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Survivor Blog #8

The tribe is split into two factions where one faction is being led by Jeremy and the other by Josh. There is a lot of non verbal communication being thrown around by the aggressive feelings from the two factions that have been formed. In the last episode there was a plan put into place by Josh’s faction where they would have had the numbers to vote off Jeremy but this plan was thrown off when Julie quit the game.

The first tribal challenge, the game required splitting into two teams. where the tribe was split evenly into half’s. Ironically the two teams had their own colors to tell them apart which were blue and yellow. Which sounds familiar since that was the color of the two tribes in the game. During the challenge the yellow team was pretty far ahead of the blue team. This I would say had to do with the verbal communication they had. They were communicating very well with one another which allowed them to work together and be organized with achieving the main goal of the challenge compared to the blue team that was scattered all over the place. At the end of the challenge the yellow team ended up winning the reward.

While the blue team was enjoying their reward it was hard for the team members to talk to one another. This had to do with the team being mixed with two alliances. So during this time the team was sitting down enjoying their food in basically silence. There was much non-verbal communication going around with everyone being silence and feeling awkward due to the silence. Keith tried to spark a conversation but it basically failed.

While back at the camp, Josh and the members who lost the first challenge took this opportunity to talk to Blare or I should Josh took this opportunity. It did not work the way Josh hoped though because Blare was sided with her mom and her mom was on Jeremy’s side with taking out Josh. Josh tried pulling the “I saved you earlier in the game” card on Blare to try to make her feel bad and side with him for the next tribal council but it did not work and if anything it upset her and made her to not want to side with him even more.

John was sent to exile island, while their he gets a clue to an idol that is hidden someone on exile island. He is able to find it and now it is a game changer for him as now he has power.

The tribe all gets back together at the camp and you can start to really feel the two factions really starting get verbally/non verbally aggressive with one another.Jeremy starts to get offended with how Keith is acting with his son and other tribe members around the women of the tribe because of how Keith is also a firemen and as being a firemen like Jeremy himself he feels that their is a standard when it comes to manners around women as being a firemen. So he expresses this opinion with the other tribe members, at least the ones in his faction.

The women start to express their opinions about how the men are acting in the tribe with one another by using verbal communication. Jacklyn is starting to reconsider voting for Jeremy because of how the men on Josh’s faction has been acting around the women. This may become a problem because it may either make the vote even at the tribal council which would call for a re-vote or it would men that it would give Jeremy’s faction the upper hand which would ultimately lead to voting off Josh. In addition to this it may create problems between John and Jacklyn when it comes to deciding which faction to stick with. Keith and the other men in Josh’s faction don’t seem to be worried about this as they feel that Jacklyn will still side with John when it comes to deciding who to vote for.



Survivor Blog #7

At the beginning of the episode the Yellow tribe decided to go over what happened at the last tribal meeting and inform Keith as they felt bad and felt like they had the responsibility to inform him. To clarify what happened, at the last tribal meeting the Yellow tribe decided to vote Dale off but to play it safe they decided to split off the votes and go two for Keith and three for Dale. When Keith saw his name on those two votes he felt betrayed and didn’t know what was going on. By getting together as a tribe and decided to inform Keith of what happened and why the tribe did what they did at the last tribal meeting is an example of decision making.


Back at the Blue tribe, Reed and Josh got together and started to talk about getting other tribe members together to agree on voting off Jeremy. Jeremy has been acting different lately and has been more to himself and less involved with the tribe and has not been much of a tribal member lately. The tribe gets a note or letter notifying them that they are merging and they they need to pack up their things and move to a different location on the island. Jeremy has a similar motive and wants Reed and Josh off out of the tribe.

The Yellow tribe as well gets the letter notifying them that they need to move locations for the merge

The two tribes are now merged and are working together.

Jeremy still has the motive to get Reed and Josh out of the game. The way Jeremy is thinking of doing this is by getting the other members/couples in the game on his side where they will nock them out of the game. Jeremy feels threatened by Josh being a leader, where he wants to be a leader instead and the way to do this is to eliminate the previous leader. Jeremy talks to John about getting numbers on their side and it looks like they have around 7 tribe members.

