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Course Reflection

1.Group C first went through the development  of Forming. All of us were cautious of each other and did not act so brash. Then as time passed we all loosened up to the point we were now norming. We understood that we needed each other to obtain a certain grade. 2. We each had and had not a role. Each individual were equal and if there was a role the role the only person who had a prominent role would be Celina being our scribe and note taker. Other than that each of us understood that we had to do things to make sure our projects were up to par. 3.All of us were from different diversity. But I was the only Asian while the other four were in a pair. I found myself  a bit left in the dark and if no one was going to stand up and do their work then I might as well enforce the projects. No one questioned my overseer and leader power. I did tell them if no one has objections then i wouldn’t mind being the group organizer/ leader. They said nothing, I said if you guys are ok then re-read the paper/ tribal form, and make sure ask me if you guys are ok with me being the leader. They did not ask anything. So the two biggest cultural difference i faced was 1. Ethnicity role, and 2. cultural mentality. 4. I wonder about that. If I wasn’t the leader then how bad this group could have been. Hudson said he could be a great leader but ironically he has not contacted the group for more than a month this semester, Miguel tries to ease his way off works, tries to leave early and complains. Amy was some what complaining but she stuck around the only issue she had was she was easily panicking and did not think deeply enough. Celina wins the MVP award. She always did her work and tried to make time to meet each time,though she could done a bit better but when time was crucial she was there and took notes, prepared and did what she needed to do. As for me….I felt like I was carrying the whole group for the most part and that was hard especially when I am also the leader for 4 different group projects. 5.I think we lacked motivation to be honest. It was not the motivation but more on the lines of “we have to do this for our grades” which is not motivation but a mental drive telling us live or die. It was a mutual understanding that all of us wanted to pass and will work for it. 6.The one most prominent member who used a lot of nonverbal indications was Miguel. The rest of us did too but i saw more non verbal expressions and body language from Miguel. First and foremost is his grins. If he gets irritated and want to leave he will grin first and then ask if we are done. Second behavior was tapping. He will tap his finger on the desk or tap his foot when he felt time restraint and the urge to just bolt or wanted things done. Amy had one , which was the jaw dropping expression, Celina had her eyes widen and Hudson normal face changes into this uh half smile half jaw dropping expression.  And im sure mine is me sharp glare or eye brow raising since i felt like the group was slacking off here and there. 7. Listening was chaotic. When we get into groups we will start talking about our upcoming projects and try to work on them. But as time flew by each member started talking about food, entertainment and other things that were not related to the project. I believe I talked about different classes i have to take but i do not know if i specifically talked about food or entertainment. 8.The conflict we faced was not a personal conflict but conflict of different ideas. Therefore all of us will sit down re state our ideas, put all ideas in a pool and then take out one or two that we vote to be most effective and interesting and work with those ideas and then implement other ideas that are left into our final conclusion which are our projects. 9. Our group decision making was simple. We voted which sounded the best. But as loose we were about this construct of groups it also loosen up everyone’s mind so far as they never questioned about ideas i made. Miguel tries to add ideas but he goes timid and then says never mind. Not until me or Celina asks him what his idea is he would repeat. So that was how we solved creative problems, votes and just following ideas…..this group felt like they only cared about their grade not about their responsibilities. 9. For Group meetings we always arranged the time and place for our meetings. As for 5 categories of meetings such like the disruptive category and chairing meetings etc we had them all. We had texters, interrupters, early leavers, late arrivers ect. But all of us had one thing in mind. Do your work and as long as the objective is met then our behaviors, how bad they may be, can be compromised. so far all of us kept up the good work, except hudson who he said was busy but that is for him and the professor to discuss. For us we will keep our goals met what ever the cost. 10. Appendix 5: Our purpose is to present our information the way our professor. Our Audience were our classmates who were also in the similar position as us.  Our credibility were set by our continuous efforts to make our presentation better. Though there were many roadblocks we believe we tried our best to make each presentation entertaining and informative. Organization was set by each group taking their responsibility. Delivery: presentation aids, decent volume of voice and the words we try to use to make sure everyone understands, Attire, posture all were to be accounted for but I personally believe they need more practice. Content and logistics are done by our scatter but some how miraculous content research and somehow managed. Overall I feel like the group was consistent but very incopetent. We all feel that we wanted our project done but we also felt that all of us did not have enough motivation to feel enthusiatic about anything.  

