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Final Blog Post (10)

Greg Belluomini


Oh, so the time has come to reflect on the semester. My final blog is minutes away from being published!

Question 1:

I would give myself a 3.  In the beginning of the semester, I did pretty well. By the time the second round of blogs came around, I tended to miss a few. Okay, I got lazy. I said it. Sadly, I watched the episodes and everything but never got around to an easy reflection of how the episode related to the textbook. I was good however of submitting them before midnight. I got close a few times, but always made the deadline.

Question 2:

Can I give myself a zero? I always would post and read over my peer’s reflections but never took the time to comment on their posts. I realize the importance of responding and this is something I really regret not doing.

Question 3:

I would give myself a 5 on this one. I always made it a point to go through the chapter as I was watching the episode and write down notes about relating material. I tried my hardest not to summarize too much and instead, focus on the concepts.

Question 4:

My strength was that I focused on the textbook material as I was watching. This really helped me focus on the concepts and not on summarizing. I feel like I did a pretty good job on my relation to concepts in general as well. I feel as if my thoughts and observations were fairly spot on.

Question 5:

I think if I didn’t wait until Monday night when it was due and actually wrote the blog post and watched the episode earlier in the week, I would have stayed on top of them more. I am guilty of some major procrastination when it came to my blogs and the ones I missed were because I put it off and decided it would stress me out too much to do it at the last minute.

Question 6:

I liked being able to see my peers posts. Seeing their observations and differing points of view on the same episode and core concepts was interesting to me. I also enjoyed that this assignment wasn’t traditional and was actually fun for most tech savvy students.

Question 7:

WordPress seemed a little difficult at first to edit and change page content. I also never got into it enough to do the blog posts from my phone which would have probably made them more enjoyable for me and made me more apt to complete them.

Question 8:

I think if I were made more accountable on them, I would have completed more. If they were graded each week and I could see the grade I was getting could make me more motivated. Also, maybe give 10 minutes of class time for students to write out or publish their blog posts each week.

Jeremy, the leader.

This episode, we got to see what happens when a leadership position is vacated. With the exit of Josh, Reed was the obvious emergent leader to take his place for that side of the tribe, though his leadership didn’t seem very organized throughout this episode. A game was played where one member tries to knock off the other into a pool of mud. The reward for the winning team was a trip on a yacht with sandwiches and drinks. The yellow team won the challenge. Both Jeremy and Natalie gave up their rewards to John and Jaclyn.

This demonstrated a portion of the 5M model of leadership effectiveness in how Jeremy contributed to group motivation. Since John and Jaclyn switched to his team in the last episode, he appropriately rewarded the members of his group for their contribution to the group. Natalie stated that the reason for them trading was because they showed loyalty and they wanted to reward them for that loyalty. This also showed some model leadership qualities as well. The reward was a way of praising them for their contribution. One of the ways to model leadership is to publicly praise group members not only within the group but also to others outside the group. This was very prevalent in this moment.

When reading the chapter, I also found the section about gender in leadership very interesting and relevant in this episode. Men have been the primary leaders in the most recent episodes. Even Natalie is seen as a support to Jeremy even though she displays some of the same leadership characteristics.

Who Will Get The Votes?

This episode started with something very unexpected: a merger! The two tribes would be merging into one. Many celebrated since they reconnected with their loved ones and all enjoyed a huge feast. Before the feast was over, battle plans were already being drawn. These opposing plans were put into place by Jeremy and Josh, both in fear they would be voted out at the next tribal meeting. They wanted each other gone, so they tried desperately to get other tribe members on their side and thus vote the opposing person off.

They used a number of verbal and non verbal behaviors to sway these tribe members and it was very interesting to watch their strategies. Considering the million dollar prize awaiting the winner, both Josh and Jeremy felt they had a lot at stake. I noticed both of them, in soliciting to the tribe members, use a few of the dimensions of team talk in order to identify with that person. In fact, almost all of the dimensions were used by one or the other. A good example of how these were used occurred when talking to their prospective alliances. Josh wanted to make clear to them that he wasn’t a threat to them and that they are on equal footing, yet highlighted how Jeremy is a strong competitor and how knocking him out of the competition right now could be a mutual benefit. Josh and Jeremy also used words like ‘us’ and ‘we’ in their conversations to identify with the tribe members.

I also noticed many of the defensive behaviors on display during this alliance building. Strategy was a major one. Jeremy and Josh were trying to get tribe members to vote a certain way and the true motivations for this action wasn’t to help that tribe member, but rather to protect themselves from elimination. This was a form of manipulation that they used. Also, control was a major defensive behavior that was used. Josh was trying to hold on to the position he and Reed held within their tribe before the merger. Josh and Reed saw Jeremy as a threat to the alliances they had with others and needed to impose their solution (getting rid of Jeremy) onto the other tribe members in order to maintain control. The episode was very interesting and the way Josh and Jeremy interacted with the other tribe members really helped me see a realistic application of the chapter content.