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Blog post 10

1. I would rate my consistency on finishing my blogs at a 4. There were only two or three days that I was late on posting my blogs and one of those days was due to technical issues. I wanted to stay up-to-date on my posts so I would not get behind and my classmates would be able to conversate with me through our blogs.

2. I would rate myself a five. Every week I would make sure that I would at least post on one of my classmates blogs and made my response thorough.

3. I would rate myself a 5 at incorporating text concepts into my blog. Whenever I would talk about things that happened in survivor I would make sure that they tied back to terms or concepts from my book.

4. I think my strengths at blogging was finding unique ways to connect what happened in survivor to the textbook. I also think I did a good job at making thorough responses to my classmates and on most posts I would respond to more than one student.

5.  I think I can improve on my blogging by responding to all students that comment on my blog so it’s a more interactive blog.

6. I enjoyed this blogging assignment  I felt it was a unique and interesting ways to help me retain the information I read from the textbooks. Doing this helped  me prepare for tests.

7. I think if we would’ve done the blogging as an assignment in our groups I think we would’ve been able to discuss the concepts a little bit more and see different ways that survivor went along with our text.

8. I think making this blogging assignment a group project would be a good idea for next year.


Blog 9

We are comparing this weeks episode of survivor to group motivation in our textbooks. At the challenge this week the yellow team wins. The yellow team is able to win this challenge by using the six questions in our text that talks about obtaining group goals through clarity, challenging, commitment, compatibility, cooperative and cost. They use all six of these questions to gain the winning spot. The yellow team follows all six of these questions to reach their goal, but the one that really stood out that helped them win was cooperative which basically just means does the goal require cooperation among group members. The other team was not cooperating and getting stressed out and not being able to focus on the puzzle this is why they lost and the yellow team stayed calm and won.  Reeds alliance all have the common goal of trying to get John out of the game. Baylor and Natalie are trying to find the immunity idol somewhere on the island. This is their group motivation and they’re both working and trying to find this idol.

The need for inclusion, control and affection in a group is something that is seen in almost every group. On survivor you see this as well. Reed takes charge and needs that kind of control and security in being in charge of an alliance. Baylor is more interested in having a friendship and relationship then she is in winning the game. All the other contestants who are part of an alliance crave inclusion. Reed is trying to strengthen his alliance and tries to find a way to motivate Keith to vote with him against John tonight at tribal Council. Reed follows the four categories of motivators when trying to find a way to motivate Keith. A sense of meaningfulness, he assures Keith that this decision is worth his time and will help him later on in the game. A sense of choice,  that Keith has the power Reed is just coming to him asking for his help, but it’s his decision in the end. The sense of competence, Reed tells Keith that they need his vote and Keith’s vote is crucial and a necessity. Sense of progress, Reed tells him by getting John out this will get them both one step closer to the goal of winning the game.  Keith agrees to vote with Reed’s alliance. Tribal Council starts and there are disagreements among the cast members. After voting Wes gets voted off this episode of survivor.

Blog 8

This week on the episode of survivor we are looking at group leadership in our text. Last week on survivor Josh was voted off and so his alliance needs a new leader. John and Jacqueline voted against Josh is alliance because John did not like how the men were treating his girlfriend. John and Jacqueline I have the swing phone so they have power in the group. Our text to find power as the ability to influence our motivate others. John and Jacqueline’s power got Josh voted off of survivor. The next challenge The survivor contestants have to participate as a reward of food and a trip on a yacht. Natalie and Jeremy are on the the team that wins, but they give up their reward to Jacqueline and John to thank them for coming to their alliance. This is an example of reward power that our text talks about when someone uses rewards to gain power.

Reed goes through Keith’s belongings and find that Keith has an immunity idol. Jerry immediately goes to Missy and shares that Keith has an idol. In my opinion Reed is trying to have expert power and become a leader of Josh’s alliance.  Our text tells us that expert power becomes assigned to someone who demonstrates a particular skill or special knowledge. Reed is using the special knowledge and information he has to show that he is credible and knows things about the game to Missy.

