clearly alot of Communication Apprehension in the group, which became especially clear at the tribal council. And with a split vote it is clear that the tribe is split down the middle and is divided. What this group needs for role members, is a tension re leaser in order to mend the communication blocks that have occured, they need a harmonizer and every member needs to start comprimising if they are to succeed. Val was kicked off the island because of her feeling that she could take the dominate approach/ she was too aggressive going into the tribal council, bragging about immune idols. I am really interested to see how Jeremy will retaliate against   John Rocker for breaking his word about protecting his wife Val.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

And. . they’re off. I personally have never watched survivor before so this is my first experience with the show. From what i can tell the groups didn’t have a good  opportunity to connect in episode one. To connect the show to the reading, it was easy to see the early stages of  Group Development Stages occurring on the show.   After the groups were divided you had the Forming Stage, noone really knew each other so everyone appeared to be polite to one another. In this stage both you could see members of both orange and blue groups trying to prove their worth. Examples were, Dale AKA the old man from the orange group making fire on day one and Drew from the blue group making a shelter for the group.  After the elimination challenge, in group orange you could start to see the beginning of the Storming Stage.  You could openly see the men and the women dividing already, while trying to figure out who should get voted off at the next tribal council. When you think about the elimination challenge, its interesting to see how the group goals connect to the motivation of the group. Its a cross between personal and group success in order to win the game. To win your group has to win, but you also have to consider that your group is also your greatest competition. In the blue group,  you could clearly see Jeremy had a hidden agenda when he started to approach all the women in his group to make alliances for votes. The contrast between Indivdual Goals vs. Group Goals is very interesting on this show and i am exciting to see how it plays out. What do you Guys think? About How the Groups are Developing? Who’s Playing What Roles, and What Strategies are the castaways already implementing?