Josh is aware of what Jeremy is trying to do and knows that Jeremy is trying to get numbers against him and Reed. Therefore Josh is now trying to get numbers on his side and knows that it is now a race to see who is going to get the numbers needed  in order to vote who out first. Josh’s strategy to get numbers on their side by getting the couples on their side. There are more couples in the tribe and by getting them it would give them the advantage they need.

Baylor feels bad that she is going to have to vote off Josh or Reed out since she has a alliance with her mom. Which her mother already has an alliance with Jeremy. This means since her mom has an alliance with Jeremy so does Baylor.

Jaclyn and her boyfriend are deciding who to alliance with. They are worried who will be the better one to have an alliance with.

Later on in the episode the tribe had some trail mix from earlier on. They tried to find it as some tribe members wanted some but they seemed to not be able to find it. In result members begin to search through peoples stuff and find some in Julie’s bag. The members are now upset about the fact that she had some trial mix and they feel like she was trying to hide the food. The members now start to have bad impressions about her and now are talking behind her back.

At the first challenge, the tribe finds out that their is no more tribe immunity but now their is individual immunity where one person will be immune from a tribal council. Jeremy is the first one out of the challenge. Keith wins the first challenge and wins the first individual immunity.

Survivor Blog #6

In this episode of survivor it seemed to be center around trust within the tribes. To start off in the yellow tribe at the beginning of the episode Dales daughter was voted off in the previous episode and now he is worried that he will be next. Over in the blue tribe, they are continuing to starve from hunger as they do not have any rice left to properly feed the tribe members. This is frustrating for the members who were previously on the yellow tribe as they had food to feed their tribe because they rationed it out properly and this shows how the Blue tribe did not and they were eating more which could be a factor of why the tribe was doing so well in the previous challenges since they may have had more energy and strength do to eating more than the yellow tribe has. In order for the blue tribe to get more food they had to plead and give back all their items that they have won in the previous challenges and basically start off from scratch. This upsetting Jeremy as he could have lasted longer with barely to no food and believes that one of the future challenges may have been more food or equipment for hunting and would not have had to plead and give back the items they did for more food.

The blue tribe wins the first challenge and the reward was a BBQ for the tribe, Natalie from the blue tribe volunteers to go to exile island. Jeremy has been a bit distant from the tribe. I believe this has to do with him focusing more on his personal goals of getting father in the game vs. working as a team and focusing on tribe goals. This also can have to do with him being upset with the tribe doing the exchange for more food. Where he believes the tribe could have lasted a little longer before pleading for food. Julie begins to question leaving the game as she doesn’t think she can handle being on this island for much longer. Jeremy tries to convince her and bring up her hopes that she can do this and last longer as he needs her and her support to help further him into the game. He is doing this out of self interests and not really because he is concerned for her. He knows that she will need to leave before him but doesn’t believe that time is now.


The blue tribe wins the second challenge as well which means that the yellow tribe will have to attend tribal council. The problem in this tribe is that the majority of the tribe is made up of loved ones and that makes it difficult to vote someone off as no one wants to vote off their own ones. This influences sub-alliances with loved ones within the tribe and that breaks down the strength of the tribe overall. I believe what is going to happen for future episodes is that the ones in the tribe without loved ones are going to be the ones voted off the tribe first and then once the only thing left is loved ones the tribe members with their loved ones will all gang up with each other as like a couple vs. couple thing and once couples break apart due to being voted off the partner of the loved one that was previously voted off would be next and it would become a continuous cycle. To show proof of this in the tribal council Dale was voted off who did not have a loved one in the tribe as his daughter was on the yellow tribe and was voted off.

