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On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with submitting your blog posts in a timely manner? 5

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent were you with posting at least one thorough comment on a peer’s blog? 4

One a scale of 1-5 (5 being very well), how well did you integrate class concepts into your posts about the Survivor show?4

Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation.

I think my strength in blogging is already having a lot of experience with technology and using a computer  a lot so It wasn’t difficult to post the blogs and using technology wasn’t a problem to me. 

Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation. 

I believe I could improve  by posting more blogs about different things that I find interesting, and a comes depending on what outcome you will get out of it. For example I participated in blogging because it was part of my grade, if It was optional I would have probably not done it. Participation also comes with how interested you are in the subject or assignment.     

What did you like about blogging?

What I liked the most is being able to do it on WordPress, I had never used this type of software so it was new to me and it’s always nice to learn something new. 

What did you dislike about blogging?

I was never really into survivor so having to blog about a show that your not really interested in makes the assignment harder to complete. 

What suggestions do you have for this assignment in the future?

One suggestion I would have is to have a couple of shows that students could pick from to watch, so instead of just survivor have a list of 2 or 3 shows you think people could relate the class text to. If that doesn’t work at least give the option for people to vote on what show they would like to do the assignment on so that it’s a show that interest the students and possibly you have a higher participation rate.

Blog post#9

Motivation in survivor plays a big role in the players because it could be the reason why people either make it to the end or leave early. I think in the past we have seen how some players don’t have motivation to stay in the game because the person they came with now have been voted off the team. In this episode we see in one of the challenges that food is put in front of the players to make them weak instead of motivating them to stay holding longer on the post mostly all failed because they all were starving from not having the nutrition they needed.

In this episode just like in the past we saw the categories of group motivation take place. A sense of choice is seen in every episode when the groups have time to talk to each other and make decisions or express their opinions especially during tribal council when every group member has the opportunity to vote who ever they feel should be on the show any longer, like in this episode when Wes is voted off the show.

We also saw the sense of progress when the yellow team takes the win this makes the group feel like theres some type of progress going on because during this season the blue team has been taking the most wins so when yellow takes a win they feel proud that they have made progress from how they have placed in the past. Also in every episode we see this when a tribe would win and they would be rewarded.  It not only motivated them to do better in the next challenge but it gave them also a sense of meaningfulness because they felt like what they were going had a purpose and that was moving on to the next step and making it all the way to the end.

Blog Post #8

Leadership has been shown throughout the season of survivor, in each episode there is different person who showed a leadership and some were stronger than others. In episode 9 Jeremy is elected of the show and this was a smart move by the rest tribe members that remained.  Jeremy was a strong leader he had great communication skills, was a good team player and possessed good communication skills and knowledge of the game. I think that many of his team mates saw him as a threat if he remained in the show and decided to boot him out.

In survivor we see people trying to be nice to try to make it to the end, For example Natalie and Jeremy giving their reward to Jon and Jaclyn to save them in time of the votes. But we seen it before and we see it again no one is there for anyone but themselves, so at the end of the day your last day could be any day no matter what friends you make in the game or what type of leader you are, your spot in the game is not guaranteed.

Jon and Jacklyn have shown huge leadership roles for the fact that they have basically determined the outcome of the past  4 tribal councils, I don’t understand this because they are not the only couple that is left in the game for people to be listening to them or trying to win them over for their votes. Jon and Jacklyn have a big influence in the past few episodes and I think the rest of the tribe members don’t realize that there is only 2 of them, if they want to strategize they need to find a way to vote one of them off in tribal council before its too late and they take home the winning prize!

Blog post #7

Josh pleads to Baylor that she owes him for saving her so now she must not vote him out, when this happens Baylor goes and talks to her mom about the situation and she tells her that she doesn’t have to do that for him and Josh senses it so he decides that he will be voting out Baylor for not cooperating with him. The guys seem to be rude to the girls and this strategy isn’t going to help them out once it is time to vote someone out. Josh’s solution to the problem is to just vote Baylor out since they can’t vote Jeremy who was their target but since he won’t immunity he is saved from elimination.

Josh talks to the guys to try to get Baylor voted out and they seem to agree with him. Once it is time to vote out Baylor and Josh are in a tie 5 votes each and only one vote left, the last vote determines who is OUT for good. The last vote went to JOSH! it all backfired and his ultimate goal of eliminating Baylor backfired. The issues was that Josh thought it was going to be way easier to get Baylor out not taking into consideration that Baylor had her mom and the girls on her side to help her survive on the show. The other problem with Josh was him being rude to Jaclyn when her boyfriend Jon was off to exile Island, they probably would have voted for Baylor themselves but once this is mentioned it changed Jon’s decision of who he wanted voted out!

This is no the first time this happens, a couple episodes ago the same situation happened when one of the guys wanted to vote someone specifically out and try to convince everyone on the team to vote them out but he ended up voted out because of his attitude and bad decisions!



