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Title Greg’s Awesome Project Idea AKA: Country Government Project

Description: Groups will create fictional countries and governments within those countries, and will need to deal will a series of events thoughout the semester in which they will need to solve as the government of that country. Presentation of the history of the country at the end of the semester.


Instructions: Ok this is my idea for a project for a future Jaimie Group Comm Class. The groups will be randomly selected in a similar fashion as our groups were selected this semester. Each group will be responsible for creating a fictional country, which must include a name, flag, national bird, ect. Each country can either be assigned a government type, or can create their own type of government based on what Jaimie thinks would be best. For example: Democracy, Monarchy, Militaristic. Based on their countries type of government each country will be given a set of postions of government within their own countries and will need to decide, vote or if given a form of government that is not a type of government where people get to choose then the group will be pre assigned positions in the group. Each position has roles in which the group member must fill. Example: King, President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Generalissimo, Senator of State, Chancellor of Economy, Ect. After the first assignment where countries are established and group are set up, and these would be reflective on a google doc similar to the one we have now,  and groups would be responsible for connecting these roles to the book. Following that assignment thoughout the semester the group will be given a set of events that happened in their country, similar to SCAP breakup, these events can be the same across countries or be different for fun. Conflict events like earthquakes, tidal waves, volcancos erupting, groups will need to be able to solve these issues using strategies from the book and reporting on a google doc. More types of events could be: financial crisis, riots, war, unions, and to deal with these issues they must honor the roles in which they are held too, based on whatever role they have the must connect their roles responsibility to the event and how they should react individually and as a group. After each historical event, each group member must perform a “Job Evaluation” on how their government and members of government did through said event. You could even throw a wrench in half way through the semester and enforce possible role changes exp: another election, hostile. takeover, etc. At the end of the semester each group must present the history of their country as it happened throughout the class. The End.

Objectives: This project will be applied to course work because each event that will happen will need to be connected to a chapter within the book on how their governments will respond to the issue. The emphasis of this project would be group roles, and could put people in roles that they would not normally connect with and would get the opportunity to adapt that that role. As the country changes so will the group, allowing them to grow and expand.

Evaluation: As mentioned an evaluation of the group members and government as a whole will be turned in after every event, and following the last project should there have been a role changing event that took place.

This is just a general idea, I could possibly brainstorm more ideas for events, but it should be realitivly easy to borrow from things that have happened throughout history.