Survivor Blog #5

In this episode of Survivor a lot happened. To start the blue tribe had their first tribal meeting where they kicked John from the group. This was very ironic in this case because John was the one in the first place to force his tribe into having a tribal meeting by throwing off the previous challenge from the previous episode so he could attempt to convince the group members into siding with him to kick members from the tribe that he felt threatened his chances of continuing farther into the show. In this current episode the yellow tribe was speculating who was kicked from the blue tribe before they got together with the other tribe to meet that day. When they found out that John was the one kicked from the blue tribe they seemed to be all surprised. This was because they felt that John was the biggest asset in their tribe and it appeared to them that John would have been the last person to have been kicked. This to me is an example of listening in groups because since the yellow tribe had no idea what was going on in the blue tribe that it would be hard for them to speculate and or know why John was the one who was kicked. They thought John was their biggest asset but they would not truly know unless if they were on the blue tribe and understood from their perspective what John was really like.

Then next that was interesting was that the show leader decided to have the two tribes throw in their colors and call for a tribe rebuild. When I say this i mean that the two tribes were not tribes and the members from both groups were reassigned. I kind of expected that this may happen because since the yellow tribe was as down as they were on tribe members vs. the blue tribe. Also with the advantage the blue tribe had with wining the challenges and the yellow tribe only winning one. What I found interesting as well was how the two tribes seemed to be reluctant with the idea of being reassigned even if it meant being pared with their loved ones. I believe they felt this way because they were already getting to know their tribes as well as they were and the two tribes had their own way of doing things that by having the tribe members reassigned that it meant restructuring the tribes.

Survivor Blog #4

In this episode of Survivor their seems to be tensions rising within the tribes, especially in the blue tribe. In the beginning of the episode the tribe members of the blue tribe were becoming extremely annoyed with Drew. The tribe found the old flint in the beginning of the episode and this opened up wounds from an earlier episode when they originally lost the flint the first time and traded the fishing gear in order to get another flint. Drew at this point keep bringing up how the group should have not traded the fishing gear in the first place. It seems like Drew thinks of himself as the leader of the group and the only person who would be able to lead the group.

The first challenge the Blue tribe wins once again and John sends his girl friend to exile island and in addition sends Drew from his tribe to accompany her. While on exile island Drew mentions to Drew’s girlfriend that he is going to throw off the next challenge that way the yellow tribe will win and the blue tribe will be forced to vote someone off the island. Drew wanted to do this because he felt it was time to vote someone out from his tribe and by doing this it would further his chances of making it longer in the game, at least he thought it would.

Back in the blue tribe Keith and Jeramy begin to have problems. Keith gets a hint of where an immunity idol is and where he attempts to recover it he could not find it. This made him believe that Jeramy has it because he was the last person to be at exile island before him. So he goes back to the group and tells his fellow members that Jeramy has a idol without knowing for sure if he does have one. This made Jeramy feel betrayed since he thought they had an alliance since they are both firemen and now because of this Jeramy wants to get Keith voted off from the tribe. Keith after telling the group members goes back for another attempt at finding the idol and actually finds it.

In the yellow tribe, Alec seemed to be acting like a brother figure with one of the girls from the group and called this girl out on not doing her part on something. After doing this Alec confronts her and tells her why he did what he did and acted in the why he did. He mentioned its a part of his personality because of his childhood and the way he was taught growing up from his father why it came to doing his part and doing a lot of the work himself. This I saw was an example from the textbook on the chapter about Diversity.

Towards the end of the episode, the Blue tribe ends up having a tribal council since they lost the second challenge due to Drew throwing off the challenge. Drew thought he was going to be able to convince the tribe members to vote the person he wanted out of the tribe but it didn’t end up working in his favor. The tribe ended up voting Drew himself out.

Survivor Blog #3

In this episode of survivor their seamed to be a lot of conflict going on within the groups and between groups, I feel like the majority of the episode focused around the conflicts with the groups. In the beginning of the episode Baylor mentioned how she felt betrayed by Josh. This is because in an earlier episode Josh had an alliance with Baylor but when it came to voting someone off the group he decided to turn his vote against Baylor for what he thought would be for the greater good of the group. Then when John told her what he did Baylor felt betrayed and hurt, not knowing if she can trust him anymore with knowing he did this. I would say telling her in the first place would give him some credit at least. Overall the problem Baylor seems to have is that because of this betrayal she is unsure of who she can trust and feels she can’t trust anyone in her group and is worried that she may become the next person off the island.

