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Blog Post #10 Reflection

Claire Campagna Comm 22–02

1.On a scale from 1-5 I was about a 3 or 4 submitting my blog on time. It took me a while to get used to submitting every Monday but for the most part they were all on time.
2.On a scale of 1-5 I was about a 2 submitting a comment on other peoples blogs.
3.One a scale of 1-5 I was a 5 for integrating course concepts. It was very easy to find information that connected the show and text book.
4. I would say my strengths were being able to connect the two, and creating a meaningful post with group communication information  and information about the episode.
5. I could comment more and look over other students blogs a lot more to improve participation.
6. I liked that I was able to think about Survivor in a different way then I would by just watching it.
7. I disliked having to watch Survior online, I wish I had more time to watch it when it aired on TV.
8. I would say, remind the students of the blog posts more often and to comment, I know I forgot a couple times so it might be helpful then just reminding us on the syllabus.

Blog Post #9

Group Motivation Ch 6 5th ed.
Claire Campagna Comm 220-02

In episode nine Reed is left alone in the game for the first time, having Josh voted off last episode. Reed has a very low since of motivation due to no affection now that his couple is gone. To get himself back in the game he finds a new source of motivation, control. In order for himself to stay motivated and in the game he thinks of a plan to gain a little more control. Reed goes threw Keith’s bag and finds the directions to an idol. So Reed tells a couple people that he had one and switches the game completely. People start to think about Keith. At the end of the episode Reed gains much control when Jeremy is blind sided and set off the show. Control is shown to be a great source of motivation in this episode.
The challenge that granted individual immunity involved building a block tower using your feet only. Everyone for this challenge was motivated by control. Not only did the game involve a huge amount of control but if you win you have control over the next tribal council. Baylor out of all people won this challenge due to her great focus and control.

Blog Post # 8 Chapter 5

Claire Campagna Comm. 220-02

Chapter 5 Leadership

In episode eight Jon and Jaclyn seem to be the main leaders of the tribe. For a while now they have both been the focus and controllers of who gets sent home. This is because of their position in the game. They have position power because they are a couple that has been put in the middle of the the two alliances. Because they count as two votes they are desired. In this episode Jon also gains power because he finds an idol. This idol gives him personal power because it is an earned status. Jon is in a very good position so far.

Another type of leader in this episode was Josh. Josh has been a great figure throughout this season and has usually had a big say in who gets voted off. In this episode he is struggling to keep his power because now he has to deal with Jeremy and his followers. At one point he tries to keep Baylor as an alliance by using his referent power. He has this because he has helped Baylor in the past. He tries to use this to sway her opinion. In the end however Baylor is not moved and Josh is voted off.

Blog Post # 7

Claire Campagna Comm 220-02

Chapter 9 Structured and Creative Problem Solving in Group

In episode 7 the two tribes merge into one. Having the two tribes merge, it changed the game completely. The main problem that occurred in this episode was when Julie decided to keep some trail mix to herself, and when the the rest of the survivors were getting hungry they found them. In Julies mind she an spontaneous decision. She knew she would need the trail mix, did not think much of it, and thought she could hide it and deal with consequences later. However this spontaneous decision did make more problems for Julie. When Julie was laying out in the sun, the rest of the group found the trail mix. They were all really upset and ate some of what she had left. The group ended up making a rational decision, they thought about what Julie did considered the issues and knew that it was not right. There were some hard feeling throughout the rest of the episode and Julie could feel it. In the end Julie makes the huge decision to leave the show. This for Julie was a intuitive decision, she just felt like it was the right thing to do, her head was not in the game and she couldn’t see herself last much longer. She was the one to leave this week in episode 7. Throughout this episode there were three decision making styles displayed.

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Blog Post 6 Chapter 6

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

In episode 6 they start by going back to the Orange tribe to see how Dale is adjusting to his daughter just being voted off from episode 5. Dale understands that he will be the next vote if he doesn’t do something drastic. Dale takes out his fake idol and shows Jon. Instantly you can see that Jon’s facial expression is surprised. He knows that this “idol” can mess up any plan that they had to vote Dale off next. Although words were exchanged Jon displayed facial expression (nonverbal behavior) that clearly communicated to Dale, that he might be saved next tribal council.
The first challenge in this episode was for the award of a full on meal. It was a big deal because everyone on Survivor is starving, up to this point most people have only had a cup or two a rice a day. What set this challenge apart from most was that the tribes were not allowed to communicate with their tribe members who were playing in the game. The people playing the game were blind folded and had to put together a puzzle. The tribes not being able to use any type of communication effected them greatly. It all came down to the tribe member playing the game. The only type of communication that could be used was touch, a form of nonverbal communication.
At the end of the episode the Orange team ended up going to tribal council again. And Dale is voted off due to his lying about the idol and the strategy of Jon and Jaclyn.
Claire Campagna Comm 220-02

