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Blog Post #10

1. I give myself a 5 because in a timely manner I was I was submitting my blog post’s consistently.

2. I give myself a 5 because I gave one thorough comment on a peers blog with at least 100 words per comment.

3. I believe that I integrated the class concepts well because I received positive feedback from my peers. I was able to use the class concepts by using them accurately when connecting them with the show.

4. With regards to blogging I  was able to use good examples from the chapter linked into the show survivor. I also was able to keep up with each blog and comment for my peers. I feel like I improved over time in the way I used my examples.

5. I feel like I could improve with my blogging by adding even more detail when relating the concept.

6. I liked how I was able to give my opinion about the show after using my examples. I liked that I was able read other blogs and comment on other blogs.

7. I disliked that the show would take a lot of time to watch and after I still had to blog and comment. I feel like over all it took a lot of time.

8. Suggestions that I have for this blog in the future to improve would be to change shows like not only watch survivor but other shows that other people like.

Blog Post #9 Chapter 6

In the episode “This Is Where We Build Trust” the members don’t seem to know who to get rid of when it comes to elimination. A sense of choice came up in this episode when in the end of the episode all the game members had to chose for one of the contestants to leave. When they cased their vote they all chose who ever they felt like eliminating. When Jon and his group won the challenge  reward they showed a sense of competence by hugging each other and showing that they did good. I think that the group deserved winning because in the end they pushed to win the challenge and it was fair. The reward for the challenge winner was helping the kids of Nicaragua by giving them baseball equipment. The food and helping the kids from Nicaragua was fair because it showed that the group members were thankful to be able to have the game filmed there. The group members also won the challenge and food was fair enough to have after winning. Material compensation was meaningful for the kids.

In the challenge that the group had to face Jon felt so secure to not be eliminated so he quit the game for some candy. He received punishment in my opinion because he was almost eliminated and if it wasn’t for him using the idle Jon would of been out. This episode was full of surprises and I cant wait who wins the game.

blog #7 Chapter 9

In the episode “Wrinkle In the Plan” the contestants had to phase many challenges and decision making made them rethink about who would be more convenient for them to leave. The contestants in my opinion started realizing that the game would soon come to an end for someone. Problem solving started to show in the group when they divided into two groups to win a challenge which was a lot of food and drinks. In this challenge the groups worked together by pushing the puzzles across the other side. Both groups tried their hardest to win this challenge and I think that Jeremy’s group tried the hardest by problem solving and that is why they won.

The majority vote in the group came up when they had to vote out someone in the end. The group members felt that Jon had the authority rule because he had Kelly by her side and they were a couple that made decisions together and in the end Jon would say what they chose or came up with. I think that Jon and Kelly have the power based on what could happen in the next episode. A question of value was when the group didn’t know if it was worth it to vote out between Jon and Josh. This episode was very intense because I honestly thought that Baylor would be voted out but instead Josh was. I am looking forward to the next survivor episode.

Chapter 6 Post#6

In the episode “Million Dollar Decision” the Coyopa and Hanahpu tribe was joined together to make one group. The tribe members named their group Hoyopa. The group used nonverbal communication when Josh said that he wanted to vote out Jeremy by getting closer to everyone and letting them know why he wants to vote out Josh. As the group members work together they team talk about what they think will happen now that everyone is joined together to play the game. As the show continues abstract words are used when Julie starts telling Missy that she doesn’t have a support system anymore. Offensive language was used in the group when John was really upset that Julie stole the trail mix from the group. Julie was guilty that she had trail mix and didn’t share with anyone but at the same time she said that she would only share with those that she likes.  In my opinion I thought that Julie was being somewhat selfish but at the same time she is their by herself to win the competition.

With Jeremy and Missy their isn’t personal distance but their should be. With Josh and Baylor social distance still remains because they are acquaintances. This episode didn’t end with  much intensity and I hope the next episode is better.


Blog Post #5 Chapter 7. Listening In Groups

In the episode “Make Some Magic Happen”  both groups cant believe that Kelley was eliminated from the Coyopa tribe. Dale made up an immunity idol and his hidden agenda was to tell Jon that if he convinces the group to not eliminate him then he would give Jon his immunity idol. That is how empathic listening was brought to this situation. Listening to interpret came up when Reed and Josh were both kissing and being emotional when Reed won the challenge.The tribe was not doing well when they started complaining that they didn’t have enough food to continue the competition.