Blog post 10 This is not the End.

Here is my self reflection on and about the blog(s).

Question 1: Scale to 1-5 how diligent was I on the blogging.

I would say 5. Not to be just out there but I personally know i don’t do well on tests. So I do my best on my assignments I kept doing every blog from the beginning every sat or sunday depending when time permitted me to. This would be under Blog 11. but since i did 10 episodes of survivor and such i decided this would be just yet another blog.

Question 2: How diligent was I on responding to other people’s blog

I would give a 4. I replied mostly right after I did mine. There may be one or two missing since here has been ramshambles of assignments I had to do to keep everything up to date. And I personally Loved this assignment. At first I was a bit annoyed but after episode 2 blog I started to realize that if i swap this as a task into a communal thinking i could see how others saw my blog as and how they thought of the episode and my thoughts. IT was a very I would call Sly but funny method of teaching . GG/GJ (good game/ good job)

Question 3: How well and much did i combined class concepts to the show.

I would give a 3 under the teaching standards. I integrated them yes but I used what I have learned and what the book said and tried to reason why certain outcomes of the show became the way it has been and predicting with that new outcome what could be the next. I think I had too much fun with this part of the blogging and even surprised me that one episode did not go too well with one the chapters so it was a huge hammering on my brain but so far I think it was decent reflection. Personally I would give myself a 4. but I wouldn’t say it otherwise.

Question 4-8 (since all of them basically talk about what i liked, disliked, strength, improvement etc.)

this is a 5. I liked the assignment. Sure I admit it was a drag to watch survivor for first two episodes and I had things like Astro projects, Comm 210 projects and assignments, English essay….and SURVIVOR WHAT IN THE WORLD?! IN COLLEGE? But then there were more meanings behind this assignment. Once I managed to get others done and focus on this it was ….a game. Just another game. I am used to blog posting because I have to post, dedication, to my youtube channel and all but I never imagined things people have said about the episode without doing this nor what they thought the chapter or how it ties in their way. What I did not like is the fact that I couldn’t really focus on this all the time. Other technologies came in, more projects and essays and exams it was something I could just think lightly of which then again did not do because of how important chapters were.

Improvement: their is none. This assignment has no shape. We as a community, forced or not, shaped this assignment. We shared our thoughts about the episode and the chapter. TO IMPROVE is to fix and if you chip away a sculpture we made that is not fixing that is destroying.

Suggestions: SImple suggestion is this. Make it as an assignment but also instruct the new comers that this is where we share what we have learned and each opinion and episode matters because without this function of communication I believe people would not have shared their opinions about anything at all.



Blood vs. Water Episode 9: Captain Crunched….

On Episode of Survivor Jeremy gets backfired for his vote against John’s vote. Instead he gets voted out which was quite a interesting because Jeremy was redeemed Leader of the group. And since the Jeremy is out it is now couples game.

On chapter 2. It is of group development. Each member of the tribes went and developed a certain style of trust, image and enough points of personality to fit in with certain people. But because Jeremy is out it is now more of a open game. Before Jeremy was the leader. They all developed around him and his control. When Josh got out last episode It felt certain that the group development will last that the group who were with Jeremy will keep going with Jeremy. The one thing i did catch however was tension. It is close to the reward time and everyone is now radaring each other on who gets the money. And the way they shook off these tensions were to create alliances and mini alliances with others around them.