Blog Post 5

Survivor Blog #5 Listening Chapter 7
In episode 5 the tribes are changed completely. No more blood versus blood! The blue tribe is made up of mostly singles and the orange tribe is made up of mostly blood. So Dale is the lone one in the orange tribe and Reed and Josh are the only couple on the blue tribe. In Chapter seven they talk about the importance of listening and speaking. From watching the show I’ve got a pretty good idea of who’s more of a listener and who’s more of a speaker.
Before the tribe mix up it was clear that Josh was more of a leader and speaker for the orange tribe. He made the alliances and people respected what he had to say. Being a speaker benefited him. For Reed I noticed that he didn’t speak as much, but stayed in a safe zone by listening to people. This also benefited him. Now that they are together however their balance of both listening and speaking could benefit them BUT they are the only couple on that tribe.
For Drew who got voted off last, he was too much of a speaker and did not see how people were interrupting him which got him voted off.
One big part of Episode five that connected with this chapter was when Baylor and her mom were making the rice for the tribe and were trying to figure out how many scoops to use. Baylor and her mom both agreed to add more scoops however Dale thought they shouldn’t use more, that they were going to run out if they used so much. All three of them started to get frustrated since they disagreed. This demonstrates Gender Differences in listening greatly. The book says usually men focus more on content while women focus more on relationships. The girls Missy and Baylor were more annoyed with Dale for telling them what to do, while all Dale was doing was focussing on the content of the situation and what was smart. It was a perfect example of listening differences.
Claire Campagna Comm220-02

Episode 4 Blog 4

Survivor Blog #4 Diversity Chapter 4
In this Chapter it goes over Extroverts-Introverts, Judger-Perceivers, Thinkers-Feelers, and more. Extroverts are outgoing and expressive, Introverts are more reversed and private. Thinkers are tasks oriented and feelers are more people oriented. Judgers value organization and structure and Perceivers value flexibility and spontaneity. These are some of the MBTI personality traits.
In episode 4 Julie finds out that her boyfriend is voted off. John was known to be a little prejudice which made people not like him and ended with him off Survivor. She explains that she had to shelter her self and focus on what she was doing and not him. She didn’t allow her first thoughts or feelings come out before she thought about them. This makes her an Introvert for keeping private, and a thinker for being able to control her feelings about her loved one and made a plan about how to stay on the show.
Also on the blue tribe Drew took the incentive to speak up and try to make a trade for the flint (they “lost” before) for some fishing gear they won an episode ago. No one wanted to say anything, even though if it could have been traded it could have helped the tribe greatly. Drew explains this and goes for it. Even though he is turned down he demonstrated some personality traits. He is an Extrovert for speaking up first and for being expressive. He also could be a thinker because he understood that there was a chance they could gain something and went at it at a direct way and was firm about it. These two people demonstrated these personality traits throughout episode four.
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Survivor Blog Post #2 Ch 3

Episode two starts out with a recap of the last episode where Nadia from the orange team got voted off. The first conversation that happens includes Josh and Baylor. Josh explains why he put Baylor’s name down. Josh, since the first episode has shown his need for control and that he is a social member. The book says control need is usually done by someone who wants to be the group leader. Josh has already in a way been pronounced as the group leader which is why his need for control and making big decisions makes sense. He also showed that not only does he work with groups of people like the boys but also works one on one when making the decision to write down Baylor’s name, in favor of his relationship with her.

A second example of group membership that happens in the second episode is when Jeremy and John are alone on the island together. They both show affection need, during this episode. Not exactly toward each other to make a good relationship between the two of them but to ensure the safety of their loved ones. So they desire to trust and like each other so each works to keep loved ones safe.

In the end of the episode, tension is revealed between the orange tribe. Baylor and Val are both put on the spot. Baylor is called out for being a fake alliance with the girls when she is really siding with the boys. Val is called out because she really doesn’t have an immunity piece and because of her lie, Val is sent home.  Baylor is seen as a under personal member of this tribe. This is because she makes fake alliances and when she is found out she does not share her honest feelings and does not own up to her actions. I see Val as more of a personal member only because she cares somewhat about what her group members think but is more to her self and lied to her members. This just shows she really doesn’t care too much of the relationships shes making in the tribe but more of her own self advancement.

Claire Campagna Group Comm 220-02

Survior Blog Post #1 Ch 2

In the first episode of Survivor I noticed that some of the Group Development Stages were occurring right away. At first you could tell when everyone was waiting to find out which group they were in they were quiet and to themselves, checking out who was around them. This could be the stage of forming, because they were quiet and cautious. However right when they split the couple (Collins) both Val and Jeremy take it as “They’re there to play” so they already have a focus on winning and on their group. So as a group, both team blue and orange have goals which is their belief and meaningful and worth their wild. (Engleberg, 2013)  However a little while later in the episode you could see the Group Development stage of Storming starting to happen. Group orange starts to establish a hierarchy and at first want to single out Dale W. They think he is old and wont be that worthy on the team. So people in the group start to go around and follow each other on the choice of leaving him out. Soon Dale shows them though by being the only one who could start the fire. This makes group orange start to rethink their first choice and even ends up saving him in the end of the episode.

One of the group motivations that is shown in this episode is the the sense of meaningfulness. This is because one, they all have a shared want, which is winning the show so they are all going to work together to win. And second they all have love ones on the other team so they have an understanding of feelings towards the opposing team.

Claire Campagna Comm 220-02