In group blue as I will call them, was facing some conflicts in the group as well. In the episode the group as a whole at least for the most part decided that they needed to reinforce the structure of the sleeping area or I would say was the shelter area. They wanted to reinforce it incase of future storms, wind, or rain coming to the island that can damage the shelter. They decided to go ahead and reinforce the roof by intertwining the leaves that worked as a roof to make it hold stronger and stay together better. As the group was weaving the leaves for the roof Drew decided to stop as he was going frustrated and said weaving is not his strong suit and decided to lay down and take a nap. This upset the other members in the group and they felt he has not contributed to the group enough if at all and he was not going to make it very far in the show as he may get kicked from the group in a future tribal meeting or he will just leave the island and quit as he can’t handle living on the island.

In the orange group tensions within were growing stronger and stronger. In the group the men had an alliance and the women had an alliance. I see this as a Destructive Conflict that is going on within the group as these alliances in the group are not benefiting the overall group and its going to further prevent the group from working together as a whole and be able to achieve group goals. I also feel that they are not thinking ahead enough to what will happen if say the men take out all the women in the group? The men will have to take out their own and go against one another. This is only a temporary solution I feel they are seeing and maybe instead of having these alliances that are crippling the group they should look at the real problem and start winning these challenges that will prevent the entire problem with having a tribal meeting and voting someone off. Since the blue team seems to be doing so well with not voting people off.

In the end of the episode, the yellow team once again ends up having a tribal meeting. The interesting thing about this tribal meeting is that the alliances within the group seemed to have shifted. The men, at least some of them decided to break the alliance and get together with the women to vote out John. John did not really expect this to happen even though it seemed like there was a couple settle hints that something may be going on at the tribal meeting when the members were talking. John even brought the medallion that would save him from being voted off but decided not to use it as he did not feel like it was needed yet.

Survivor #2

In this episode of Survivor the teams are more aquatinted with one another as they have adapted to their new life and the people they have to work with and count on to further on. In the episode one of the members of the blue team lost the flint and this made the person who lost it feel bad and guilty. Feeling that the other members of the group are looking down upon him. This shows the need for inclusion, how he relies to feel included, involved, and accepted by the other members. When you do not have this you may feel under social. Also in the blue team the men at the beginning of the episode felt the need to show the women in the group of their strengths, where the men would lift logs and other items. This shows their need for affection to be liked and a productive group members.

The first challenge comes around. The challenge involved the need for patience and a steady hand. The challenge was against John and his girl friend Julie. Where Julie was the winner of the challenge because she had patience and a steady hand. John on the other hand was struggling as he did not have a steady hand and was loosing his patience during the challenge. During the challenge he seemed to exhibit some sign of aggressiveness as he was loosing to his girl friend.

After the challenge Natalie needed inclusion and affection due to hearing that her sister was kicked from the other group. This had a large tole on her and it was hard for her. The other members of the group felt for her and comforted her.

Later on in group yellow they find out more about who John is and his past. This makes the group feel uncomfortable around him and has some members agitated and having conflicting feelings about the guy.

In the last challenge of the day the blue team wins, though during the challenge there were some emotional times. The mother and the daughter for an example when they battled each other. The daughter hurt her lip and was bleeding. This concerned the mother as it made her feel bad and made her feel it was her fault and it had the daughter emotional about it as well. The batter tend to exhibit aggressive behavior between the people who battled each other as it was a type of combat which was one on one

Yet again the yellow team is forced to vote someone off the island

Survivor Blog #1

In the first episode of survivor for this season the show is based on couples being spit from each other into opposing groups. The teams are going to compete against each other to dominate. In the first challenge Jeremy competes against his wife in the first challenge. It was very hard for him and was emotional for him to compete against his wife and send her to exile.

After the first challenge the two groups go to their places of the island to get situated with where they are going to be living. The Blue group begins in the forming stage, where they explore their personal goals and explore possible group goals but have not been set at this point as everyone is wondering off with their own goals. No group meeting has been established at this point and no assigned roles have been established as well. Jeremy begins with getting to know the other women in the group and the other women see Jeremy as the go to person and the person they can trust so Jeremy and the women in the group establish a relationship for working together and potential partners.