Tribal Council comes again and this time Jeremy is voted off this week.

Blog post 7

This week on survivor we see a lot of problem solving and decision making.  Alliances are a hug part of survivor. The contestants much decide with who they will vote out each week.  As the alliances try to decide who they should vote with the problem-solving becomes more apparent. Authority role as talked about in our text is used when groups gather information for and recommended decisions to another person or large group. This is how most groups or alliances decide who they vote out each tribal meeting. Jeremy’s alliance uses this way of problem-solving and whatever Jeremy wants goes.

Josh the leader of the other alliance goes to Jaclyn and asked if she will vote with his alliance. Jacyln tells him she will vote with him. Josh has a question of conjecture and wonders if this will really happen or not. Jacqueline and John trying to decide what alliance they will vote with. They try to decide if it’s a better idea to get rid of Josh or Jeremy. They use what we see in our text a question of moral and try to decide if something is worthwhile or if it’s right or wrong. They decide that Jeremy would be more worthwhile for them to vote against because he is a better competitor. Jeremy wins an immunity in the next challenge and sadly after tribal council Josh is voted off of survivor.

Blog post 6

This week the episode of survivor is relating to our text’s chapter on verbal and nonverbal communication.  After the last tribal meeting Keith talks to Baylor and Missy about voting against him. He is very upset and no matter what excuse they give him simply tells them “I’m done with you guys”. This is an example of connotation because Keith’s words have a lot of meaning behind them. They represent how hurt he is by their betrayal. Shortly after this the teams get word that their two teams will be merging into one.

Jeremy seizes the opportunity to remake his alliance. He talks to a lot of the girls and is able to get the majority on his alliance. Josh talks to Baylor and tries to convince her to join his alliance. Baylor tells him her loyalty and alliance is with him, but Josh does not believe her. This is an example of how nonverbals can show something completely different than your words. Even though Baylor is telling Josh with her words she is with him Josh can tell through her nonverbal’s that her words are untrue.

Julie cannot keep her head in the game and feels that she wants to leave. She goes to Missy to talk about her desire to leave and Missy gives Julie a supportive communication climate. Missy does this by showing empathy and listening to what she has to say. Our text tells us the climate or atmosphere you have when interacting is crucial and defines how open someone feels they can be. By missy listening to what Julie had to say it allowed Julie to really open up.  Another tribal meeting is here and the team members gathered to see who will be voted off. The host then tells them that no one will be voted off this week because Julie sadly has quit the game.


Episode 6

This week we are comparing the episode of survivor to what I text tells us about listening. Jeremy is quickly starting to move a favor on his team. Jeremy feels his team is complaining too much and isn’t toughing it out like they should be.

On the other team Dale seems to be fighting to stay in the game since his daughter Kelley has been voted off last week. Dale goes to Jon and tells him that he has an immunity idol. This is untrue and Dale is lying the idol he shows John is fake. John is using what our text tells us about hearing and thinking in this situation. Jon hears, which is just the physical act of understanding and simply hearing what someone says to you, about the idol and then begins to truly listen and begins to critically think about what Dale is telling him. John takes time to think and listen to what Dale is saying and think about what his next decision or move is going to be.

The blue team is running out of rice and after the host trades them for more rice they have to give up a lot of the things they have earned in the game. Now they have lost all the comforts they had. They no longer have something to keep them warm at night and Julie suffers from it being so cold and wants to go home. The next day she talks to Jeremy about how cold it was and how hard it was for her to make it through the night. Jeremy is using empathetic listening and he is listening to her feelings.