Blog Post 6

In this episode we see the merging of both teams into ONE, something that nobody saw coming. I think in every episode we have seen the relationship of verbal and Non verbal communication amongst the group members. In this episode we had a scene where Josh and Baylor have a conversation in which he asked her if they were still good and she says yes knowing that deep inside they are not, Later Baylor decides to talk to her mom about the situation and tells her that she must tell Josh that she is voting him off. Baylor plays it off very well because she left Josh thinking everything was okay even though things weren’t really that way.

Julie in this episode is hating her stay at the Island and is showing it by making the worst mistakes, she steals her tribes food and later is caught which has people talking about how selfish she is by taking the groups food for herself. Julie is having a hard time communicating with her group about her feelings and everyone just see’s her as a selfish person which is making it harder for her. She decides to quit the show and leaves many shocked at why she would just give up the opportunity of being on the show.

Tensions between certain people are arising and it all depends how they communicate from here on to survive the show or they are putting themselves at risk to be the next one to be voted of the show. You don’t want to be talking bad about other people or making bad expressions towards them because that will just eventually get you on their bad side and we all know what happens when someone isn’t the favorite on the team.

Blog Post #5

Listening is the Key!!

In episode 5 the game changes and  members of each team got moved around and new teams are made up. They are sent away to get to know each other because this is just like starting at the beginning of the show. I think this is an import listening stage because they need to get to know who they are now working with  and what they are going to do in order to win the next immunity challenge.

In Coyopa listening  starts of with Jacklyn and her boyfriend they are reunited with the swap and are now on the same tribe, I believe that its easier to listen when you are interested in the person who is talking. Jacklyn and her boyfriend catch up on lost time and they have a strong relationship that everyone is noticing.

Later  mother and daughter are making rice but the elderly man gets mad because he says that they are making too much of it and so his daughter steps in to talk to him because he sees him getting frustrated about the situation.  She tells him that he should not come off rude if he says something because that could cause him later on to be voted off the team for something so simple as “fighting over the rice”. He seems to just be hearing her and not listening to her because he come off so negative and just saying how he views the situation and how he sees it wrong of her to just come in and try to do whatever she wants. Lets just home he listens to his daughters advice and learns how to communicate well enough to where not so much conflict is brought up to the team.


Survivor Conflict

In episode 3 we see conflict begins at the very beggining in the Hunaphu tribe everyone is frustrated because they have now found the flint that Jon had lost the episode before and they had given up there fishing gear for a new one. They are now hungry and have frustration within themselves for the fact that they wouldn’t have to deal with that if they wouldn’t have lost the flint in the first place.

Later  in the show Keith tells the girls on his team that Jeremy has the Idol, when he is not even sure if he does or not. Jeremy finds out that Keith says this about him and he gets mad and says he wants him out the show he could no longer trust him.

Drew purposely makes his team loose the immunity challenge in order to have the opportunity to vote someone out of his team, he thinks that the girls will want to vote the guys out eventually so he wants to vote their strongest girl out which is Kelly.  Drew is causing conflict in the team by trying to take control and demand what needs to be done not taking into consideration that he is being a little rude with his approach. It all backfires when Drew is the one voted off the tribe making his exit out of the show.

Survivor Blog #2

In the second episode of survivor  we are starting to get to know each person a little more and see how their personalities begin to come to light. At the beginning of the episode twin sister Natalie opens up about how she feels not having her sister on the show, she is upset and says how she has never been apart from her the team shows great support and help her get through that rough time in the challenge.

Later in the show team player Jon from the hunnaphu team lost the flint to start the fire and I believe this is when he showed being a confessor after he admitted to what he did and took full responsibility for his actions.

In the immunity challenge both teams are being big supporters of the two competitors.  When Baylor went against her mom I felt like she was an attention seeker because when she busted her lip she began to cry and I felt it was done to get the attention from her mom and so she would feel sorry for her. It seemed to work and distract her mom from the challenge and Baylor took the win!!

I feel like in this episode we are starting to see how people are beginning to be more self centered and more selfish I mean there is only one winner at the end!!!!

Group Development on Survivor

In the first episode of survivor we definitely got to experience the forming stage. When the survivors first got to the Island we were introduced one by one a little history background, after the introduction the individuals were split into 2 groups and separated from their love ones. This is when the forming stage happens and each team got to spend time with their new team mates where they discussed there group goals

In the Hunaphu tribe we see some of the storming stage you could see a little bit of tension starting to form when Julie talks about how Drew  wants to be in charge, you could see some jealousy arises and people are starting to want to take on roles in the group and form some type of identity.

In episode 2 we saw more of the storming stage when Baylor finds out that Josh voted for her to be swept off the tribe and those were not the plans they had in the beginning. Baylor is mad at first because she saw it as sketchy that he did that but after Josh explains that the reason he did it was so that the guys on the team didn’t know that they had some type of alliance going on. Once that Baylor understands we see the norming stage where she sees it was a smart idea but she thinks that they should have had a better communication so she knew what was going on and didn’t feel like she was being lied to.

Each person is now getting to know each other and figuring each other out, we  see the productivity of the team all working together to be more competitive with one another to show who is the best and to prove they have what it takes to win SURVIVOR!!