When Baylor got the immunity this episode Missy felt control. She wanted to push her and Baylor to the top. And I suspect they will. Missy has been making bold moves for baylor and baylor clings to her mom. But the catch is she is stepping into the radar…….and with the leader Jeremy gone it was more about “performing stages” without a “norming stage”. Meaning it is a hubunkle of mess and free for all matches.

My next prediction…..Keither will get someone out…..why because he is there and he is observing everyone with small talks and sharp eyes.

Blood Vs. Water Episode 8: Wrinkles and folds.

Episode 8 and Chapter 5. Leadership, power, control and of trust.

In episode 8 Coyopa, The Yellow faction for this episode wins immunity. Since the paring was Jeremy on one end and Josh  on the other end. When the Jersey’s team won it threw yet another curve ball at Josh because Josh wants to control the group and Jeremy is the leader. They win the templing building challenge and Jeremy’s team wins the game. John is voted out and Jacquil is stomped by everyone acting cruel to her.

In chapter 5 we see the situational model by Hersey Blanchard and effectiveness of leadership by Fiedler both speaking on how leaders to members and of how the models work by structure speak yet another sub section called the 5 M. model, motivate, manage, make  and mentor to his or her members.  Out of all this category the most apparent one is model and management.  Two groups one lead by Jeremy who organizes his groups by his trust, the other by Josh who is organizing by mind and assets.

Returning to the episode it is game 2 and its now time to some brain and memorization work. And the most amusing part is the last two standing were Josh and Jeremy. And again Jeremy win. SImply.

Now that threw the structure away from Josh’s plan. He goes to try protect his alliance. The alliance is shaking and now everyone just just Josh’s group but also Jeremy’s group is going a bit awry.

For the chapter I believe the biggest thing is not just the structure or the 5Ms but the diversity . Culture, ethnicity, and other ideals mix this game and competition. And thus it started to work. They started to sway lose it take against it on Baylor. But in the end the focus were on Josh. The first plan was josh and even at a narrow escape of Baylor, Josh is voted out.

Which rebounds back to Jeremy who retakes his command over the group. And now the leadership is now , supposedly, going to be questioned not by individuals but by all the group against Jeremy. Why? Because if Jeremy keeps wining and protected. Jeremy will win the prize and the rest just followed and mentally everyone wants to win the prize so something will go down between the group and Jeremy once more where Jeremy’s leadership will be throttled again.

Blood Vs. Water episode 7: The Game Changer!

So Chapter 9 says creative problem solving. The issue with this chapter and the episode I see is the fact that there was not really creativity. The emotions of each tribe members, grudge between Josh and Jeremy kept this issue a long extended war.

In the episode the tribe merged. It was now as they stated “Huoypa”. Some took this as time to be more friendly others like Josh and Jeremy were constant war to gain members and number. When Julie decides to quit the game the problem went escalating .  Josh wanted Jeremy and Jeremy wanted Josh out. In the chapter power controls part of problem solving and now the power that Jeremy had just dwindled down and matched with Josh.

They don’t have a set agenda on how to deal with the problem, They don’t have a group thinking because its an alliance not as a whole group,  But they all had one thing that kept this issue at bay. Individual gain. Each person now is an enemy and an ally. They want to manipulate, they want to use people they want to use a human shield so they and each of them can get to the top. This is not a competition anymore. THe more comfortable you get the more issues can rise and since they merged now its a war…..against others and against yourself….


Blood vs. Water Episode 6: Loyalty vs Royalty.

First the chapter. Chapter 6 is about Nonverbal and verbal communication. Simply stated it about how you communicate either by words or body language.

Hunapu wins again and again and Coyopa is dying out. And the most twisted thing about that losing team is how they are “teaming” up with certain people. Missy and Baylor one of the most winiest group wants to kick all of Dale’s line of power. Dale wants what i feel like him saying the “B” word to both Missy and Baylor wants one of them out for revenge. John and his girlfriend are again in the middle with Keith just holding up by the straw.