The orange team loses the challenge again and is faced with going to tribal Council again this week. Jon is trying to figure out how he should vote with his alliance that will benefit him most. Dale comes to Jon again and tells him if he is not voted off this week he will give his immunity idol to Jon. After talking to Dale about the idol Jon uses analytical listening, Our text define this type listening as listening and forming an opinion. Analytical listening does not mean you agree with everything someone says, but you hear what they are saying and decide if you feel what they are saying is right or wrong.  John decides that he does not agree with what Dale is offering him and Jon and his alliance vote Dale off survivor.

Blood is Blood

Diversity it the main topic for this week’s blog post. Working and being around people who think or act different than you can be hard, but it is something we encounter every day. This week on survivor the teams became switched up and new teams are created. The orange team was full of coupled loved ones and the blue team stayed with mostly singles. We see a lot of different personalities on these teams. One big issue that we begin to see is between Missy and Dale. They are now on a team together and Missy is told by her daughter that Dale has been picking on her. Missy has a more of a feeler personality and uses her heart to decide that she is now against Dale. Instead of using her brain she follows her feelings and does not like someone because they are mean to her daughter. If she was more of a thinker she would have thought about the need of having alliances and kept Dale as an alliance instead of an enemy. Another way you can see that Missy is a feeler is she is definitely people oriented. When she sees people are hungry she is quick to give out more helpings of food. Dale is more of a thinker and wants to make sure the rice lasts longer instead of giving people more food and making sure they are full and satisfied.

I think we can see an example of power distance between the members of the team. I think it is fair across the board between the power of each member. Jeremy use to be seen as the leader of the team, but after the teams were switched up his power was quickly lost and he found himself in a vulnerable position.

As the divide on the orange team continues Dale and Kelly try to make an alliance with Jacquelyn and her boyfriend, but the alliance between Jacquelyn and her boyfriend with Missy and Baylor is stronger and Kelly is voted off. I think if Dale would have been more of a feeler and appealed to them on a more personal level his daughter might still be on the show. I am interested to see more of the cast member’s personalities shrine through in the episodes to come.


Episode 4

On episode four of survivor we begin to see that the blue team is doing much better in the show then the orange team. At this time the blue team wins again and sadly the orange team goes home losers. Drew and. Jacqueline are sent to exile in this episode of survivor. We see a lot of conflict and different ways that people deal with the conflict they face.

The first conflict we see is Julie, John’s girlfriend, she finds out that her boyfriend John has been sent home from the show. When people ask her how she feels she says she is fine. Our text tells us that gender roles can affect how someone deals with conflict and women are more likely to avoid conflict. I feel that she shows to be true with Julie because even though she is hurt and sad he’s gone she doesn’t really express her true feelings because she’s trying to avoid conflict.

When we go back to Drew and Jacqueline on exile Island we find out that Drew wants to throw the next game so that his team will lose and he can finally eliminate the “snakes” on his team. I think this is a style of competitive conflict style he’s more concerned about what he wants to accomplish then what is good for the group.

Another type of conflict management that we learned in this chapter is constructive conflict. Honestly I did not see any kind of constructive conflict being displayed by either of these teams.

The next conflict I saw in this episode was between Alex and Baylor he was upset that she did not clean the pot for cooking rice properly instead of nicely telling her how to fix something he instead told her “don’t half ass it”. This is another way that you should not do it with conflict because it comes up as offensive and rude. I think Baylor did a good job of showing a compromise conflict style because instead of getting upset at his rude comment she instead took what he said and said okay I’ll go clean it again.

The biggest conflict of this entire episode is between Jeremy and Keith. Keith tells everyone Jeremy has an idol when Jeremy finds out he’s telling the other people on his team this he is furious. Our text tells us that conflict is a balancing act and it can very easily go from one small issue to tearing apart a relationship. This is shown in Keith and Jeremy’s relationship. Before this they were very close and were on each other side now from this one comment Jeremy now wants to vote Keith off the island. This shows how easily conflict can tear people apart if it is not dealt with properly. I’m not even sure that Keith meant his comment in a malicious way, but because he did not go to Jeremy and talk about the issue it became a much bigger situation. I think that AEIOU model would have helped Jeremy and Keith in their problem. If Jeremy would’ve done A,assume that the other member means well, and just assumed that maybe Keith didn’t mean any harm by his comment the situation would have gotten better. If that had not worked and he had done E, express your feelings to Keith, then I think they could’ve cleared up the whole situation.