The host Jeff is walking towards the Hanahpu tribe and he is ready to give the group a bag of rice in exchange of something.  Listen to respond comes up when July shows a shrug of fear when she doesn’t know what Jeff will say about the bag of rice. I thought that July had every right to fear what was coming because Jeff is going by the rules. When Jeremy is using analytical listening he  sees how everyone in his tribe is happy that Jeff took all their comfort supplies he is angry because he didn’t mind passing one more day of hunger. Jeremy thought that in the future challenges their would be opportunities for more food. I thought that Jeremy was being selfish because other people in his tribe where not capable of passing hunger for one more day like he was. This episode showed how these groups came together to win each challenge even if some of them didn’t like each other.




Episode 5 “Blood is Blood” Chapter 4 Blog post#4

In this episode the Coyopa tribe is shocked to see that Drew was eliminated. Some of the members in the groups are switched back to couples. Some of the couples are happy to have their loved ones in the same tribes and their glad to play a new game especially John and Jacklyn. For Josh and Reed they feel like they have higher chances of being eliminated. For new groups the deep diversity has now changed. Dale feels like he needs to use his idol now that he feels alone in the tribe and everyone else is with their loved ones. In the Coyopa Tribe Baylor is getting some rice with her mom and Dale is bothered with her getting more rice then needed. Baylor tells Missy that Dale has been trying to get her out of the competition and Missy is being prejudice towards Dale because he dislikes her daughter. I think that Missy shouldn’t be prejudices towards Dale because she doesn’t know how Dale has been in that tribe.

The Judgers in the Coyopa tribe are John and Jacklyn because they get to judge Missy, Baylor, Dale, and Kelly and choose who looses their loved one. Dale is the thinker because he has reasons to eliminate others. The introvert in the Hanahpu tribe is Kelly because she keeps everything to herself and doesn’t seem to communicate with her tribe members. John and Jacklyn would be the extroverts in the Coyopa tribe because they are a very liked couple. The intuitive in the Coyopa tribe would be Dale in my opinion because he knows who to eliminate and sees the big picture. The perceiver in the Hanahpu tribe is Jeremy because his wife has been gone and now that some couples are together he is willing to get closer to other tribe members that he wouldn’t think of getting close to. I think that Jeremy is finding new strategy’s to stay in the game longer. This episode was intense because the some of the tribe members where united and seeing them work together made the game a little different.



Episode 4 Blog #3 Hot Mess

Now that John was eliminated in the last  episode  the game continues. Hanahpu found the flint after they  had already replaced it with a second flint and they want the fishing gear because they  are starving. Drew  has an idea to exchange the second flint for the fishing gear  and that is  when substantive  conflict occurs  because everyone else thinks it is  a dumb idea to ask Jeff Crossword. Everyone  in the Hanahpu  tribe knows  that Jeff will say no except for Drew since Jeff had said no the last time they tried  to exchange their  reward. An example of affective conflict is  when Jeremy and Keith in the Hanahpu tribe. They have differences  in personalities and communication styles because Keith told the group that Jeremy had an idle when in reality Keith had it and when Jeremy found out he  was disappointed because  he felt that Keith should of asked him if he had  the idle not the whole group. I think that Keith should of asked Jeremy  if he really had an idle because Jeremy didn’t even have it and Keith ended up looking bad.

An example of  Procedural conflicts  is when it was Hanahpus’ turn to eliminate someone and a disagreement among the group members was made. The disagreement was when Keith told everyone that they should  eliminate Jeremy for having an idle. Drew told  the guys to eliminate Kelly because he felt that she was  a competition while everyone disagreed.Jeremy wanted them to eliminate Keith for telling everyone that he had an idle when in reality he didn’t. The  girls didn’t like the idea that Kelly should be  eliminated so they wanted Drew  to be eliminated. When Hanahpu  showed up for elimination everyone showed constructive conflict because they didn’t know who to choose to eliminate and they all wanted someone different  to leave the group. With everyone arguing over  who should  of  left this caused  destructive conflict. If drew would of not said that Kelly should of not been the target for elimination then he  would of had a higher chance of staying. This  episode was really intense and I liked it I just hope  that  the  next episode is just as intense.





