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Blog reflection

1) on a scale of (1-5) I feel as though I deserve a four, I did turn in one assignment a couple of hours late, however my timeliness and consistency was definitely a strong point that helped me through this class.  I also wrote about the show and connected it to class readings, which shows a certain degree of knowledge in regards to the course as well as the all around participation with keeping up with the shows and analyzing the key events.

2)  Throughout this course I replied to atleast one of my peers every week, therefore I give myself a 5. However I felt I could have written better comments, more engaging comments than I did.

3) I would rate myself a 4, I did integrate class teachings into my questions but I felt as though they lacked a sense if engagement because I didn’t get any replies from my peers.

4) My strengths in regards to blogging stemmed from a basic knowledge if how to navigate a blog.  Writing is something that I take my joy and pride in, it allows me to demonstrate my opinions in times where I don’t usually voice my thoughts. My strengths were analyzing and summarizing the show with a certain amount of depth and still managing to integrate key concepts from class.  This blog allowed for me to not only get other perspectives (Which I take as a strength) but it also allowed me the opportunity to brushes up on class teachings where I may have missed a certain concept. All around this demonstrated the perfect example of how to integrate computer literacy with the class room.

5) I feel as though I couldn’t do anymore to improve my blogging and participation, I made comments every week and turned in my assignments on time. However next time I should concentrate more on integrating key concepts from the book into the show.

6) I like blogging because it’s another outlet to learn about your course work through the eyes of your peers, and it allowed for me to voice my opinion and let myself be heard.7) There were times when it was hard to see any correlation between the book and the show. Also, personally  it was a challenge to stay disciplined and blog every week or catch the show on time.

8) I feel as though this is a great connection and the topics taught in class were definitely evident. However sometimes I felt as though this could have been an essay due at the end of the semester, connecting topics from the book to survivor in general it would be easier on the students but would ultimately get rid of the participation. Nonetheless I feel as though our survivor blogs were definitely a great way to see connections between the class and an outside course as we’ll as communicate with our peers.

Blog Post 9

Motivation has been an extremely important charateriitc seen in every single player but in different ways. In the second challenge, Jeff showed different plates of food in order to have the tribe members fall out. Jon is the first that give in which meand he has to give up immunity. This tactic was a means of manipulation because it is survior afterall and these players are starving and have a very low energy level.  This takes into account Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in that it plays on the pyschical and mental needs the contestants have.

Motivation can drive someone mad or drive them to success, in many cases regarding survior alot of the contestants motivate themselves for all the wrong reasons. They let there egos get in front of them or they try back stabbing everyone they can in order to make there money.  IF they were to use motivation todrive there tribe to another level than they would be able to then play the game in a different light thye would have more friendships and relationships and it would be harder for someone to backstab another.

Survivor entry 8

the biggest idea that correlates back to our book was the presence of leadership.  In chapter five were given the question “What is leadership? ( Pg 101).  On episode9 its clear who’s the leaders and who are the standouts Jeremy and josh have solidified there stances and are the apparent leaders.  However once a leader or a standout player you unfortunately are targeted until there is no end.  Both of these players were eventually voted against and were sent home.  They both somewhat came out of nowhere and were appointed leaders not by democratic vote but by there strengths and soil sets.  Have uyu ever heard the praise he or she is a natural born leader, well i guess you could categorize them under that phrase.  Jeremy and Josh are leaders who obviously possessed leader charachteristics and as a result became seen as leadership material.

In this episode we see to groups trying to kindle up and solidify there alliance therefore Jeremy and Natalie gave up their winning reward to John and Jaclyn to sort of say thank you for being in their aliance in the last episode. Jeremy is then sent to exile island which he believed would be a good thing because he can then find the hidden immunity idol but he’s not sure if he could find find it because he feels John may already have possession of it. In the end there alliance was all a facade and Natalie and Jeremy’s alliance ended up getting Jeremy voted off.