When it comes time to vote a member out of the group it is shown after all the votes are tallied that Drew is sent home off the island. Drew has shown a competition in his conflict style and that sent him home. He was the most destructive type of conflict in the group because he only cared about his own desires and not the desires of the group.

Blog 2

This week on survivor you see a lot of alliances begin to form and the connections begin to change. Josh is someone that I see is becoming a manipulator as it is discussed in our text as a manipulative group member. He says one thing to someone else and then does the opposite thing behind that person’s back he says whatever he need to get people on his side and will lie to people just to get what he wants. I feel Val is another group member on the team that is very manipulative she says whatever she need to and will lie to get whatever she can from the group. Sadly this to not work in her favor when she was voted off this episode of survivor.
John loses the Flint this episode for his team and I really liked how he handled the situation. He didn’t lie all he did was fessed up to what he did and was willing to work hard to move on. I think that is what makes a good group member he is not trying to tone down his mistake he owns up to it and hopes that the group can forgive him.
The challenge this week was very intense and you see a lot of strong members that work really hard. I think Julie was the one that really surprised me she was able to beat her boyfriend who use to be a professional baseball player. I think this shows we should never jump to conclusions or judge anyone because they can really surprise you.
When Jon started to do push-ups and workout in front of the girls I feel like he was doing one of the key things that our text talks about where he just wanted to try to gain affection from the group. It’s a kind of a shallow connection playing off his need to feel liked or accepted by the group.

Fighting Family

Survivor begins by introducing all the cast members and what their relationship is to each other. There are some who are each other’s significant other, mom, dad, son, daughter or sibling. You can see a lot of different roles that people take on in each tribe. After the introductions they are divided up into teams, opposite teams of their loved ones, and go to their part of the island to begin to start on the essential things they need for survival.  On the orange team Dale does whatever he can to show his worth on the team, he goes as far as even breaks his glasses, the things that give him the ability to see, in half so he can start the fire . On the blue team everyone flocks to Jeremy because they all feel they saw something they liked in him during the first contest with his wife. This shows you how valuable you can be in a group if people like you. Dale showed a lot more skill to his tribe, but since he was older and liked less he was almost voted off during the tribe meeting. The way you connect to one another can be just as big and valuable as your actual skills are.


I think Wes showed how he was really looking out for the group and had a common group goal. He was willing to do anything to help his group. When Jeremy chose him to go to the castaway island with his wife he stepped up and said he would help her however he could. He did that favor for Jeremy because he knew his group member would work better knowing his wife was taken care of and not in any danger.

During the first challenge each team participated in showed me one leader that stood out more than anyone else, Jon.  Jon from the orange team he took the initiative, was precise, and efficient.  He even let the other tribe members climb up him to get up the wall! You can easily see each team shares the common goal or want to win the challenge, and eventually win the game all together.

You can see Josh, from the orange team, is seen as the mediator or neutral. I think he is so crucial for the team because he is the one who everyone feels they can turn to and discuss anything with. I think he will advance the farther because of his role on the tribe than anyone else. You can definitely see the storming stage happen when the group starts to strategize and make alliances. This is when you definitely see Josh become the leader of the alliances. You can see how the different people try to develop how the other members see them and start forming those tight alliances.

After the first episode you can already tell that some cast members have a group goal while others have a much more personal goal. Jon showed that he is more focused on the personal goal when he voted for Nadiya and he even stated while voting, she was on the Amazing Race she has too much experience. Even though she really would have helped the team Jon was more concerned with how her as competition would have affected him personally later down the road. At the end of this episode Nadiya was voted off, I think this is because the other tribe members felt she could be a threat later on in the game.