3 things happened in this episode.

1. Keith starts to act restless, his hand motions are more frantic, he rubs his beard more often and is always cringing at the sight of loss or word of tribal council.

2.  Dale’s eyes go wide in rage to hear Baylor retorting to his defense of how loyal he is and Baylor also her eyes widen when John’s girlfriend retorts that Baylor has been in royalty mood and acting such a princess.

3. And lastly the tears. Baylor starts crying with empathy of how she states “if my mom cries i start crying too….she was going to cry and so I ball”

Most nonverbal communications are seen as body language and verbal is by words. But in communication using both shows the true side. Words alone will not make you be trust able. And body language is ambiguous.

Thus Keiths action were unseen. Dales words stabbed himself on the back, and Baylors action got John and his girlfriend’s attention and Missy’s ready to tear also caught everyone’s attention.

Did i mention in Hunapu that Julie’s words and behavior has shown her true side and thus that is both nonverbal and verbal communication used  exactly on how one portraits themselves? :3

Blood Vs. Water Episode 5

The horror! The woe. If we are to speak of chapter 7 with this episode this is a terror I knew was going to happen.

First of on Blood vs. water the teams are split again this time some reuniting with their loved ones the rest are singled out.
but thats the mental control. A puppeteering of lives and fate.
By putting them together with loved once will shroud their conciousness and blind them from working together. And thus the feud of families begin. One pair going after another and the result is Kelly voted out.

In chapter 7 we talk about listening. How curcial it is to listen how different form and different people listen. And if that was not enough the listening for differences is hard for many people.

With that stated there is a dark tide amongst both members of each tribe and a success does not feel like a success at all. It feels more like a puppet play at this point for me.

Blood vs. Water Episode 3

“Chopping Block” it is a very grim beginning for an episode. I foretold that someone in the orange tribe was going to be voted out. As i watched tons of skeptical issues showed up for the orange tribe. And at last the one person who was caring less for the image he has brought to his tribe. John. was voted out in the end. But before we go to that let me discuss one thing about an issue that was brought up in this episode. Sportsmanship. Sometimes playing it cool is good but other time that cool can turn cold when you can’t maintain an image of what others can see you as. As the two tribe scream at each other John decides to take action and try to swing people to vote for Baylor.

That was the biggest hint that he just not only dug his own grave when people were already having doubts about him but also to take action like that during the darkest of times for his tribe just got him out of his game. This is not just a sport and communication it also ties with the way people psyche work within the group. What they feel, what they think and what words or feelings can they express. The reason being is as follows as much of my part.

Sport needs people with lots of experience and strength.

Team work requires trust and when it comes to trust it requires emotions.  honesty and group mentality not for one but for all.

And now “Tribe has spoken” John is out.

Blood Vs. Water Episode 2

In this Survivor episode we see cooperation within groups rising for the Adults or the Blue team while the Yellow team with the teens and few adults are breaking. The method used in the teen is teen mentality. Use your head on who was the worst by standard and vote them out. Adults are doing fine because they understand and respect each other by default on how each person is and even if they lose they know it was not because on purpose but they lacked potential to a certain challenge. The teens however focus on who is best at challenge and who is “skeptical”, “sketchy” and try to compromise who votes out. The Blue team is winning because they put their hardest even when emotions come and sway their way from focusing.

At the end of the episode John votes Val. out because he lost her trust but promises made were also broken by this action. It also makes a statement to this team that they only are using by who is best and worst not who is efficient and cooperative in the game.

Though it was as expected from the previous episode Val only had one so there is no way to have two but the teens took those words and pined it against Val.

Competition wise it is hard since two members are now out for the teens and the adults are winning…

BUT! There is one thing that the adults also don’t have that the teens do. Friendship. How long or how respectful you can be they need to build more on friendship. For “Hey Bro I gotta ya” isn’t going to be enough and I see the adults cooperating but if one mistake occurs anything can break.