A procedural conflict is when

Post #2 Episode 3. Action vs. Accusation

        In this episode Action vs. Accusation things start to change more when Val was eliminated off Coyopa. Since John did not protect Jeremy’s wife his plan now is to eliminate Julie for revenge. John now feels the need for inclusion in his group because he catches fish for his group and he thinks that catching food for his group will give him less chances of being eliminated. Jeremy is a social member in the Hanahpu tribe because he gets along with everyone in his tribe and at the same time he can work independently. In my opinion I think that Jeremy is playing this game very smart because he knows how to approach everyone in his group and he has less chances of being eliminating since the beginning. In the Coyopa tribe Baylor has the need for control because she feels like everyone else in her tribe can do what she wants them to do. When it comes to voting people off the group Baylor tells everyone who to vote off and she feels like everyone listens to her when in the other hand they do the opposite without her knowing. Baylor also is the autocrat because she wants to dominate everyone.

The need for affection comes into the group when the Coyopa tribe is up for elimination and Jaclyn tells the guys that girls shouldn’t be the target that the guys should step in and vote out guys. I think that Jaclyn is right because the guys plan was to vote out Baylor and Jaclyn would be the only girl in the tribe. A personal member in the Coyopa tribe would be Dale because he doesn’t really give his opinion in any of the members. Dale has no emotion and just wants to continue the game without being involved in the drama. Dale would also be passive aggressive in his tribe because he goes with what is said in his tribe and doesn’t argue. I’m looking forward to the next episode to see who else will be eliminated in these groups.

Episode #2 Survivor

The second episode of survivor revealed the needs of the tribe members. Josh showed a need for inclusion in his tribe  Coyopa when he took both sides in elimination.  In the end Josh did what he thought came more to his convenience when it came to eliminated someone in his group. Josh put up Baylor for elimination acting like it was all part of his plan to make the guys think he agreed with them.  In my opinion Josh had a hidden agenda to eliminate Baylor. Josh also seemed dishonest in this episode.

      Val and Baylor showed the need for control when they where deciding to vote Dale out because he came off to them as weak to their tribe. A personal member in the Hunahpu tribe is Natalie because she doesn’t show feeling towards the guys in her group Natalie she is self motivated. In the Coyopa tribe Jeremy is a overpersonal member when he builds a relationship with everyone in his group and acts like he takes a personal interest in him. Jeremy is really friendly with his group and finds ways to make things go his way.

In the Hanahpu tribe John plays a self-centered role by being selfish in finding idols first instead of figuring out with his tribe why they are not winning the challenges. Lastly, Val came off as very assertive when she put Baylor on the spot by revealing to everyone what Baylor’s plans were which Made everyone question who she was loyal to. Val was trying to cover her self by saying the truth and to probably have lesser chances of being eliminated. This episode had the groups competing harder to get saved from the isolated island.

First Time Ever Watching Survivor

The first episode of survivor has two groups blood vs water. The loved ones were separated and they had to compete against each other. Each pair was put into a tribe called- Hunahpu which was (blue) and Coyopa (orange). The groups had to introduce each other so that they can bond with one another later on as a team. Everyone is able to see how the groups come together and motivate each other to win the opposite team.

As the show continues the groups start the forming stage by starting to be cautiously polite with one another. Everyone starts to show faces of the storming stage by noticing that one person builds status in the group. During the episode everyone in  the Hunahpu tribe saw that Jeremy built status after winning the first competition. With one person having greater status it brings others danger to the competition. Jeremy won the first challenge and is earned respect by his tribe members. Respect by others in a group will benefit him later on by having a better chance of stayinng in the competion longer.  The Coyopa tribe lost two challenges already and primary tension is their because they were not able to build that bond like the other group did. The Coyopa tribes  younger members come together except for Dale, the oldest. Due to Dales age  difference he struggles to fit in and he feels  like  he needs to stand out so that they  wont eliminate him. Dale is seen as the weakest but in my opinion he should of been seen as the person with more experience and knowledge. Dale starts a fire first in the group and brakes his  glasses apart to show his other tribe members that he is scarifying for them. With that the group starts to become stronger and every one seems to accept one another and Dale does not seem to be the target anymore.

When the Coyopa group starts building a shelter they put tree branches as a covering    and one of the group members notices that he has a bad rash on his eyes. They all ask him if he is okay and they notice that the branches are poisonous. So they all get together to change the shelter for other branches, this is an example of resolving primary tension. Since Coyopa has lost two competitions secondary tension kicks in because the men want to eliminate one of the girls while the girls want to eliminate one of the guys. I really enjoyed watching this show and I am looking forward to the other episodes.