Yellow Group: are also in the forming stage as that is the first stage in forming a group. Their group begins with creating a group objective with being creating a fire and having shelter unlike group blue where they did not have a group goal in mind. One of the group members though by the name of Dale has not integrated with the rest of the group. He has been isolating himself from the rest of the group and feels left out and having nothing of use to provide for the group as skills and needs. Therefore he does not feel included in the group. But he still works with the group goal by himself to promote the welfare of the group and the people. This puts him in the mindset of constructive nonconformity as he is still working to promote the group.

Blue Team: In the meanwhile still do not have a group goal and are working on their own interests and goals. Drew starts to feel like he is in a state of power and begins to believe he may be or become the role model and leader of the group.

In this episode the blue team has been wining the challenges but just because they have been winning the challenges that does not necessarily mean they have a better group or well established one. The challenges but people on the same mindset and gives everyone a common goal to achieve that everyone wants to achieve but besides from the goal that does not mean that everyone still is on the same mindset and are still being productive and working together for the well being of the group. Group blue lacks teamwork outside of the challenges and lacks the necessary needs of a common goal and roles that are needed for an effective group. On the other hand team yellow has established a more well put together group. This is because the group has set common goasl and group members work together to achieve these goals. This is apart of the necessary needs that a group must have to be effective and last in the long run. This group does not seem to be putting personal goals or themselves before the welfare of others and the group overall. Which good for the health and longterm survival of the group and the people.

Towards the end of the episode the team yellow is forced to vote a person off the island. This vote begins to split the group in half where is the men vs. the women as the men want to vote a women off the island and the women want to vote Dale off the island. This is unhealthy for the overall good of the group and that is the problem with forcing a group to vote one of their own off the island.


Survivor #1

In the first episode of “Survivor” there are two groups, to make it simple I am going to label the groups “group orange” and “group Yellow” as in the episode the group members for bother groups had these assigned colors. When both groups first arrived on the island the two groups were very different in the way the members adjusted to the new idea of living on an island. I am going to give a brief summary of how the two groups behaved and how the members behaved within the group and how it related to the assigned reading for Chapter 2 in the textbook.

Starting with group orange on day one the members were confused and unorganized. With having no group goals or personal goals assessed yet. A member of the group Rudy, who was a retired navy seal was very frustrated with the group and their organization of the supplies and how they were getting them to the island. He would yell at the members and talk down to them as they were less than him and being controlling as if he was the leader of the group. This to me showed a sign of Secondary Tension Stage already being reached within the group. This group also at the beginning had problems with arguing with one another. Everyone would talk at once, interrupting everyone who was trying to speak. Everyone was shouting their own opinions of group goals and personal goals that were all overlapping with one another and it was just a complete mess overall. The group overall was unprofessional, unorganized, and started off on the wrong track with member problems. There was one group member in particular that was a problem at the beginning of the episode and this member was Richard. He seemed to be a bit rude, disrespectful, argumentative, and not a team player. He separated himself from the remainder of the group and would stay along the tree line. He later on in the episode became more part of the group. This group I feel started off with Secondary Stage and ended the day on the same stage. I also feel like the member of the group Richard was prohibiting Destructive Nonconformity.

The second group being group Yellow began their adventure a little differently then the previous group. In this group they all got along instantly for the most part. They were able to interact with each other from the instance they reached the island. They were already sharing sharing their ideas and opinions among themselves of what should be the first course of action for the group and what goals should be set for the group. They all agreed that the first course of action was to find a source of water. Which they were able to find this source quickly due to them having a map that laid out the water source. Then later in the evening they had a camp fire where they all got together and shared personal stories about their lives and adventures. Where they all were able to laugh among everyone and have a good time. It seemed like from my personal point of view they were able to begin with the Norming Stage and end the day off with the Performing State. Their group started off and ended off in good places and will be able at this point to achieve a healthy group relationship.

This is how I feel the first episode related to the Assigned Reading for Chapter 2 and what the two groups showed signs of during the episode